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The Right Social Media Tactics to Increase Sales

Nov 11, 2021

Social media is a very powerful platform for your business, however, there are so many intricacies around it for it to be effective.

Today, I am having a chat with Kori Tomelden, Impact Driven Entrepreneur’s previous client, project manager and accountability coach, and now co-host to do a deep dive about the things you can do with your social media to increase sales in your business.


This is such an important topic because I see a lot of entrepreneurs nowadays either dive head first into social media without an actual tactic or just follow what is trending or what most people are doing without fully understanding the breadth of what that takes, how that would even convert to sales, and if that is a strategy they want to use long-term for their business. 


Another factor to consider is the time you are investing in each social media platform that you would like to grow in and being intentional about investing your time and attention to it. 


One thing my team and I noticed in the last few months is that one message can work really well on say, Pinterest and completely tank on YouTube. And while it’s the same message, it's completely different to people consuming the content. It's completely different mindsets while they're in that particular platform. 


What are the Marketing Activities to Increase Sales?


A big mistake that I made in the past was that I was so focused on making sales right away. While that is okay as it allowed me to have a business that I could work from my daughter's hospital bedside, I didn't realize how I was slowly digging my own grave in terms of just having to feed a ginormous lead growing social media feed. 


So when you're evaluating what social media platform to dive into, it’s important to really look at what the marketing activities that make that one successful are and if this is something you want to do in the long term because a specific marketing activity is not going to be sustainable on every platform. 


For instance, in my experience, I focused on Instagram and Facebook as my primary growth strategy which were all rapidly growing platforms. Everything was doing great until I stopped posting and then - crickets. 


On the other hand, Kori has been doing things completely different with her marketing activities for her own business. She was focused more on optimizing her blogs for the long-term with SEO and completely ignoring the faster paced platforms. 


Seeing how these two strategies resulted, I have learned that there has to be consideration in both by picking something that is fast paced for that money now, but also something slower pace and more SEO and long-term driven. So that you’re able to have the benefit of both.


Another marketing activity that can increase sales is doing closer knit DM’s and private messages to ideal clients. This is great for building rapport with your audience which you can’t create through the post and pray method. 


On the other hand, there are benefits of the post and pray method which can help your audience notice and relate to you and your message. One mistake, however, that happens with this method is that most of us (yes, me included!) play it too quick and jump straight into DM’s and start a sales conversation without taking the time to get to know our audience. Replying to their comment first and just building that rapport first are these extra steps we should be taking because those extra steps are going to be the ones that really add up and make a difference in the long-term.


In business terms, the point of these marketing activities in social media is to generate leads to purchase your program. It is not to be popular nor to have a thousand likes on a photo. However you would like to plan out your marketing activities, they should all be leading your audience to the same place, either a sales call or a sales page or however you run a close. 


How would you Promote your Business on Social Media?


Kori gives importance to being intentional about your platform and really learning the ways of that platform when promoting your business on social media. It could be very frustrating when you don’t see people joining your Facebook group or interacting on your social media posts, but if you’re consistent and you keep showing up in spite of all that, that’s when you start to see the growth. 


Social media is not about competition. It is about building a community and connection. If we are too focused on just the agenda of getting leads from social media, then we will not be able to use the platform as it is intended and lose the community. 


It is also so easy for people to compare themselves from others on social media. We should remember to never fall into that comparison trap and compare your progress with others. Stay in your own lane, focus on your own progress and work on being resilient and persistent yourself. I share all the time about how one of the best things I did was just focused on being consistent with following through with my schedule and how I took a whole year just to work on that. It showed me so much about myself, persistence, doing work when no one's watching, and honoring your word to yourself. It’s what it really takes for social media building because no one is watching it first.


Look at your end goal and your own expectations from that platform and make the commitment to that goal and to those expectations.  

And no matter where you are watching and reading this from, remember that:


You are capable.

You are strong.

You are here to make a difference.


Go on your way today to do that <3


Lots of love,




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