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What Do You Tell Yourself When Things Start to Fail? Start Shifting Your Mindset to Success and Start Seeing Better Results in Your Business

Oct 02, 2017

Mindset is critical to your success in business.

The mind is a powerful thing and can work for you or work against you. Belief in yourself has to come first and if you're constantly telling yourself things aren’t going to work out then you're training your brain to look for exactly that.

If this is you then you need to start shifting your mindset for success in your business. 


The Right Mindset In Business Success


Change your mindset. I want you to believe in yourself as much as you believe in your friends, your clients, or even your children. Sometimes we get into this mode where we believe in everyone else and for us it's different.

If you're in business right now you already believe in yourself enough to start. You already knew this is something you could do, otherwise you just wouldn't have started.

It doesn't matter if you’re one day in or 3 years in. If your still here there's a part of you that truly believes that his is possible for you

I'm just going to take a shot at it. I'm going to just swing my bat. I don't know what my batting average is, but I'm taking a swing and then maybe 10 times out of 10 I'm completely missing the ball. 

As you get better and as you start to learn your message, what your audience needs to hear and as you have a bigger audience. All of these factors are intricate and delicate start to go more in your favor, you can start to get a higher percentage hit rate. 


So after every offer you do 50% of them start to really do well. Maybe 30% or 20% of them are failing. Taking those shots and missing that you realize and can fine tune things. You realize what they want and what they don't want. It's through that process. 

Changing your mindset about what it means to get results in your business and make it all mean awesome things. Even if you fail and get zero sales you now have more information than you did before.

Awareness is the most important part because once you start to identify and become aware of them, then you can start to change them.


Ways To Improve Business Efficiency


I was talking to my mentor and he asked me...

If I gave you 25k as an investment, can you make it back in 10 weeks?

I told him what I would do, which was basically the fledgling version of the impact formula program I do today. Work on attracting the right people, connect with them and then convert.

He said that if he implemented this in his business right now he could make back 20k back of his investment in less than a week. He then asked what the difference was between my coaching clients and his own.

It was the audience size.

If you're starting at zero you don't have as many people that you are already attracted to. You don't have as much of an audience yet and that's okay! For now focus on is growing the real connections.

Things will get easier the further down you are in your business.

The more you grow your audience and the more you cultivate these relationships the quicker it will be to get results. Eventually you'll be able to do a quick campaign and generate some results right away. But right now your campaigns are a bit hit or miss.

In the beginning we’re not sure about a lot of things, like our audience and what they want. Or our message and having it all be congruent. We just don't have enough people and that means less eyeballs on our offers. So it feels like climbing a mountain.

This is normal and if you're applying these things, wondering what's wrong and why it isn’t working. Don't feel discouraged, no matter where you are in your business.

Another way to improve business efficiency is to add a group format. Having one allows you to save yourself a lot of time doing actual coaching and spending it on other things in your business. I’ve created a Free Resource Ultimate Group Coaching Framework for anyone that wants to create and launch their own group program.


How to Achieve Business Objectives and Stay in Business


Always focus on the revenue because when you focus on revenue you can continue to do what it is you are doing. As a CEO the number one job is to focus on the revenue and the income so we can continue to serve our people. If we don't focus on those activities we can’t continue to serve and be in a business of service.

The most selfless thing you can do is focus on the money, look at the numbers and examine what we're doing to bring in money to our business every day.

Usually what I find with my clients is when you really look at it there's only a handful of things you need to focus on. What are we doing this week to move the needle forward on the income in your business?

How much money might we be able to generate with this offer? Or this is my projected income, and this is what I'm going to do.

Be aware that the focus on the revenue is actually really selfless. It's you being able to continue to serve and to help people and therefore really selfless.

Knowing how you can get there. I want to empower you. I want you to know what those income generating activities are in your business, so that you can move the needle forward and continue to increase your revenue and increase your income and impact. 

That's what allows you to continue to serve and to help others through your business.

Not having to worry about if you're going to pay your bills this month or not is going to help you serve your clients and be at your best. If you want to serve them in a more efficient manner than introducing a group program is a good idea.

Group programs allow you to serve all of your clients at once instead of having them spread out at an hour each every day. You can really start to scale your business and leverage your time after introducing a group program.


I understand that doing a group program can be daunting. That's why I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. A FREE resource that can help anyone create and launch their own group program to success.


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