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Work with Only Your Dream Clients from Now On. The Little Known Ways You Can Attract Your Ideal Client Avatar Today (EP #194: Rebroadcast)

Nov 18, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about a very specific question someone has about attracting the right clients. She gives us some strategies you can use to attract your ideal client avatar. People who you know you’re going to work well with and are happy to pay for your services. 


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Key Takeaways for Ideal Client Avatar:

[03:39] How to connect with your clients in a different way

[04:50] Rule #1 when it comes to finding your ideal clients

[05:32] The single biggest reason you need to pay attention to LinkedIn

[06:27] The right way to utilize Facebook groups

[08:24] If your in the right line of work, this could work for you

[11:30] Things you need to keep in mind when looking for referrals

[14:42] What you need to do instead of leaving things to the algorithm


We’ve helped many of our clients find out who exactly their ideal customer avatar is and how to attract them. We use long standing business principles and never lean just tactical “strategies”. Let us help you narrow down your ideal customer avatar and attract only those types of people. Apply for a consultation here.


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