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Upscaling your coaching practice to scale beyond 6-figures (IDE EP. 133)

Apr 21, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to upscale your business so that you can attract dream clients into your coaching practice who want to pay premium rates for your services. 

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Key takeaways for Upscaling your coaching practice to scale beyound 6-figures:

[03:03] This one mistake that struggling coaches are making is costing them to lose too much money.

[09:33] From Shabby to Chic, what is upscaling really?

[14:21] What you need to start scaling your business, $100K is just the foundation.

[20:00] Learn How To Confidently Charge Up To 60k For Your Offer.

[22:26] Scaling fast doesn’t mean working faster.

[24:40] How to lose the clients that won’t do the work and how to get the clients that are going to make it all worth it.

[30:41] Your Specialty Is Not So Special, how to make upscaling work in any niche.

[32:07] If you can’t find your high-paying ideal clients, this is how you can make them. 

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