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Using Organic Strategies to create a market of one with Kinsey Machos (EP 160)

Jul 12, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Kinsey Machos about visibility and using organic strategies online to fill your programs with dream clients.

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Key Takeaways for Using Organic Strategies to Create a Market of One:

  • Brand building 101, the one big mistake everyone makes when building a brand.
  • Tactics are cheap, relationships are forever.
  • How to slide into the DMs properly and what habits you should avoid at all costs.
  • Determine what you should and shouldn’t be sharing on your personal brand.
  • The Fab Five Buckets and how they help you build your personal brand.
  • Create more personal messages with this one simple trick.
  • When we're building content around, um, our products and services, it is really speaking to that person, your very specific avatar, what they need, what their challenges are and how you can help them in creating content there. 
  • So again, we kind of take that holistic view as far as the brand goes, we call it kind of call it that brand avatar, allowing people into your funnel. 
  • And then we get a little bit more niched down when we talk specifically about our products and services.

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