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The Coach's Secret: How to Increase Earning Potential More Easily With Your Messaging

Dec 14, 2020

You have probably hit a wall at some point in your business where you went: "For my business, I don't know how to increase earning potential anymore."

You might have kept going on with whatever was working at the moment. Maybe you thought you have to stick with whatever works.

Burnt out coaches hold onto their old habits. But if they don't try to adapt, they often have more problems than not.

Look at what kind of effects it could have. Imagine what your client would feel if you are not able to satisfy her needs. 

You have the skills needed for your coaching work. Your clients come in ready to roll, only to be utterly disappointed and feel left alone.

"I didn't expect that coach to be this different. I thought I finally found the one to solve my problems. But she isn't the right person to solve them..."

What is more important to you? Being imperfect and being able to do the right things? Or sticking with the old ways and hoping that not much will change.

Have you ever thought which industry throughout the last 100 years hasn't had a dramatic shift? 

Maybe you are afraid to try something you haven't done before. It's okay to be scared. Like with other things, you can learn how to handle the fears.

I had to deal with my fair share of problems, too. Today I want to show you something that many coaches are missing out on when scaling their business.  

Knowing the customer success journey and what people need, will make your business move a step in the right direction. A step towards being the thriving coach you aspire to be.


Have You Thought About This When Trying to Improve Your Earning Ability?


You may have kept sales and marketing separate for a while. But have you ever thought that you can put those two things together?

Burnt out coaches make the mistake that the "direct stuff" like selling can be separate from marketing. They think that it's okay for their messaging and visibility to be a separate thing.

Imagine, if you believed that it would be easy to go from Formula 1 driving to driving with your car on public streets. Yes, you might have the driving down, just like the messaging part. 

But in order to drive in public, you have to know the rules. That includes not driving at high speeds like in Formula 1, don't you think?

Both things combined can make you a safer driver on the road compared to the average one.

Maybe you thought in the beginning that those things were separate because this is how much you could see of your horizon. That is okay. You can't expect your toddler to know everything in advance, too, do you?

Thriving coaches know that life can be shockingly complicated. But they know it's livable. 

And they know that you can always learn something new throughout your entire life. You can teach some old dog new tricks.

They look at sales and marketing as a combination of the two. Imagine this: 

You always attracted your ideal client with your content and your other touch points. These people say: "Yes, totally. This person gets what I am going through." 

But then, during a sales call, that person asks you about the details of your services. And then you just freeze up and can't get a word out of your mouth. Would you think that this lead will be likely to buy from you?

Or the other way around, which we will get into a second, is: You know the ins and outs of your programs and all the details they offer to your customers. You are super friendly and open.

But then you have someone standing in front of you who doesn't even know themselves that they have a problem that needs fixing.

What do you do then? That is why it's important to know what you want to say when you spread your messaging around. 

Those kinds of things are taught inside our Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist.


Recognize a Potential Market - Here is How You Give Them Stunning Treatment


Have you ever given your words a second thought; the things you say to your leads?

Burnt out coaches forget about this and talk in a way what they think is the best. Oftentimes it isn't like that on the client side, though.

That's what I explained earlier. Depending on what they know and need, you want to deal with it differently.

If you don't do that, imagine how much more work you need to put into that buying cycle. 

Work that could have been spent on your other profit producing activities or time with your children that Friday night. "Sorry, honey. Work caught me off guard today." 

But you were just trying to replace that unideal client with 2 new ones in a hurry. That way, you could make ends meet for the next month.

Are your life and business okay with moving forward like that for the next six months?

Imagine if your computer operated like a human. Now think about what a drag it will be when you type in '=SUM(...)' into Excel. And then this computer spits out an average instead or something else. 

That's why computers show error all the time when they can't understand what you want from them.

Successful health coaches know that there are people out there that don't even know they should lose weight in the first place. 

I call it the unaware-problem-person. They are not aware that this problem exists in the first place. In this case, you want to show them the opposite. 

Only after that stage, you show them that you have the solution to that problem.

Next up is the problem-aware-person. When you are problem-aware, you know that you need to lose weight in order to be healthy.

Here, you can easily mention their problems. That shows the client that you know what is going on. And then you show how your services can fix them.

And then we also have solution-aware-people. Coming back to our health coach example: These people know they need to lose weight. But they also know that it's because of their lack of accountability. 

Here you can show them that you can surely be their accountability partner. Or your programs make sure that this solution is provided

Do you see how it narrows down the things you need to do to get leads buying from you? Successful coaches have a customer success journey for a reason, right?

If this is something you want for your business, go over to our Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist.


Two more types of clients = More creative ways to increase income


"Two more?! Isn't this enough?" What if I told you that these two require the least amount of work inside the customer success journey?

Let's start it off this way: Do you want to keep launching your programs in a completely new way every time you do it?

Burnt out coaches believe that they only need to deal with the least amount of problems possible. They fail to see that some problems or tasks added to their list can be effortlessly solved.

Perhaps you want a solution to your business that brings in the smallest costs but the most profit. That is great. Successful coaches do that as well.

Also, imagine the following: Would you rather fight 1000 ant-sized horses or one horse-sized ant? That's how you can view the things you do for your business, too.

Successful coaches ask themselves what they can do with no sweat.

But have you also considered what it would mean for the product-aware client?

These are people that have been in contact with your programs, for example, via email lists before. They know about your programs and what they offer.

They know their problems and what kind of solutions they need. They just need to know the finer details of it, like what the product actually offers them in detail.

The most-aware-person knows everything from the last types of clients. They represent the very last part of the customer success journey. 

Here, they are ready to work with you. And they just want to know what the price is and when they can start working with you.

Seems easier here, doesn't it? As you have probably noticed, everyone will go through the buyer's cycle like that in their life. 

Thriving coaches will look at this and think: "Who is that message attracting? Are these kinds of people I want to attract in today's email list, launch, live session, etc., or not?

They make sure that this part of marketing is done at the forefront. That way, everything from their marketing can lead to a much smoother sales experience.


In Summary:

  • You want to be aware of how marketing and sales shouldn't be viewed as individual things.
  • You want to know about every type of client: From the problem-unaware-person to the most-aware-person. 
  • Think about who and how you want to attract them with your messaging when doing your lists and launches. Don't have them all in one unorganized basket.
  • Every person will run through a buyer's cycle like that. So it will come down to you adapting your messaging. Then you will be more likely to achieve great results.


Are you stuck with upleveling your messaging so that you’re meeting your ideal client where they are? Want to nail down that customer success journey? These are just two things that can create consistent revenue for your long term business. Inside our Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist, you will find out more about dealing with the customer success journey and more answers to your questions.


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