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The Secret Ways to Not Trade Dollars for Hours With a Solid Scalability Strategy

May 28, 2020

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to do more for your business to grow it? And you have been doing that with hundreds of one-on-one coaching sessions, but then thought: "I think I can't keep going like this. This is too much..."

Did it feel like you were pushing up a boulder up a mountain, only to stumble and fall back towards the bottom of it? Perhaps you haven't found a way yet to overcome this hurdle?

Burnt out coaches keep thinking that working more and "hard" will get them to the goal of a thriving CEO. But have you ever wondered, if you can do this for the long term without a solid scalability strategy?

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can work fewer hours and get more money at the same time? Successful coaches are aware of these and more pitfalls but know through their experience, that being like the majority here would be worse for their vision and goals. 

That's why I will present to you a handful of tips when it comes to scaling your business.


2 Important Things to Consider Before Scaling Up the Business


Imagine if burnt out coaches tried to add more and more programs into their list of services and kept doing that. Do you think that these coaches will lead a sustainable business that can last decades? 

We only have 24 hours in a day and successful coaches are aware of that. That’s one of the reasons why they avoid trading dollars for hours but instead do the things they are capable of.

Then they do less of it and they do it better. 

Can you imagine what else you could do for your business with that extra free time?

Burnt out coaches also continue to do most of the work alone even if they have a team of around a dozen people that can help them out, because they think they need to micromanage every little thing. Or they think that something bad will happen to their business because they aren’t involved in all the things.

Thriving coaches are okay with being different compared to the majority because they know the difference. You want to be aware of this pre-programming that you have seen in your life and that society spreads around nowadays.


Then you ask yourself if there is truth behind or if it is just an unjustified belief. Working longer hours doesn’t necessarily mean more money as an entrepreneur. 

And doing things alone seems rather rare if you take a look at everything from creating and selling food in the grocery store to launching rockets into space, don't you agree? You can find more information about this inside our Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist.

What to Know When Building Scalable Business Models 


With the 24 hours you have to work with, think about the ways you could do more and better with less time.

Burnt out coaches will stick to what they have been doing and hope that it will work at some point. But would you agree that it is more appropriate to adapt and not look at any problem as a nail with a hammer in your hand?

One way when it comes to scaling is to create leveraged income. You probably don’t have time for hundreds of one-on-one coaching sessions. But you could create a program once but it offers similar value to hundreds of people.

In order to achieve the least hours traded against dollars, you would like to strive for a passive income. Programs, funnels, coaching sessions, etc. that run hands off. 

Now, this can mean selling the coaching sessions in a passive way but you still need to be there for the one-on-one coaching sessions. But remember what else you can do when you have extra time for your business or for your private life.

Of course, none of these things will be built up overnight, because thriving coaches know how important it is to plant and grow apple trees, that will then create more of its kind on their own.

Having different kinds of revenue income streams also keeps your income more stable in case of bad times. Because of a pandemic going on, some of your clients might lose interest in one of your services completely. 

That’s why you want to have multiple offers or programs. These will act as multiple streams of income, like with a backup of your computer. This and many more things are taught inside our Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist.



3 More Keys to Scaling a Business


Imagine if a burnt out coach tries to attract people that will only buy once from them and then never again. Compare it to successful coaches that have recurring clients for a lifetime. 

Who do you think will have an easier time generating income? Which one would be safer in the long run to have?

That is why you want life long brand promoters. Not only will they be there for a long time, but they will also tell others about your services. 

These clients will also be more likely to buy from you again. If you got a purchase once, but that client disappears forever, it would be relatively hard to get more money from those people.

Another thing to consider is effectiveness or “doing the right things”. You might have been in a situation as well where you hired a Facebook ads expert. You told him to generate a thousand leads and then he did it. 

But then you notice how none of those leads bought your programs in the end. At this point, you wonder why. 

Burnt out coaches think that putting in more money to get even more leads would help to solve that problem. Later they find out that it doesn’t go as planned.

Successful coaches know that it is important to think through those things critically and keep asking if there are missing some important things that help make their scalable sales systems work effectively. 

In this case, it might have been a messaging problem, because all those leads didn’t know what they had signed up for. And this is something that can be fixed for the future. You could put a process into place with the fix for the mistake in mind.

Another thing to have is a good team that you can rely on. Remember, how you don’t need to do everything alone? 

Thriving coaches will have a system in place to pick the best fitting people for their teams that they can rely on. Then these coaches would mostly only check to see if their team is doing alright and is on track.

Imagine if burnt out coaches didn’t do the following and last thing: They can leverage and have great teams but then as soon as they get their profits, they don’t reinvest back into their company. If they don't reinvest, how do you think they are supposed to grow? 

You want to ask yourself if it is more important for you to invest now and most likely not see that much for yourself in the beginning. Or is it more important to bank in all the profits book vacations throughout the whole year?

Successful coaches have been there at some point. But they reinvested for example into more team members or higher marketing and advertising budgets. They keep growing their business and keep making it more resilient to the market conditions.

Then they will have a business that is more likely to survive in the long term. That way they can keep serving their clients. 

They also are humble enough to say to reinvest into themselves. That can be in the form of paying one-on-one coaching or investing in a higher level mastermind to elevate their business.. These coaches know that there is always more to learn than meets the eye.


In Summary:

  • Make more doing less when you scale your business e. g. having a group program for hundreds of clients with similar value to an individual coaching session.
  • Having a reliable team that will take over your lower level tasks from you.
  • Is your business effective? You want to avoid the fate of the thousands of leads that don’t covert.
  • Think about your customer success journey: Do you create lifelong customers that also spread the word?
  • Investing back into your business and also into yourself


Are you ready to know more about scaling your business so that you can trade fewer hours for dollars consistently? Do you want to know the next secret in order to become the thriving CEO you desire to be? Then download Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist.


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