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The Power of One Word in Your Marketing Campaign

Apr 08, 2021

Last year, we ran an event and in one day we got 2000 visitors to the registration page. 

Sounds like a dream come true for most online business owners. 

Well you know me, I always tell it like it is and share the real raw truth. 

Our conversion rate sucked. 

When I looked at what our copywriter had written...it stood out to me like a sore thumb. 

One word made the difference between 90 more people registering for the event. 

“Next” 6-figures. 

See the copywriter was trying to target the higher level entrepreneur that we usually serve in our higher level programs. 

But the word “next” excluded everyone who had not yet reached the 6-figure mark. 

And this particular event was meant to be for list growth and getting clients into our ascension plan, not to sell them right into the highest level.

When we changed that one word we increased conversions and were able to capture 90 more people from that single word without retargeting ads simply the word on that page. 


The point is, the words you use to communicate along every step of your customer journey matter. 

Your posts on Instagram. 

The Facebook Live you did last week. 

And of course all the usual places we think of landing pages, sales pages, follow up emails.

I see too many clients struggle for months and sometimes years because they are unable to communicate the value of what they do. 

They are amazing at their work but when it comes to getting people in their customer journey it’s mostly an uphill battle. 

I want to change that for you. 


For a limited time, we are offering you the opportunity to join our new program Effective Sales System where we will teach you how to turn strangers on the internet to customers consistently. 

  • You will no longer struggle with “What to say” to get the right people to buy
  • You will know how to move people down through your sales process in an effective way rather than beating your head against the wall.
  • You will no longer wonder how to target those higher level clients that light you up.

Plus joining now is a win-win no brainer because we are offering this program at a discounted rate. Looking forward to helping you to create sales more effectively and with more ease. Go here to learn more and join today.


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