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Unique Sales Proposition Examples to Generate 6 Figures in Revenue (EP #186)

Oct 14, 2020

Have you ever found yourself burnt out by selling group programs that just don’t break even no matter what unique selling proposition examples you choose? In this episode, Mariana talks about the lessons she learned from selling group programs and she helps you to discover what you need to be aware of when trying to sell group programs.

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Key takeaways for Unique Sales Proposition Examples to Generate 6 Figures in Revenue:

[00:30] The hidden truth about levering your programs in online marketing for coaches 

[01:30] The amazing secret about selling high end programs 

[02:00] Why you don’t treat high end and group programs the same way 

[07:15] Have you considered this very important detail on high-end selling programs?

[11:00] Burnt out coaches with a closing mindset make this mistake 

[12:30] 2 things every coach should know when it comes to scaling your business

[13:45] Do you have the courage to go against the data

[19:10] One top reason why most businesses have a hard time growing


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