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What is a High Ticket Niche for Online Coaches?

Jun 09, 2021

Many coaches struggle to sell their services and think that reducing their rates or selling a smaller course instead of their coaching packages will make it easier to sell. But, what they don’t realize is the importance of the niche that you’re in. But just what is a high ticket niche for online coaches and how do you know that you’re in one?


Burnt out coaches often believe, and then get stuck in the mindset, that cheaper products are easier to sell than high ticket coaching. But, ultimately, this is a mistake that leaves them trying to make ends meet and then wondering how they’re going to scale their business.


Now, I don’t believe high ticket coaching is the only thing you should sell. I do however feel that it should be a part of your three tiered business model for consistent recurring revenue. In fact, this is part of what we teach with growing a thriving impactful coaching company that helps people all over the world.


High ticket coaching is just a piece of that triangle. And while you can include lower end products, there is also a time and place for those. For example, if you’re trying to leave your nine-to-five job, you wouldn’t want to have to rely solely on your low ticket offer.


High ticket coaching is the best way to create financial stability for your business, even if you don’t have a huge audience.



How to Sell Premium Coaching Packages 


Just what are premium coaching packages? 


Premium packages means that you are delivering super high quality service to your ideal clients. So, you are reducing the friction for them but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to charge a thousand dollars a month for it to be “premium.


Premium coaching packages, just like high ticket, means that the service is high quality for the person who is buying it. For some examples of how to structure this, look at what your competitors are offering.

  • Is it for the same price?
  • What would make the experience more ideal?
  • How can you overdeliver?


When you look at it like this, you are also selling the value of your premium coaching package. To do this, you also want to understand the buying process that your ideal client is going through and what stage of the buying process that your ideal client is in. But, when you resort to lowering your rates or selling lower ticket versions of your premium programs? You don’t actually get better at the skills you need.



What is High Ticket Consulting?


First, let’s take a look at the fundamental differences between coaching and consulting. While they do share some things in common, the main difference between them boils down to this:

  • Coaching is helping to guide people to find their own answers
  • Consulting is more along the lines of teaching something or giving them a roadmap and then holding them accountable to that


I consider myself to be both a coach and a consultant.


So, when you want to look at high-ticket consulting, you could create a package for a bigger business as opposed to an individual. And within that package, you would go in and train the entire team on the framework and methodology.


With that high-ticket consulting package, you are able to charge anywhere from $40,000 to start. And that company still gets a huge ROI on that investment.



How to Sell High Ticket Consulting Services


Now that you know what goes into a high-ticket consulting package, how are you going to sell that high ticket consulting service?


Really what you ended up doing is look for the chain of command. 


For example, if you find someone on LinkedIn, you can check to see what their company is. And then you want to look at the chain of command in that company. Are they the CEO, the founder, or President? If not, then you want to find that person. 


What it all boils down to is finding the person who makes the decisions. 


That is the person that you need to convince and that is the person that you want to have the conversations with. You will also want to outline a proposal and then put that proposal into a presentation. While yes you can certainly get them on a sales call? Having that visual component is huge.



What You Need to Know for High Ticket Coaching Niches


If you remember anything from this blog, remember this:

  • You can sell premium coaching packages in any niche
  • High ticket consulting is a great way to supplement your coaching business
  • High ticket consulting requires you to speak to the head of the chain of command


But wait, Mariana, didn’t you say you were going to talk about the importance of niches?

I did! 

And here’s the secret: there is no magical high ticket niche!


Are you ready to create a premium coaching package or a high ticket offering for your high ticket coaching niche? This is just one of the things that we do in our coaching programs. Apply for a consultation here.


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