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Why I am Going Back to a Job After Being an Entrepreneur Full Time for 7 Years

Sep 07, 2021

After 7 years of being an entrepreneur full time, I am going back to a job. 


I want to share a little bit about why I made this decision. 


Let’s back it up and explain how I got to where I am. 


In 2015, I was working full time as a case manager in South Texas and running my coaching business part-time after my 16-month-old would go to bed for the night and bright and early after his morning feeding at 4:30 AM. 


I was looking at ways to continue to advance up the corporate ladder and my boss at the time offered me to go into her position as the head of 3 hospitals in South Texas. 


I was super excited about doing this and was even looking at schools to go back and get another degree that I would need after I made that switch. 


That same week, my preemie daughter was born. She was only 2 lbs and ended up in the ICU for 68 days. Needless to say, that was a huge sign from the universe that it was not the time for me to go down that path. 


Over the next 7 years, I ran my business full-time. I moved from Texas back to New York. 


It was fantastic running my business from home while my kids were little and I even got it to where I only work 3 days a week making six figures by hiring team members and streamlining our systems and processes. 


My business grew and grew over that time. 


In 2019, I became a single mom. 


I was blessed to have my business during the global pandemic while still working only 3 days a week which allowed me to do all of the kids' schooling during virtual schooling as a single parent. 


Now let’s rewind to 2018. I was at the YMCA and there was a code blue. I jumped in to help immediately and I felt a calling towards my healthcare career again. When the pandemic hit, I cried for days because I felt the pull to go back into healthcare. I really wanted to help out, especially with the shortage of staff in hospitals. 


I just didn’t feel comfortable since my daughter was high-risk. Once the vaccines came into play, like most other people, we became more comfortable with getting back into the new normal. 


Towards the end of the 2021 school year, I was not feeling like I was living my best life as the full-time virtual facilitator for my kids. This was not aligned for me. When the school said they would not be doing virtual schooling for the next school year...I began asking myself the age-old question...what do I want to be when I grow up? 


I still don’t know with 100% certainty what that is. But I do know that being in healthcare AND running businesses is what I want to be spending my time doing. Coaching is a great way for me to merge both my love of business and my love of helping people. But I still miss the healthcare element and the types of complex problems I get to solve in the hospital setting. 


I decided to look at my life like a blank slate. To not make decisions on my past career or experience but instead to ask myself, what do I want to do in the future? 


Did I want to be an artist which I had grown my passion and skill for over the pandemic? Did I want to be a dog trainer? Go back to a hospital job? Or only coaching? This re-evaluation time was such a gift. I realized that I love healthcare and want to be in it in some way, shape, or form in my future. 


Over the past month, I have been back in the hospital setting and my soul has completely lit up. I love the environment, working together as a team, seeing people in person, solving complex problems, and leading in my role.


What I have found is that it has been a joy to work and continue to run my business 3 days a week. 


It has been a joy to make decisions from a more grounded and fulfilled place in my business and I would not trade that for anything.


I also want to touch on the idea that “going back to a job as an entrepreneur makes you a failure or less than”. That is bull.


Going back to a job does not take away any of your accolades or accomplishments as an entrepreneur. 


If you are considering going back to a job or you have a job and you are an entrepreneur, remember you are choosing to do that. 


Look at why you are doing each and if your reasons are sincere love up on those reasons. 


Don’t let society or the culture on social media dictate what you think about yourself and your situation. 


You are exactly where you are supposed to be now. And there is never any shame in that. Instead, be proud of the fact that you have your own back and the things you have accomplished. 


No matter where you are watching this from, remember that


You are capable.


You are strong.


You are here to make a difference.


Go on your way today to do that <3


Lots of love,




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