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Who To Hire First In Your Coaching Business

Sep 30, 2022

Many business owners have the wrong notion that just by hiring someone or even a team in your business automatically means that your income will increase without considering the idea or planning ahead how they can ensure that the person or team they hire is profitable nor what it takes to invest in your employee before they become profitable.


You may be wanting to hire for different reasons– Maybe you don’t have any more time to put in or it might not be in your zone of genius to do a certain task within your business. How do you get help in your business in a way that is profitable for you?


For most coaches online, the first person to hire for your business that makes the most sense financially is a Virtual Assistant or VA. Being in the online coaching business for over 8 years now working with a team, my favorite way of hiring a VA is by hiring someone out of the country, for example in the Philippines where the cost of living is a lot lower. The idea is geographic arbitrage, where you, as a business owner can hire help that costs you a lot less than hiring someone from the US but still providing a fair wage to your hires outside of the country because of the lower cost of living where they are located.


What is even more important than knowing who to hire is knowing how to hire somebody that is going to get you the results you want for your business. This is where establishing a screening and hiring process plays a vital role. 


First, you will want to set up a job description that specifies exactly what your expectations are from your hire in order to achieve the result you want. What we teach inside the Impact-Driven® Coach School is that employees generate 4x what you are paying them. 


Once your job description is posted in online forums or job sites, you can develop a screening process that will help you determine candidates that are fit for you depending on your company’s values and culture. 


In my experience of hiring employees, the candidate’s personal values, personality, and what they can bring to the table outways their skillset and work experience.


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