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The Definition Of A Great Coach Is Not What You Might Think It

Jun 19, 2019

What is the definition of a great coach?

Most coaches give you a framework that you can use to get to where you want to. Most coaches offer accountability as well. Most coaches are going to do everything in their power to make sure you reach your goals.

Great coaches are able to help their clients without compromising their own time and energy. They’re not concerned with doing things the right or the wrong way. They know that worrying about that doesn’t serve anyone.


Why Is Planning Important For Coaches


How to think about things in terms of whether you want to do things that are “right”.  You don’t want to make any mistakes or do anything “wrong”. You want to do the best things, do the things you're supposed to. I know this struggle a lot, I'm just like you.

I grew up working to get good grades, both my parents were professors. I was told to get good grades, do things right, get an A and anything less was unacceptable. It extended beyond that, I graduated and became a type A high achiever.

I go into the workforce and go up the corporate ladder. Improving and advancing within my career. This is very much a right and wrong type of scenario. I did what you're supposed to do so you can advance to the next phase.

Whether it's the next grade, bachelors to masters, or even an entry level job to management. All of that progression was very logical.  You have to please these other people. Follow the rules based on these peoples standards.

When I jumped into entrepreneurship I was looking for those right and wrong answers like my life depended on them.

The reality is when you’re an entrepreneur no one is there to define what the next phase looks like for you.

No one is there to judge whether you did it right or wrong. No one is there to lay those rules down that you must follow.

You must be the creator of the rules.

For many this can be a very scary and uncomfortable place to be, because we’re the ones searching for answers. We’re searching for what’s the best way to set up the business.

Should I be on Instagram or Facebook? Is Youtube the platform I'm supposed to be on?

You're looking outside of yourself for confirmation of that. Like you have for the last 5 to 30 years.

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Coaching Development Plan For Yourself


In coaching what we do is help you look inside of yourself. 

The goal is to have a business that is making consistent recurring revenue and is going to stand the test of time. This will only happen when you stay consistent with something for a good length of time and the only way you're going to stay consistent with it is if you love it.

The good news is you get to make the rules, you get to decide what to set up and what is the best way for you to achieve this.

The scary news is that you now have to play a role that you have never played in your life. It feels uncertain, you’re afraid of making mistakes, you’re afraid of making the wrong choice.

In reality you’re not going to mess up because you're going to listen to yourself, and you’re going to trust yourself. 

Even if you don't and you do look outside yourself and do something that someone else asked you to do, that path was paved there for you for a reason

For example a few years ago I invested in a coach that strongly suggested that I go post into other peoples Facebook groups. I was told that's how I was going to grow, get clients and generate leads.

That worked in the beginning for me, but I got to the point where that strategy was completely and utterly unaligned with me. I could not stand behind that strategy, I felt horrible doing this. I felt like I was imposing on other peoples groups, on the audience that they had built. 

It started to show in the results i was getting, I would post and i was no longer getting anything.


I knew from the positioning and what I wanted from this world class brand I was trying to build, it was completely unaligned. Imagine Tony Robbins posting in other peoples groups, stalking them and trying to get clients that way.

I had to make some very difficult decisions, as I had invested a lot of money into this coach. I had invested a lot of time on this strategy. I had to decide on purpose I was no longer going to use it, because my vision was not aligned with what I was doing. It didn't feel right to me, I felt like I was imposing and now the way I wanted to build my business. 

I axed the whole thing, and it was a really difficult decision for me internally because this is what I was told was the way to build your business. But as I looked around and saw that there were people building their business on Instagram, YouTube, etc. I started to explore what I wanted and how I wanted to show up. 

Where did I want to be? Where were my people?

I let go of the belief that there was one way and this became a very pivotal time for me and my business.

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Effective Coaching Skills That Work For Everyone


As you're searching for the “best” way, I want you to trust yourself. I know that deep down there is a part of you that isn't aligned with the various strategies that you may be implementing.

Just because one person uses a strategy successfully doesn't mean it's THE strategy that will feel good to you and will have you staying consistent. Or a strategy that you want to execute on and that you feel really great and abundant in.

If it's not then don't do it.

I teach you how to build a house and that house is your business. Your house is going to look and be decorated in its own way. It's not going to look like my house and that's what we want.

Imagine if everyone just had the exact same house. All decorated the same and looked identical inside. That wouldn't be fun and you wouldn't enjoy your house as much as if you got to decorate it yourself.

There are pillars and foundations that must be there for your house to stand up

When you're looking for what is the “right” way, it's based on old programming. An old programming in an old system and way of thinking with an old place and time. This won’t work in the world of entrepreneurship.

Sit down and see where you're looking for all the right answers. See where your looking outside of yourself for confirmation that you're on the “right” path.

Then decide on purpose to get support or diligently sit down with yourself and check on yourself.

Because you know the best way for you.


Best Coaching Advice To Give To Yourself


Learn the art of checking in on yourself.

 I like to journal. Every single day I journal and I write all my thoughts. Everything I'm thinking. I write everything down until I'm satisfied. 

 It's not one page, not 10 pages. Not 5 minutes or 20 minutes. It's until I'm satisfied.

 I think so many people want the “right” way to journal which is based on the belief that you need to do things right. This itself can start to be your practice of tuning in because you're going to want to do it right.

 I had such an aversion to journaling because I always thought I was doing it wrong, but I realized that this was that process that I had to go through to release the belief that I had to do everything right and break this pattern was not serving me in entrepreneurship.

 Write down your thoughts onto paper, I call this a brain dump. Dump all your thoughts on paper.

 Then ask yourself what do I think I don't know right now? What do I think I need more information on? Truly get curious about whether or not you truly don't know what your doing in that area.

 I’ve asked this to my clients and some say that they need help getting people on the phone when they already have gotten people on the phone. That proves they already know how to get people on the phone. Or I still don't know how to make sales when they have already made at least one sale. If you can make one sale, you can make 1000.

 It's true and you technically know how to.

 Really question that part of you that is wondering whether you know enough, whether you understand enough of the steps, whether you're doing it right. Get curious with that part of yourself.

 Then ask yourself if you did know, then what would you do? You will be amazed when you assume what you know vs letting yourself think you don't know anything. Because I know you have done most of the research already, you mostly likely already know and are just waiting for that external confirmation.

 Give that to yourself, give that gift to yourself now.

 Once we’re not worried about doing things the “right” way or the “wrong” way we can start to do things that will really benefit our coaching practice and make things easier for us as a whole.

 One of the biggest benefits we can do for our coaching business is to introduce a group coaching format. A group program offers huge benefits for not only yourself but your clients as well. Imagine cutting your hours to a fraction of what you used to while your clients are able to get exponentially better results in a group than one on one coaching. 

 I assure you that this is completely in the realm of possibility.


Launching a group program requires a bit more attention than your standard one on one program. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact I've created the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist. This checklist has everything you need to know so you can launch your very own group program.



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