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The Effects of Digital Marketing on Sales with Kara James

Jan 13, 2022

A lot of things have changed in the digital marketing space in the last year. One moment, ads are in, and the next, it’s all about organic strategies. 


I have met with the incredible Kara James of Pursue and Thrive Business Coaching to get updates on the newest most effective trends and effects of digital marketing on sales.


Key Takeaways from The Effects of Digital Marketing on Sales:

[02:06] Why building connections are more effective than hard sell strategy today

[03:41] Networking groups as a way to make sales

[06:00] How Kara grew her Facebook group with a good lead magnet

[10:32] Secret to high-level sales strategy

[17:15] Using an evergreen content bank in your business

[20:02] How LinkedIn works for Kara for selling


Watch the Full Interview Here:


Connect with Kara James:

Pursue & Thrive website

Strategic Advisor Board website


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