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Problem Solving Techniques You Can Apply In Your Coaching Business

Nov 10, 2022

Problem solving is not only a valuable skill to have as a business owner but for life in general. It's important that we know how to solve problems and different problem solving techniques. However even knowing all this there is still one thing we must remember.


One of the most important things for you to understand as a business owner is that you will always have problems. This is a good thing though because this shows that you are alive because having problems is a part of life.


Some people come to me and say “Once I make X amount of money then I won't have any more problems.”


The reality is you will always have problems.


The problems you have now will be different from the problems you have when you make more money. No matter what stage you are at right now, it's important to learn how to effectively problem solve and how you use your brain, which is the most valuable tool you have for solving any problem.


Let’s get into the 3...

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Increase Your Income And Impact By Meeting Your Customer Where They Are

Nov 03, 2022

Most coaches do not understand the importance of speaking to their audience where they are. The reason for that is because if you aren’t speaking to your audience at their level, it is going to be a much further jump for them to start listening and trusting us. In terms of marketing, not speaking to them where they are could make the buying cycle really long and that might result in losing people or potential clients on the path. 


Let’s take a look at the stages of awareness of your audience and how you can meet them where they are:

1. Unaware. This is the person who is unaware that they have a problem and that there is a solution.  If you are trying to market to somebody who is unaware that they have a problem, you first have to sell them on the fact that they have a problem before moving on to selling them on your potential solution, and then having to sell to them the fact that you offer that solution and so on. This makes you have to go through...

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Stepping Into Abundance Mindset

Oct 28, 2022

As coaches, it’s a big part of our job to show the world what true abundance is and what that looks and feels like so that we can make a huge difference.


Scarcity Mindset 


Scarcity mindset is when you think there’s not enough of something – Not enough time, money, limited number of clients, etc. I truly believe that the scarcity mindset is the root of all evil. I know some religion say that money is the root of all evil, but for me, it’s not exactly the money that’s is root of evil but the idea that there’s not enough money to go around, or that there’s isn’t enough time to earn that money that’s causing people to make decisions that are outside of their true selves and value system. 


The reality is that your mindset is the root of anything that you end up doing. In the Impact-Driven® Coach School, we teach our clients the 4 things you need to be doing everyday to grow a sustainable business...

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Why Coaches Need Coaching

Oct 21, 2022

Coaching is the ultimate game changer in every single aspect of your life and I believe in this so deeply. Even I, as a coach and a life-long learner, have invested so much in coaching so I can acquire or improve a skill so that I can perform at my absolute best.


If you are a coach, it is 100% natural and normal for you to have a human brain that sometimes thinks, “Is what I’m doing even working?” or maybe doubts and questions come up like, “Do I want to do this?”.


Coaching has allowed major behavioral changes in my life and in this episode, I would like to share with you some of those.


I was able to lose 80 pounds with the help of coaching.


I was able to transcend generational patterns that I do not want to pass along to my children.


I was able to make multiple 6-figures through my business.


I was able to become confident about myself.


I was able to leave a toxic and abusive relationship.


I was...

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What Are The Stages Of Business?

Oct 06, 2022

1. Desire Stage


This stage is where you have a ton of ideas about wanting to start a coaching or consulting business, but you're not really sure what you want to do yet. It looks and sounds great in your head but you’re not creating content or moving forward on the projects that you dream about.


People in this phase are still working a full time job or relying on their spouse’s income, and their business is more of a side hobby. You only show up when it’s convenient, not because your business needs it.


What we have to do at this stage to be able to move forward is decide what to do, commit to doing what you decided to do, and then make that decision over and over again until you get the result you want.


People can get stuck in this stage of business because they don’t know how to take a huge vision and make incremental moves forward to make it a reality. It’s time to take your brilliant idea and put it into action. Learning...

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Who To Hire First In Your Coaching Business

Sep 30, 2022

Many business owners have the wrong notion that just by hiring someone or even a team in your business automatically means that your income will increase without considering the idea or planning ahead how they can ensure that the person or team they hire is profitable nor what it takes to invest in your employee before they become profitable.


You may be wanting to hire for different reasons– Maybe you don’t have any more time to put in or it might not be in your zone of genius to do a certain task within your business. How do you get help in your business in a way that is profitable for you?


For most coaches online, the first person to hire for your business that makes the most sense financially is a Virtual Assistant or VA. Being in the online coaching business for over 8 years now working with a team, my favorite way of hiring a VA is by hiring someone out of the country, for example in the Philippines where the cost of living is a lot lower. The idea is...

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How To Create Content That Generates Sales In Your Coaching Business

Sep 24, 2022

It’s very important to be aware of how we’re monetizing our traffic. I’m not saying that you should monetize every single thing you put out, but as a coach and online business owner, I think it's important to know how much money you're generating every week, month, etc.


Things that go into your business are going to financially reward you because that’s going to allow you to stay in business and continue to grow. It's important to know how to attract customer attention with quality content.


What is Quality Content?

Begin with the end in mind. Where is it you’re going to be making money in your business? What product, program, or service are you going to lead them into?


If you're new then you might not have your packages and programs set up. If this is the case, you should prioritize getting those ready.


If you're a bit more advanced, it's more about launching and amplifying the packages you already have. Sometimes you make...

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How To Create Your Captivating Content

Sep 17, 2022

In the previous article, we talked about how you can create your big picture content framework. Today, let’s dive deeper into the details of making sure that your content gets published and how you can repurpose your content across multiple platforms.


Typically, I like to publish one long-form content for the week and create short-form content from it that goes out to our social media platforms throughout the week. In addition, we’ve come up with a database of all previous content that we published throughout the years where we can also repurpose content from so we can show up consistently online even if I am not able to publish new content or we just simply don’t have enough short-form content to publish for that week.


A little recap on how to create your content framework:


Come up with 4-5 major topics or types of content you will cover as it relates to your ideal client and what you help them with.


Brainstorm 4-5 headlines from each...

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How To Plan Your Content

Sep 09, 2022

Mindset When Planning Your Content


Be willing to create bad content.

During the pandemic, I decided that I wanted to learn how to draw. This simply required me to practice drawing and one helpful tip I got was from a mentor who told me to be willing to produce bad art. This allowed me to be able to toss my perfectionism to the side and put in the reps every single day. Through my constant practices, I was able to improve my skills which we can also apply to when we create content for our business.


Showing up to help is better than trying to be perfect.

The goal of planning and creating our content should not be to create the best content nor the content that makes you a thousand dollars. Instead, our goal should be to consistently show up and get yourself out in the online space through your content. 


There are no rules– You get to make your content be whatever you want.

While there could be best practices for your platform of choice, there are no...

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How To Build A Strong Relationship Between You And Your Ideal Client

Sep 01, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, if you are a coach or wanting to start a coaching business, you should not think of your ideal clients as magical unicorns that you are trying to chase or find somewhere within the internet.


Instead, think of them as somebody that is probably already in your circle and somebody who is a tangible human being just like you and I. It’s very important that we do the mindset work around what we believe this person is and not put them on a pedestal that automatically creates this distance between you and them making it even more difficult for you to reach out to them. 


Next is to go out there and talk to them. How do we do this? It can be as simple as creating a post that speaks about something that you want to help people with that they may relate to. Inside the Impact-Driven® Coach School, we work with our clients extensively to create this and test their coaching offers and their messaging so you know exactly what words will...

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