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These are the Hidden Steps to Achieving Goals For Consistent Launches That You Need to Know

Feb 01, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the steps to achieving goals are inside your coaching business? You spent dozens of hours trying to refine your processes. Even after the countless launches that you worked your butt off for? 

All that, so you can finish creating your launches quicker and have more time with your kids. You thought this was a very good idea. But did it bring in any clients into your programs?

Burnt out coaches think they need to make everything as smooth as possible first. They don't look if their things are working as intended in the first place.

This ironically can cost them more time and money, which they wanted to avoid! Now they are still sitting there in front of their PCs. And their children keep asking if they can play some board games with their mommy.

It looks like they want to be Usain-Bolt-like-sprinters first before they know how to walk upright as babies.

But this is a problem successful coaches avoid at all costs. It's because they know they can't skip steps 1, 2 and 3 to get to step 4 in their business. 

After all, they are in for the long game, which is working 3 days a week. So they spent their time making sure things work first. 

But once they get it to the point where it works, they can start to refine their processes. Only after that, they can have time for new things and activities again.

That's why I would like to share with you what these hidden steps are, so you can reach the next level inside your business.


These are the first steps to reach goals when it comes to scaling up your business.


Maybe you have been launching your group programs by yourself for the last 6 months. It was a hustle everyday between working for your launches and taking care of your kids at home.

You finally launched them in the end, so you can finally make the money and grow your business. But only a handful of people bought your programs. Now you were wondering how you could get people into your group programs consistently.

Burnt out coaches go into their work every day and treat their coaching as hours worked equals money.

Not having a clear vision of what they want to do can cost them 1000s of dollars, because time and money will be spent on things their business doesn't need.

Imagine if airline pilots had no navigation systems to work with. Do you think they are still able to reach their destination 30,000 feet up in the air?

Or would you think that being unsure how to scale 6 months down the road is good? Or is it better than knowing what you need to do now so you can make the steps in the right direction today?

Thriving coaches couldn't reach their stressless, income gap less position without knowing where to go.

That means they ask themselves what it is they are trying to do and what that will mean. They also ask how it will affect their schedule and quality of life.

Then they try to find out what your home take pay is and what their business revenue is. These coaches want to know how much they want for themselves and how much their business needs.

They also don't forget to celebrate their progress, even if things didn't turn out so well, because it's not huge leaps but small steps that will make their business successful.

We will meet you where you are in our FREE Discovery Call. There we will exactly find out what things you want to work on. That way you can get closer to your visions and three day work week.


Why finding out where you are will help you know how to make 6 figures


Now that you know what the foundation is for everything you want to do in your business, answer the following question: Do you think it's a good idea for a very fresh coach to spend all her money on launches and hiring teams right off the bat?

Sounds crazy, right?

But this is what burnt out coaches to do. They don't know how far they are in their progression as a business. 

And then they hire contractors that cost more than they make. That will make their lives harder, especially if they want to survive with their business during these times and thrive after that.

Imagine if you tried to learn algebra without knowing what the numbers are from 1 - 10

It could mean that burnt out coaches are trying to do everything they can to get to the next level. But they might be pushing it a bit too far too fast.

Impactful coaches try to always do the right thing for their business based on what stage their business is in. They don't want to guess what they should be doing. 

Or else they won't get any closer to trading less dollars per hour.

Even with all this going on, these successful coaches take care of their mind as well on a daily basis. They take five minutes to see what kind of thoughts they have right now. 

It's because they really want to get rid of the ones that keep them from doing the best for their business.

Inside our FREE Discovery Call, you can learn more about these things. We can go more in depth into the details, so you don't need to fall back on your 1:1s.


In Summary

  • Have a clear vision of what you want to do and where you want to go with your business
  • Celebrate every step of the way. The small steps bring us forward.
  • Look at what kind of stage your business is in.
  • Manage your brain and pay attention to the thoughts you are having.


Are you ready to uplevel your business and know what you need to do for your business? The times of break-even-launches will be in the past when you follow the guidelines step by step. Our FREE Discovery Call can help you out with that. There we will find out what your needs are AND the necessary steps towards your next goals.



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