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The Most Impactful Coaches Use This Easy Profitability Equation To Trade Less Dollars For Hours (EP #212: REBROADCAST)

Feb 01, 2021

Don’t worry. There is no hard math involved with the Profitability Equation. But burnt out coaches miss out on these important steps while trying to scale their business up.


In this episode, Mariana will teach you a step by step framework. It includes things about mindset to being aware of where you are with your business.


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Key Takeaway for Profitability Equation:

[01:45] How having a clear vision sets up your Profitability Equation for success  

[02:42] This is why you need to what business revenue and home take pay is for you

[03:15] Do you know where your business is at? it will make your Profitability equation work even better  

[07:36] How to eliminate a harmful mindset with this secret step  

[09:03] The amazing secrets behind the thriving CEO framework  

[12:09] The hidden truth behind managing your brain the right way 


The most impactful coaches will use this equation and make actual consistent income with their group programs. With our  FREE Discovery Call, we can meet you where you are. We will find out what YOU need, from the mindset to the framework. All that and more, so you can use this formula to its maximum potential.


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