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What Does Leadership for Online Coaches Look Like? (EP #229)

Jun 09, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about leadership in the online coaching space and what leadership looks like for online coaches. 


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Key takeaways for What Does Leadership Look Like for Online Coaches:

[00:30] Here’s what everyone thinks leadership means

[01:15] Who is in a position of leadership?

[02:15] The key elements of leadership

[03:30] How are you leading in your coaching company?

[04:45] Taking action vs motivation


Are you ready to take on the role of leadership and everything that it entails? Whether you are working on your own leadership skills or developing your thought leadership; a leader has to lead. And if you are ready to step into the role of Thriving Impactful CEO, I would invite you to apply for a consultation here.


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