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You are Strong and Capable: How to Conquer Entrepreneurial Self Doubt

Mar 17, 2022

A lot of times when we're setting a goal and we experience self doubt and the reason that we experience this is because we don't see the exact path on how to get to our goal. 


In the many years that I’ve been running my own business, I can tell you this: No matter how much planning we put into place, there is still always the possibility of failing. When we experience failure, this is the moment we end up either continuing to diminish our mindset and go into more self-doubt or turn it around – you don’t worry as much about how you set that goal and be determined to achieve it. 


Entrepreneurial Self-Doubt

Instead letting your self-doubt define you, it makes such a huge difference to take a look at your goal again and say, “I’m going to do whatever it takes, think of as many strategies as I need and work them all the way until I complete my goal. I’m going to be patient and persistent.”


Fear is normal part of life. However, if we stay afraid of what might happen, then we let that fear define us and give that fear power to control our lives. Normalizing fear and self-doubt is the first step to conquering it. Remember that fear is a normal human response and so you will always experience this no matter what stage you are in your business or your life. 


How to Conquer Self-Doubt

 Here are some ways you can conquer self-doubt and fear as an entrepreneur:

  • Recommit to your vision. This is the perfect time to ask yourself, “Is this what I truly want for my business?” and be accepting of how you would like to get to that vision.


  • Identify your intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. 

Extrinsic motivation is when we are motivated by outside/external things. E.g I want a million dollars, or maybe a house by the beach. A lot of times, we feel that those external are going to bring us internal satisfaction, but it’s not always the case. 


Intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is about you doing something for the pleasure of doing it. Intrinsic motivation allows you to stay in the process, stay in the moment and just take one step at a time while being able to focus on your next strategy. 


  • Look back at your previous accomplishments. Sometimes, we lose sight of all the other things we have previously accomplished when climbing this mountain of a goal. Go ahead and find ways for you to remind yourself of them. Most importantly, find ways on how you can recreate those results – find out what skills or tools you’ve applied or used to your business in order to achieve this in the past.

It takes mindset and commitment in order to achieve your goals, no matter how small or big it is. Feel the fear and just continue moving through it to get to your ultimate goal.


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