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The 3 Steps Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Get a 3 Day Work Week (EP #216: REBROADCAST)

Mar 01, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about lessons learned about launching a group program and how these lessons can help you to get a 3 day work week.


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Key takeaways for 3 Day Work Week:

[01:45] Most entrepreneurs make this mistake while launching

[03:15] What happens if you are not balancing your work 

[04:45] Launching vs. Announcing: What is the difference

[05:45] Why is having a signature program so important?

[07:15] Adjusting messaging to different launches

[10:00] The importance of having the right expectations

[12:45] Adjusting the expectations to your goals


Still struggling? I was there too! But I structured my launches so they can be replicated again and aligned them so they match my goals and ideal client. If you also want an appropriate launch so you can work 3 Days a week, apply for a consultation here.


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