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The Proven Formula for Building a High Ticket Coaching Funnel (EP. 139)

May 05, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about building a high ticket coaching funnel, even if you think that you aren’t worthy enough to charge higher rates. This high ticket coaching funnel is going to be a key part of your formula for building an impactful coaching business.

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Key Takeaways for The Proven Formula for Building a High Ticket Coaching Funnel

[00:33] Struggling coaches and burned out coaches think reducing their rates is the way to get more clients but this strategy backfires. 

[02:09] Why coaches miss out on the opportunity to create value by transforming a person’s life.

[02:42] Discounting services causes coaches to miss out on this important skill.

[04:23] Impactful coaches know that high ticket offersing allow their clients to get better results and that high ticket through a group format is the best way to do this because you’re able to uncap your income.

[05:01] To sell a high ticket group coaching package, you need a high ticket coaching funnel.. But we don’t call it a funnel and here is why.

[06:33] How to think about upscaling your marketing

[08:16] How to design a high ticket coaching offer

[15:10] How to really sell your group program or high ticket offer

[18:25] Be intentional with the buying cycle within the customer success journey

[23:34] High ticket marketing is really about solving a problem that matters to them

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