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Why We Need to End the War Between Sales and Marketing

Nov 04, 2021

Being able to get clients wherever you need to is a godsend for any business. This means having systems and processes in place to generate consistent revenue and peace of mind knowing where your money for the month is going to come from.


It’s not impossible to achieve either. With the right knowledge and some groundwork, booking clients can become much easier on yourself by doing the right sales and marketing activities.


The Definition of Sales and Marketing


The first thing that you need to understand is that there's a difference between marketing and sales activities. Too often, burnt out coaches spend too much time on one or the other not knowing that the marrying of the two is crucial for growing your business exponentially.


Marketing activity is things like copywriting, posting on social media, etc. 


Outbound sales activity is done with intent. Intentionally connecting with most ideal prospects, intentionally reaching out to them. Having a set follow up schedule and follow up process. 


One does not replace the other.


If you want to continue to book clients this week, next week, and the week after, both these systems need to be dialed in. So for your marketing activity, things like your message - what you say, how you say it, where you're posting, what you're doing to attract new people. Outbound activity is proactivity going to reach out to customers and potential customers to sell into your programs. 


If you're not doing both you’re going to have missing links and you’re leaving money on the table when you do this.


What if Marketing and Sales Didn’t Exist?


If you don't know what you're selling, you can't get clients this week.


This sounds super simple but it's important nonetheless. Be decisive, make up your mind, decide what we're going to sell and go sell it.


For some this is more of an overthinking problem. For there's this fear, just plain fear.


I know that COVID is going around and there's a lot going on in the world today. But ask yourself, “What is the result that working with you offers?” For me, that’s helping people by adding multiple 6 figures while working 3 days per week.


If I decided I wasn't going to sell that today, tomorrow, because of the COVID virus, how sad would that be for the person that needs that result?


Is that of service to them? Is that going to help anyone? Not selling is like withholding this beautiful gem from the world to see. 


Be decisive, decide what it is you're going to sell then go out there and sell it. But you got to believe in that 100%. A lot of the work is going to be “I know this is going to help people” and that work needs to happen for you to confidently go out there and sell it.


Making the offer is just an ask. Can I help you?


If you're struggling to ask the question “can I help you?” my thought is “do you believe you can help them?” because if you 100% believe you can help them, it would be ludicrous not to ask them.


More of the issue is your belief in the offer could be more of what's stopping you because if you believe in the result, there's no way you’re not going to ask someone if you can help them.


Getting more coaching clients is as simple as deciding what you're going to sell, believing it 100%, then going out there and offering it to people. 


After you get those clients in your program, you want to serve them to your full potential. Give them top quality service. We do this to keep customers for life.


It is 7 times cheaper for you to keep an existing customer than to try and find a new one. If you're doing one off sales you’re going to be leaving so much money on the table.


If you’re a fan of Nike, you don't just have one pair of them. You’ll want to buy from them again and again, right?


Common Mistakes In Business That Are Easy To Avoid


Do I need a website? Do I need a high end funnel? You don't need any of that!


The only thing you need is the desire to help someone, the belief you can do it and getting out of your own way to ask them for it.


That's all you need.


Where am I over complicating it? Where am I telling myself that I need this funnel and the website to look better? Where am I telling myself that I need to go to 20 networking events?


Those are barriers you're creating for yourself.


Usually because of some sort of fear or something deeper that's going on that’s blocking you from getting it out there. Be willing to look at what is going on there.


Opportunity Cost

 Let me tell you an embarrassing story from my own business. I launched a membership site and I went on to sell it. A $47 membership. Because I was so preoccupied with that site I lost out on a $65,000 sale. 


I focused on this $47 membership site that only increased my income by $200 a month and lost out on a $65,000 sale.


This was a huge misstep for me in terms of the opportunity cost, I didn't weigh it out correctly. If I go out and sell this program then i'm not going to be able to sell this other program.


I'm half way through selling this. What will happen if I take my foot off the gas pedal?


Look at that throughout your decision making.


Yes we have to be decisive, yes we have to make the decision, but also look at what it's going to cost to sell one thing vs another thing.


Shiny Object Syndrome

 When you see someone doing a webinar, a new challenge style, Facebook lives or whatever it is to sell so I'm gonna change my entire customer success journey to follow what they’re doing. This is what shiny object syndrome is.


Lots of decisions that have to be made for you to create your customer success journey.


When you're building out your customer success journey, one of the most common mistakes is changing your offer all the time. The other mistake is changing how you're selling it. You have to start from square one when it comes to data, research, and what it takes to get to multiple 6 figures in revenue.


You want one offer that is going to add multiple 6 figures.


Should Sales and Marketing be Separate?


Making an offer is just you asking for the sale, it’s asking for the next step. Your customer success journey from social media follower to promoter of your brand.


How you go about that is your choice. There is no right or wrong way to do this.


Lots of people ask me, should I do a webinar or a sales call, or whatever? I don't care how you do it. I don't care how you build the thing, but you need the thing to work. We have had clients book sales calls off of Pinterest.


We help you select a conversion mechanism, which is a fancy name for a way to invite them into your program- It could be a webinar, challenge, sales call, or any method that works for you and for them.


Being able to book a client this week is huge! Imagine being able to book a client whenever you need it. That’s the power of marrying proper marketing, sales and having absolute confidence in your product. 


No matter where you are reading and watching this from, remember that:

 You are capable.

 You are strong.

 You are here to make a difference.

 Go on your way today to do that <3


Lots of love,




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