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What My 3 Year-Old Taught Me About Business

Apr 20, 2021

Kids make fantastic teachers.

They have an interesting way of teaching you things that you might not be able to learn anywhere else.

Kids are straightforward, honest, and incredibly innocent.

All this makes them perfect for delivering life lessons you might not know you needed.

My 3 year-old taught me one of the most valuable lessons I learned in one of the purest ways.

She told me 4 words that I will never forget.

“Mommy I miss you”

As a parent this can be heart wrenching to hear when you have been home with them all day.


While I was there with them physically, I wasn’t present with them.

What they missed was the connection, not my body sitting there on the computer.

I was too busy serving all my 1:1 clients, marketing my business, and trying to make a living that I forgot that my kids who mean the world to me are my #2 priority (after my own health of course).

Before this interaction I didn’t even realize that I was spending far too much time on my business.

I knew something needed to change.

As a parent, you want to be there for your kids when they need you and we know that being there is more than just when they need snacks 20 times. It’s about the real connection.

This is why you started your business.

You wanted to provide for your family while still being able to spend time with them.

This was the breaking point for me that allowed me to take scaling my business seriously 2 years ago and step into the 3-day CEO schedule.

Of course the ability to work part time hours while making a full time income came in super handy during the pandemic when school went virtual.


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