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The Secret Ways of Closing the Sale with High End Coaching Programs

Oct 14, 2020

Have you ever tried selling group programs, closing the sale and thought: “Wait, something is not right. Why am I not really getting any except for a couple.”  

 Did it feel like trying to start a fire under windy conditions but it hasn’t worked out yet for your coaching business? Perhaps, you thought that you have to continue with your sales calls right now, even though you know that it is not sustainable over the long term?

Burnt out coaches will either keep doing whatever can keep them barely afloat for now and start questioning if they belong to the coaching industry in the first place. Or they will try to find out what is wrong that can be improved.

Has it ever crossed your mind how you can create a program that doesn’t need many clients but can deliver the financial scaling of a group program with 100s of people? You are not in this alone, so let’s dive deeper into this topic together with how high end programs can be another option to scale your coaching business.


How a High End Program Can be Great Inside Online Marketing for Coaches

Depending on the needs of your clients and the amount of your followers, you might not need to start creating a group program. Imagine if you had a kick-ass high end program that allows you to have smaller groups of people.

Think about how much of a difference it makes in the quality of serving your clients compared to large group programs. Quality over quantity might be a good thing for your coaching business to do. 

With that: Would there be a need for running group programs every 3-6 weeks? That doesn’t mean that you can slap a high price tag onto your existing group programs. Because think about your client’s perspective. 

They probably want to get what they pay for, right?

So in order for that to happen, do you think that these programs are up to par for that?

That’s why it’s important to ask yourself these questions, if your current business model can support it. Because high end programs are sold differently than group programs. Promises you make are different and the way you serve clients is different.

You don’t want to be like Tom trying to chase Jerry down and get swept across the floor, by just using any kind of social media platform now. Ask yourself if you have ever seen something premium in your life that didn’t take much time to prepare in advance and offer great value? 

You want to do it methodically and on purpose. This is something we teach inside our Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist.


How sales is One Important Part of Getting Paying Coaching Clients 

It might be a party pooper for some but this is what all of the successful coaches do to a certain extent. Based on this, think about the money burnt out coaches would leave on the table with not selling.

Ask yourself how you think about sales, how you feel about lead generation, how you feel about asking others for a sale. Imagine if burnt out coaches do not align themselves with these answers compared to a coach that earns six figures with her programs.

With your high end program, you also want to be strategic and thorough. It might sound much but remember how you learned to drive the car and how everything was so much to take in. But in the end, you did everything effortlessly? 

Another thing that burnt out coaches get from not selling is that they are likely not to serve their clients, the way they deserve. 

Because think about the following: Would they get more results by paying for your programs and get adequate treatment, or are they going to make it with only your free content like social media posts?

When your clients invest in your programs with their hard money, they will probably think that there is value behind it and act accordingly. That means they will show up more and actually follow through.

Think about how much of an easier time you will have serving your clients when they are determined compared to the opposite of that.

Why a Good Closing Mindset Also Requires a Sales Team and Marketing to Back You Up 

Now you might be thinking: “I don’t want to sound pushy and salesy.” And that is correct so far.

But think if you want to be like that in the first place with all the skills and expertise you have in your field that you use to help your clients, is it needed? There are people that will wish for help in fields like yours and will gravitate towards you from their own at certain rates.

You have probably set up ways so far that can get you leads via attraction/inbound marketing. The type of marketing that happens when people subscribe to your email lists or organically come from your social media platforms over to your homepage. 

But have you ever asked if this is a reliable way to generate leads? Do you think that people from those places will join your programs consistently over the long term?

Imagine how companies like HubSpot, Facebook or Sumo would be able to survive with attraction marketing only. That’s why they have sales teams.

I tried to sell a course once via online marketing and failed miserably. I thought my clients didn’t get the service they deserved and that I had no inner connection with them. 

But once I combined sales and marketing together, I saw relatively big improvements and my cost per lead rose from $25 to $270. If this is something you want for your business, check out our Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist.

There is another thing which successful coaches do. That is when they gather data on how to figure out what works and what doesn't, they don’t get emotionally attached to it. 

Think of the instances where you have seen young people behave very maturely while some other older and therefore “supposedly wiser” people were the biggest idiots on this planet. A number is nothing more than a number. 

But the meaning is something you want to figure out by analyzing it. It might take some time, for some shorter, for some longer. But that's part of the process of what successful coaches do.


In Summary:

  • The benefit of high end programs is that it allows you to do things you can’t do otherwise with a group program for many people
  • Sales is one integral part of your business but they need a proper strategy and with sales, you can serve your clients more effectively.
  • The power of sales and marketing combined, having a sales team, and handling data properly


Are you ready to find out more amazing secrets about high end programs and sales done the easy way that will help you scale your business for the long term? We cover this in our Ultimate Group Coaching Checklist. Download your copy today.


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