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The Things They Didn’t Tell You About Failure in Entrepreneurship with Penny Jones

Dec 09, 2021

Do you think that there’s such a thing as failure in business? Not for my dear friend and previous client, Penny Jones of PK Business Consulting, and I totally agree. I’ve had such a lovely coffee chat with her about failure in entrepreneurship and how you can get back up if you ever find yourself failing. 


How to Avoid Failure in Entrepreneurial Business


There are no failures in business. All these mess ups are supposed to happen and are moving  you towards the direction that you are either divinely guided to do or to a higher version of yourself. It is here as a gift to you if you are willing to receive that gift.


Entrepreneurs practice and strengthen their resilience muscle whenever they are faced with failure in business. Just like any muscle in our body, this will need to be exercised and developed for it to eventually get stronger. 


Reconditioning your mind in the journey of entrepreneurial failure is also essential in avoiding it. There are things that we do within our business that might not be easy or comfortable, but this reconditioning our minds to be resilient can really take us a long way. 


Your business is going to be a reflection of all your flaws. You have to be willing to see your flaws because if you’re blind to them, then you can’t change them. More importantly, you have to accept your flaws and move through them.


Struggles of Small Business Owners When Getting Up from Failure


The biggest struggles when you’re trying to stick with getting a business up from failure could be the money, your self-worth and self-development. If you think after a failure that you still suck or you are not worthy, or you're just beating yourself up over the event of failure, then you will struggle even harder because you’re caught up in your emotions instead of focusing on what you can learn from this failure. 


Emotions also be a big struggle within your business. Entrepreneurs cannot afford the luxury of ‘emotional dumping’ because this can really end your business and your career on a whim. Also remember that the entity of the business has nothing to do with your emotions. Business should be separated from your family, your job, or your friends. Your business will continue to function as long as you are showing up despite your personal issues. 


Mind your business, meaning touch it every day. Regardless if you mess your business up or not, this is a natural process that you have to go through for your self development as an entrepreneur. It is up to you to say, enough is enough, learn from your failures, and get back up. Your business will continue to evolve because you personally continue to evolve.  


Entrepreneurship is your personal relationship with yourself. It will highlight the best parts of you as well as the underdeveloped parts of you. If you fall in love with it, it will show you how to love yourself again. Go ahead and explore entrepreneurship especially on those times where you're feeling failure, you're feeling the lowest, and when you feel like you want to quit.



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