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The Mindset Shift You Need to Make in Order to Stop Getting in Your Own Way and Increase the Income and Impact of Your Business

Apr 23, 2018

Imagine the world's best supercomputer…

Imagine it working against you. Everything it’s doing is with the sole purpose of sabotaging you and your business. What would you be able to do in this case?

Now imagine it working for you. Everything it’s doing is for the sole purpose of seeing you succeed in your business. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The good news is that the supercomputer is your brain and your mindset. The bad news is that most people have it working against them. Today I want to show a few tricks to have a mindset shift that will have it working for you instead of against you.

If your mind was indeed a supercomputer then you’d have no issue running a group program. Fortunately you don’t actually need to have one to get a group program going. All you need to get yourself started is my Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. A FREE resource that has everything you need to know when creating and launching your own group program.


Goal Setting Done Right


Don’t give any meaning to your goals.

I’ve always been an overachiever, always wanting to do the next thing, go bigger and bigger.

Let me tell you about the time I broke down when recording a podcast one day because I hadn't reached my full income goal. I had reached 80% of it though, but that didn’t matter to me. I was beating myself up because I hadn't reached my goal.

I needed to look at how I was viewing my goals. This was a lot of internal work, journaling, mindset, and reflection.

I realized that I was attaching meaning to whether or not I achieved the goal. If I did it meant I was worthy, if I didn’t it meant I wasn’t.

This was a hard pill to swallow and shift to make. But it was huge once I got it.

Eventually I said...

‘Forget it, I'm just gonna move forward and go for it. I'm still gonna set goals, but it doesn’t mean if I’m great at or not.’

From now on as you move forward in your business, don’t judge yourself on whether or not you achieve your goal.

I go more in depth about this in another episode, Stop questioning your worth and get into

the Thriving Entrepreneur Mindset.


How to Change Mindset in Business


Realize that profit is more important than income.

When I left my job at the hospital in hospital administration I had to go all in on my business.

After a few weeks had passed and after looking at the numbers and what we were doing. I realized I was missing something in my budget. I needed to Pay myself both a profit and a salary.

Having a salary was huge and from then on I always made it a point to pay myself in my business every two weeks. If you are struggling with this and not there this is going to be big for you. I have seen businesses where they are making over 100k and their owners pay is not even 10% of that.

Make profit a priority and make that a staple of everything you’re doing.


Selling is helping

As you may or may not know, my background is in nursing. I paid my way through nursing school by doing sales at GNC. I got paid sales and commission so I had no issue doing sales. However after I got to the hospital something shifted.

I told myself ‘I can’t stand selling, I'm so glad I don't have to do it anymore’.

There was a divide there and it required a lot of healing.

When I sell is when I can give people the full transformation.

I was at a retreat some years ago and I remember saying that this group of people changed my life. Being with them and hanging out with them I feel supported and incredible. This wouldn’t have been possible if the person who was selling the mastermind hadn’t sold it to us.

This was when it came full circle for me and I realized that selling really is helping.

I started seeing that in my clients. The ones who actually invested versus the ones taking freebies or doing the free challenges - the ones who invested were always able to get the best result.

Embrace sales in a way as a way of truly helping those people we are meant to serve.

A great way to start embracing the thought that ‘selling is helping’ is to introduce a group format. This not only allows you to leverage your time but is arguably more valuable for your clients in the group as opposed to one one one coaching.

People in the group can observe and learn from not only you as the coach but from everyone else in the group as well.


I’ve helped my clients create and implement their own group programs and I see the value it not only brings them but their clients as well. If you’re interested in creating your own group program then I invite you to check out my Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. This is completely FREE and will show you what you need to create and launch your own group program.


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