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Who Else Wants to Know How Content Marketing Drives Sales So You Can Sell Your Group Programs?

Jan 25, 2021

What would happen if a successful coach didn't know how content marketing drives sales? Picture how she doesn't know where her 1000s of visitors from Pinterest end up. Would you think that she could fill her group programs?

Burnt out coaches don't see the value in a good content strategy. Instead, they try to focus on their sales calls and keep trading dollars for hours with their one-on-one-sessions.

Imagine if you successfully launched your group program that helps mothers take good care of their disabled children. The whole program is filled up and your clients are ready to go! 

Or are they? They all came from your messaging that said: "This program is for you if you have a disabled child and you want to be the best mom out there ever!"

After a while, some mothers start to lose interest in your program. Some become less active. Some drop out. Why?

Because you tailored your program to mental disabilities and not physical ones.

But a mother who saw your content with her mentally disabled child thought that this wasn't meant for her. She didn't join.

So she keeps trying to do the best she can to care for her child.

But could you live with the fact there is someone ready to go to change their lives? But they never even had a chance to begin with?

You probably noticed among your friends how everyone has their own idea of what "good" means. But do you see what could happen with your group programs?

Thriving impactful coaches want to be as clear as possible with their messaging. From avoiding misinterpretations to making promises they can't keep. 

They only want to attract the most ideal clients for their leveraged programs.

That's why I want to share with you what it takes to create content that converts. The good, the bad, the ugly. All that so you survive with your business during these times and thrive after that.


How to Build the Right Content Marketing to Attract Customers Easily


You have seen what unclear messaging could do. So you can probably guess what it will look like if you had no idea who you are dealing with. 

Burnt out coaches don't really know that. So they have a hard time speaking to the pain points of their clients. I mean, how can they get consistent sales into their programs, if they don't attract their ideal client consistently?

Can you play darts with your friends in a pitch-black room?

Or do you want to keep using a GPS that never knows where your destination is?

Impactful coaches want to know who they are dealing with. They do their research and find out all the details they can. From demographics to psychographics.

They also have the end in mind. That means they will maximize the things that work and scale it up so they can truly trade less dollars for hours.  

We teach this and more inside our Impactful Content Creation Membership.


This is Why Story Writing is Writing That Sells


What do you think is better? Having a lot of useful information inside your copy or meeting your readers where they are emotionally?

Burnt out coaches believe they can stuff their content with a lot of knowledge. They think that this is what the people want to see.

But is that really the case? Have you ever read through a very long blog word for word until the end? 

Have you ever read through the walls of text of the PowerPoint presentations of your classmates? Do you remember the text the last time you saw on Google below the headline?

There might be some individuals out there. But are they really the majority of people browsing through the internet?

Imagine where your business would end up in 6 months if you keep putting out jam-packed informational content. 

Thriving coaches want to create emotional connections with their readers and capture their attention. They do that with storytelling, a casual writing style, bite-sized contents and no walls of texts. 

All this is an important setup for their leveraged programs.

Has it rung a bell yet? Don't forget to keep your ideal client in mind.

Sometimes it might be better to sound a bit more formal or do the other things a bit differently. But that depends on your business and your goals.

This is what happens on average in the online space for the last decade though. So it would be safe to say that this won't change the next day, right?

How emotional copy and pain points can look like, other tips and more; That's something you can find inside our Impactful Content Creation Membership.


In Summary

  • Know your clients in and out. It's no overnight process. But you will have one factor less to worry about if you know who is buying from you.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it.... yet. Maximize the programs you already have and adjust them if needed as time goes on.
  • Write stories, not scientific papers. Based on your ideal client, adapt your writing style so it meets them where they are.


Now is the time for you to step up as the thriving impactful coach and get consistent sales into your program! Sign up for our Impactful Content Creation Membership and learn how to create content and talk to your ideal clients the best way possible. It will make them fall in love with your stuff, so you can truly leverage your programs.


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