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The Ultimate Question: Am I Coachable? (EP 8)

Jul 16, 2017

In this episode, Mariana talks about the single concept, the one question that will determine success for you and your coaching business: Am I coachable? 

Putting egos aside means paving the way to success by opening up to learning and growing. Listen as Mariana gives some valuable tips and lessons on how to get your mindset in check.

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Key takeaways for your coaching self-assessment:


[03:10] The question you should be asking  yourself in your coaching business


[05:32] Is there a difference between knowing and doing?


[06:15] How are you willing to change for the better of your business?


[08:45] What those in a 6 figure coaching business are doing that you aren’t?


[09:55] The benefits of letting your ego go  


Don’t let your ego stand in your way. Create the 6 figure business you know you are capable of by developing the mindset and coachability needed to get you there!  Apply for a consultation here. 


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