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Stop Struggling By Yourself and Learn How to Build a Successful Team That You Can Rely On (EP #34: REBROADCAST)

Jan 15, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to build a successful team. Learn how to to find them, train them and keep them for years to come.


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Key takeaways for how to build a successful team:

[03:08] Signs you need to hire some sooner rather than later

[08:00] The CEO mindset you need to have when hiring

[14:15] How to write the job description

[18:53] Use these site to find your team

[20:24] Filter out your applicants so you only get the best

[25:17] What you need to keep in mind when conducting an interview

[30:45] How often you should be meeting with your team and why it's important

[33:19] Starting them off right and keeping them excited

[34:15] Adopt a no-surprise culture in your company by doing this


Getting help in your business can be tough. I had to work through a few mental blocks in order to accept help in my business. We’ve helped many of our clients get past it and build a team so they can stop struggling by themselves and start thriving with a team. Let us do the same for you and apply for a consultation here.



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