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Why Coaches Need Coaching

Oct 21, 2022

Coaching is the ultimate game changer in every single aspect of your life and I believe in this so deeply. Even I, as a coach and a life-long learner, have invested so much in coaching so I can acquire or improve a skill so that I can perform at my absolute best.


If you are a coach, it is 100% natural and normal for you to have a human brain that sometimes thinks, “Is what I’m doing even working?” or maybe doubts and questions come up like, “Do I want to do this?”.


Coaching has allowed major behavioral changes in my life and in this episode, I would like to share with you some of those.


I was able to lose 80 pounds with the help of coaching.


I was able to transcend generational patterns that I do not want to pass along to my children.


I was able to make multiple 6-figures through my business.


I was able to become confident about myself.


I was able to leave a toxic and abusive relationship.


I was able to create boundaries for myself that support my highest good.


I was able to parent my children consciously rather than reactively.


I was able to manage my time and energy in a way that serves my goals.


I was able to beat procrastination by honoring my word to myself and my ability to follow the schedule I set for myself.


I was able to help hundreds of people all over the world.


I was able to create job opportunities for people all over the world. 


I was able to trust myself to do what I say I will do.


Most of these things, I have worked on for over a year, some even more than that. And that’s something I also would like to point out. Acquiring, improving, or even mastering these things takes time and work. That means having to pound the pavement, thinking and doing it on purpose with yourself, with your coach, and having to fully rewire your brain until you are able to form that habit. 


It’s also important that you are realistic with yourself about how long that change is going to take and also be loving, generous, and intentional every step of the way.


Coaching is what translates knowledge into application. It is what allows behavior change. It allows for a deeper conversation beyond what to do. Yes, strategy and knowing what to do is important, but transformation happens when you are willing to have conversations about more than how to do it. 


The reality is that every single person needs coaching in their life to apply the knowledge of whatever it is that they are trying to work on. With coaching, everyone would be a lot more emotionally intelligent, a lot more in tune with themselves and what they actually want versus what society or other people have pressured them to want.


They would be more able to communicate boundaries and expectations. More importantly, they would be able to perform at their highest level.


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