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The Secret Behind Creating a Group Coaching Format That No One Can Resist!

Jul 02, 2018

In the information age there are hundreds of thousands of coaching programs online. Standing out and being unique is a good way to start separating yourself from the rest. It is imperative that when creating your group coaching format that it is absolutely irresistible or it simply won’t sell.

Your offer is the biggest reason why people buy because it explains to them what they’re going to get when they join your program.


How To Create A Group Coaching Program

I was on a podcast once and the host asked me a few questions. “What do you think are the key aspects of someone selling? What are the few most important things for something to sell?”

My answer is that there is only one thing that matters, your offer!

The reason for that is your offer is the culmination of everything.  It is where you and what you’re offering meets your people.  It is where the solution that you’re providing meets with your people.

That is everything!

If we aren’t meeting the people we don't have an offer that is irresistible. If we’re not solving a problem, it's going to miss the mark and not be a truly irresistible offer. It’s really all of that.

I understand that this can be intimidating for a lot of people. What if you had a Group Coaching Launch Checklist? Something to guide you so you can launch with the highest possibility of success?


How to Create Coaching Packages that are Irresistible

A regular offer is “Here what i have”

We’re missing the other piece of irresistible, which is the customer. What makes it irresistible is meeting the person where we are.

What is the problem that your program solves? We are solving a very specific problem with our offer.

We know what the problems are and the potential problems are of our ideal clients because we’ve already been working on them. Most of the people who are looking at creating their group coaching program have coached several people if not hundreds of people.

You know the patterns.

It's still a good idea to go with market research and target with the messaging. If you don't have the research I encourage you to do this. Pull clients that have been in that same place of the problem that you're wanting to solve and find out where it fits into your overall business model.

I've been there and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes along the way.  Now I’ve created this Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist so you can avoid the pitfalls I made back when I started.


Questions to Transform Your Group Coaching Template

What is the transformation your group provides?

They come in with [blank]. By the time the program is over they exit it.  Now what does that look like?

That's how we meet people where they are and show what's possible for them.

If we can encapsulate what we do into our irresistible offer, we can condense it so that our message is super clear. We can condense it so that it is very clear to our ideal clients. It’s going to take practice.

I’ve launched my group program several times but I keep asking myself questions so that I can have a better launch the next time around.

How can I get this more detailed?

How can I dial in my message even more? 

How am I meeting them where they are? 

Am I really meeting them where they are?

What about my messaging in my launch needs to change?

From this we can take that information and move into creating and crafting our launch

Use this as a jumping off point from you.

Some people get anxious about talking about this and promising something like the transformation. Think about your best clients, what has been possible for them.

We can still market from a place of integrity and honesty as long as we’re showcasing our actual clients. We don't need to fake it until we make it. We don't need to falsify things, or say “this is what could happen”. 

That's how I would market it and that's what's best for me, what's in most integrity for me. What I feel the most confident doing. 

You don't have to promise the moon and the skies, just take them from A to B, or A to Z, whatever that is for you. Realize that this is all okay, as you progress and help more people you're going to get better results because you’re gonna know how to get better results as you get more people in your program.

We are going to do it like a lawyer or a scientist and tell them what we have been able to do.

We’re just scientists and just experimenting. Here is the experiment I’m putting out into the world, I think it's going to work because I've done research. I'm gonna experiment here and see what happens. What are the numbers, what are the results we get back. 

Then we tweak it and we’re gonna launch again and experiment again. The pressure can be off, no perfectionism or trying to get it right the first time. You can’t get it right the first time unless you have data, or proof or something to back you up.

Thinking like a lawyer, here is the case study and proof of what I've been able to do.


It goes without saying that a group coaching program involves a bit more than one on one coaching. Instead of coaching one on one you're coaching in a one to many setting. Are you ready to start your own group coaching program? Get the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist Here.



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