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Upscaling Your Business with these Mindset Tactics

Feb 08, 2021

You may know that you need to work on your mindset if you struggle to keep up with success. Achieving something and blocking yourself right after that is what actually holds you back from moving forward. Another example is you thinking that you will lose your customers if you raise your prices because your services aren't good enough.

All these thoughts are normal things that are mostly going on in our heads. And if these things are going on in your head, then it's time to really get serious about the work mindset to really be aware of how you can change the patterns that you're used to doing. 

It is true that you can't undo all those patterns overnight but you can recognize them and start breaking through them and start upscaling your business. 

Consistency is a key while working on your mindset. Experiment with this for the next 90 days. It might be out of your comfort zone and it might be bringing you to question yourself or give up during the challenge.

But the truth is, it will increase your income.

We are talking about charging enough that you have an even energy exchange. The most important thing about pricing is that you, as a coach should feel good. If you feel like you are giving too much in your coaching, that draining of energy actually makes it really hard to sell programs.

If you feel like you are not compensated enough in your business, then you should work on your mindset, increase your price and eventually, uplevel your business. When it comes to pricing, the most important thing is to have inner confidence that comes from strong mindset practice. 


Scalable Operations you should Consider

What can you do to build your inner confidence? One of them is meditation.

I personally love meditation. If you want to try it yourself, I can give you a few resources. These are Insight Timer and Headspace - a daily meditation podcasts that you can install as an app on your phone. If you are religious, then prayers can be helpful as well. 

All of these will take you out of beta brainwaves and allow you to go into alpha brainwaves and relax you and make you present rather than have your mind running all the time.

There are also affirmations that you can repeat to yourself every time. One that I have been using lately is I am supported. I am a huge supporter of everybody else. Sometimes it drains my energy because I am not filling my own cup so I just focus on the fact that I am supported and it allows me to relax. 

There is one key thing about affirmations that you should know.  You should not use affirmations just because you were told so. Will the affirmation that you are a millionaire bring you something?

Thinking like this will only be counterintuitive and you will attract negative thoughts. If  you are struggling with the affirmations, you are not making them believable for you. You should customize these affirmations for yourself, based on what you really believe. 

Next thing I want to tell you about is EFT tapping. I personally have been doing this for a while now.  

Imagine that your beliefs are like tables, stacked one on another. On the top is the biggest table or actually the top belief. Most people start tapping on that top belief which is actually the belief that sits on others. But what if you start with the lower beliefs and go up to the big one?

You should start with the memories that are triggering that feeling. For example, when I was younger I used to have my ways of earning money. I used to buy things and then sell them for a higher price. I was doing this with my best friend. 

But one summer I saw cute little figurines that I really wanted, so I went and bought them. I spent the whole amount of money that I had earned and my parents were mad at me. They told me that is the irresponsible way to spend money I earned.

Ever since I am struggling when I spend money on something that I think is irresponsible. This comes from the underlying belief that I have to be responsible with money. That experience from childhood actually allowed me to make it. This means that I should tap EFT on that experience for a few days in a row until I stop being anxious about that experience. 

So, to create your own EFT tapping scripts, you have to think about that feeling, bring up the feeling, and then you just tap on it. Allow yourself to really bring up the feeling, talk about how you feel - just like you would talk to a best friend. And then switch it to affirmations.

Journaling is one thing that you can also do for yourself. There is no wrong or right way to do it. Remember that nobody will take your journal and read it so you can write it however you want. 

I meditate semi-regularly and do declaration affirmations and journaling. And by doing the 90 day plan, you can create a plan of how you are going to uplevel yourself. 

It is important to include sleep in your 90 - day challenge too. Sleep is usually the last thing we think of, especially if things in our business improve. This is actually an easy fix because you have total control over it. It really affects our mood and mindset. Nutrition and exercise change our brain activity because they change the types of brainwaves we get. 

These are foundational things that will allow you to uplevel yourself and set some realistic goals for yourself that you can stick to during this challenge. Remember that working on your mindset is a long process that requires you to work on achieving those goals every day.


In summary:

  • Working on your mindset will help you improve you uplevel your business and improve your income
  • Meditation can help you relax and be present in the moment
  • You should customize affirmations to you, based on what you really believe
  • While ETF tapping, make sure you start from the basic belief 


Now is your time to shine as a mastermind master and uplevel your business. If you still feel like you need help setting and achieving your goals and work on your mindset, then apply for a consultation here and switch yourself to a determined and impactful entrepreneur.



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