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You Won’t Believe What She Had The Courage To Do

Mar 30, 2021

A few months ago I discovered a woman that teaches how to take care of natural hair and I fell in love with her. 

As a privileged white mom, I had spent thousands of dollars on products, tried a ton of techniques that left both my daughter and I in tears until I found this blog that taught me how to care for my daughter’s hair.

But you won’t believe what she had the courage to do. 

She stepped into the shower on video and literally showed how to take care of her hair. 

I remember the moment that I saw her do it. 

I cried. 

I was so grateful that she had the courage to step out of what society deems as “normal” (and no she was not naked she wore a bathing suit).

I was glad she wasn’t too embarrassed to get into the shower on video so that she could make an impact on families like mine that really needed this information.

And so today, my message to you is that you do the equivalent of stepping into the shower on video. 

What is the thing you know will help someone but you have been too embarrassed or too scared to do?

Maybe it’s pitching the big news station. 

Maybe it’s doing a live video about a topic that might be considered taboo. 

Or perhaps it’s following up with that last lead you talked to that you know you can help.

Whatever that is for you get out there and do it with courage, conviction and the desire to help those that need you.


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