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The Secret to Changing Your Mindset Around Your Sales Pitch Presentation

Oct 07, 2020

If you feel like you're undercharging, what is the biggest issue that’s coming up for you?

I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, but often people think that if they charge more, less people will buy.  And so let's talk about changing that mindset for a few seconds so that you can level up your sales pitch presentation.


Read the following slowly - It is possible to market in a way that helps others. That will deliver a transformation for people so that you feel good about marketing and sales instead of feeling like a sleazy car salesman.

If you read on, you’ll walk away with a mindset shift that will be useful for you for the rest of your life...if you choose to take it on.


Are You Comfortable Making Cold Calls?

This topic is really important to me because I often see people undercharging for their services, thinking they can't make the money that they want to make, or they’re afraid to do sales calls and have that conversation about money. 

If this is you, I want to shift your perspective to look at this in terms of love (yes, you read that correctly) so that you can become comfortable and confident around these conversations. 

It's not about having difficult conversations. It's about coming at them from a more loving place.


What Determines an Effective Sales Pitch

The truth is, there's always going to be people who say they can't afford you. But many times it just has to do with describing the value of what you do to make them see why they can. 

It's about communicating that value, rather than what the actual price point is. 

So an effective sales pitch is about communicating the value of the transformation and the distance between where they are when they start vs where they’ll be at the end

How do you get someone new to commit to the entire length of your program? Positioning, showing up and marketing in a specific way.

I'll give you an example of how I did this.

The first course I ever did I charged $49 for. Totally undercharging right up until then. 

I didn't think that I could charge more money for something that I was doing as a course, because I wasn't there.

Here's what happened…

Because I was under charging and undervaluing my service so much, people would purchase this program and not go through it.

I was making the sales. The only problem was that people were going through one or two videos and not getting through all of the content. 

It totally confirmed my own limiting beliefs about not being able to get people results if I wasn't there and I stopped offering the course all together for a while. 

Eventually I was able to change my mindset about what I could charge and I relaunched it a few months later with new positioning and a higher price. 

To my surprise, people were more committed to it. They showed up and did the work. 

So my point is, when you’re under charging, our brain tricks us into thinking we are helping our clients.

But in reality we’re actually doing them a disservice because they're less committed when they show up for it and they end up not getting the results they paid for.


Talking About Money from a Place of Love

Love for yourself

First and most importantly, you have to have love for yourself.

I often notice people who struggle to talk about money and charge fully for their service(s) are often stuck in a mindset where they think that they need the next degree/certification/qualification before they can charge the pricing that they want.  

Or they think that they need to have their client get results or sell a certain amount before they can up their price. 

What you’re actually doing with this kind of thinking, is waiting for an external circumstance to solve an internal problem. 

And that internal problem is loving and valuing yourself, your own service, and what you do. And that can only come from your own mindset. 

If you're thinking that certain external things need to happen before you can charge what you want. You're never going to get there. 

It’s your confidence, owning your own strength, and owning your own brilliance that's going to allow you to charge more.

You already have everything you need. But many of you are just getting stuck in your head about what you think you can or can't charge.

A common mistake is not owning what you've done before, whether that be in a corporate job in a consulting role or anything else; the truth is you have so much more to claim it.


Love for your clients

The second point is love for your people.

If you really struggle with owning this for yourself, maybe you don't want to be looked upon as greedy or selfish or any of that.

That's totally okay. 

Why don't you do it from a place of love for your clients from a place of loving them enough to say this is the transformation that I can help you with and do it for them. 

If you are creating offers from a place of love for them, you're going to price appropriately for their level of comfort and the transformation they're getting, because they're going to be more committed to that transformation when we charge adequately, rather than when we undercharge.


Love for your mission 

Thirdly is loving your mission and the impact you want to make.

When you fall in love with the mission that you are here to do on this earth, you are more willing to show up for that mission. 

That is a longer term thing. 

Recently I was asking for podcast guests in a Facebook group for and one of my clients nervously aside me after the deadline if she was too late to apply. 

And I was like, no, I'm going to be doing my podcast for 10 years at least. So of course you're not too late. 

My mission here is so much bigger than the content and sales that I'm making this week, this month, or even this year.

Regardless of how uncomfortable talking about money might make you feel today, I want you to look at how you can fall in love with your greater mission and purpose that you’re creating with your business. 

If you're a health coach, maybe you're creating lasting change for generations and helping families break free from unhealthy lifestyles.

So if you're struggling to get out there and have conversations about sales and money with your clients, why don't you do it for that bigger purpose? 

And for all those people that you are able to help right now, and far into the future.


To recap - How to Change Your Mindset Around Your Sales Pitch Presentation

Having money conversations from a place of love is really number one. Owning your own confidence, your own brilliance, and your own abilities in whatever you do.

Whether you're brand new at doing this and you're coming from a different industry or you've been doing this for some time; owning more of what you're doing and what you're good at is always going to help you to have those conversations, and never to rely on external stuff for validation.

It works from the inside and having love for your people. 

Number two. Is under charging really helping your people? My answer to that is no, because they're not going to come with the same level of commitment to your program. 

And number three is making sure that you are working for your greater mission and you're working for that long term vision.

My point is, focus on adding value, loving everybody and letting them choose when they're ready to go deeper.


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