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Work-Life Balance Tips For Coaches Balancing Work, Family, And Business

Mar 10, 2022

How I define work-life balance is feeling like your needs are being met and feeling fulfilled between all of the areas in your life that you have created and cultivated to be important for you.


When people talk about work-life balance, it's as if there are only two areas of life– work and family– and that if you increase time with your family, then you decrease time for your career but that is absolutely not the case!


Let's look at some of the areas in my life that I am juggling and have identified as important to me (and you may be too!): 

  1. Family (Parenting/ extended family)
  2. Friendships
  3. Romantic relationships
  4. Finances
  5. Health (physical body)
  6. Fitness (movement)
  7. Mental (Learning and cognitive)
  8. Emotional (How you feel) 
  9. Career (Business and job)
  10. Spiritual
  11. Environment (Where you spend your time and your home/shelter)
  12. Fun/ enjoyment
  13. Creativity
  14. Nature
  15. Memetics (What content you consume)


Thinking that there are only two areas of life that need to be balanced on some sort of balance scale is a gross misinterpretation of what is actually happening. In addition, even if that was really the goal, to have 50/50 between work and everything else, you can see that “life” would be disproportionately under-represented since it encompasses so much more than just one thing. 


Instead of trying to achieve this “balance” of equal amounts of time between the areas of life, it’s important that we choose on purpose how we are going to view work-life balance and really make it ours. And based on what you want for your life you may even have more! 


It’s important that you feel that your needs are being met in the areas that matter to you and that you want to include in your life. For some people, having a high amount of emotional connection through family/friends/romantic partnerships is extremely important to them so that would need to be a high priority.


For others, achieving things and advancement is a high need. That would make career a much higher priority. 


I want to reiterate that there is no perfect formula or number of hours; it's about feeling that the needs are met. This means that you must be present when you are engaging with these areas of life. It means that taking two seconds to enjoy and reflect on a single moment during the day could re-activate that part of your life and help you to feel more fulfilled with it. 


My overall strategy for balancing my responsibilities in all these 15 areas is to do the following:


#1 Use my cognitive human brain to map out what I think I will need during the week using my time management system. 


#2 Intentionally reflect on how I did at the end of the week in terms of not guilting or shaming myself but more of celebrating what happened and seeing if there is more/less I want to focus on the following week. This simple check in system allows me every week to align with how I want my life to be. Are there periods that are heavier in one area than another?…absolutely!


#3 Be self-aware throughout the week…where am I procrastinating or not doing something? Where am I feeling resentful or bitter? Where am I feeling shame/guilt? And work through it. Most likely, it is because I am too focused on one area and not focused enough on another area that I care about but I am putting on the back burner. These moments are opportunities to re-align with who we want to be and how we want our life to look.


There is a lot more to work-life balance than just career and family and thinking about things in that way can really be detrimental to the entirety of your life. Use this strategy to listen to yourself and reflect on how you would like to cultivate the areas in your life that are most important to you. If you didn’t like how your week went, just remember that the next week is another opportunity to get right back into living your most joyful and fulfilling life.


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