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Why these Selling Strategy Examples Work So Well for Coaches (EP #195)

Nov 23, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about 5 strategies that will help you create scalable sales systems, based on your needs. Have you ever reached the point in your coaching business where you have run out of selling strategy examples? Have you ever been there thinking: "I am getting some sales now. But how can I have time for all those new clients coming in? It's too much for me to handle."


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Key Takeaways for Selling Strategy Examples:

[01:07] Why having sales calls is important and what to watch out for 

[02:46] How webinars can be your next selling strategy example 

[03:59] This is why email sequences will help you making more money

[04:48] How the customer success journey will help out with all the selling strategy examples

[05:40] The amazing secrets of a video series and challenges and what they can offer

[06:33] Even though you have set up all those strategies, do you think that is all you need to do?


These are the 5 selling strategies that will help your coaching business grow to the size you desire. Book a discovery call to find out more about how we can help you reach your next goals.


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