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EP 107: How to Make $30K in 3 Hours a Week This Summer

Jul 16, 2019

Summer's here! It is that time of the year again where most of us are strapped for time and our productivity levels spiral down. I understand that many of you are really strapped for time as your kids are home for the summer or you are just really wanting to enjoy - like who doesn't, right? It happens to me too. Just last week, my kids were home between the holidays like from the 4th of July until they started camp this week and around these times, my productivity was low.

When this happens to you, you have to have a very clear plan and focus on the income-producing activities of your business.

And so, this week on the podcast, I did a special summer episode for you where I broke down the exact strategy that my team and I used to make $84K in just 30 days. I also discussed the step-by-step process on how I would actually go about this so that it would be doable for you to get to $30K this summer by working 3 hours a week.

Main takeaways:

[03:13] Retroactively looking at the numbers...

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EP 106: How to Make Peace with Not Working in the Career You Went to School for

Jul 09, 2019

This episode is for you if you are an entrepreneur who is no longer working in the career you went to school for. We cover...

  • How to view your entrepreneurial venture in a way that serves you
  • How to think about any student debt that you may have in a way that serves your long term goals
  • How to handle recruiters or job opportunities that may come your way 

Plus so much more!

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Resources mentioned:

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Should You Put Out an Online Coaching course or Run a Coaching Program?

May 03, 2019

In the online coaching space there's two main ways to serve your clients. You can either put together a course and have them work their way through it by themselves at their own pace, or you can work them and offer guidance while they are on their journey. More specifically I’m going to be comparing putting out an online coaching course vs running a group program. Most view group programs as a course that is delivered with self study videos, a few coaching calls, and lasts about the span of 6 - 8 weeks.  What most don't know is that group programs can be so much more than that. Group program can be very high end programs

There are two types of group programs. High end programs, and Low end programs.  When I say low end I mean lower investment and a shorter time frame.  Group programs can be very high end.  

We have people in our program that spend $20,000.

How I Came to the Decision to do Group Coaching

In the past I had put together courses and found...

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Do I run a group program or a course? (Ep. 99)

May 02, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about what it's like to run a group program vs putting out a course.  Find out how she fell in love with group programs and why she now champions the model and teaches it within The Profitable Impact Formula

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Key takeaways for Do I run a group program or a course?:

[04:33] The absurd amount of people that never make it through an online course

[05:41] The real questions you need to be asking yourself when creating an online program or course

[09:43] The secret way you're going to be making more money with a group program vs an online course.

[11:57] The untold truth of the birth of the impact formula and how it went from its infancy to where it is today

[15:05] Providing lifetime access to your program is a mistake and this is why

Ready to take your business to the next level?  Do you want to reach a level that you only dreamed of before? Join us in our upcoming coaching...

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Build a Six Figure Coaching Business Without a Giant Audience

Apr 05, 2019

Having more people in your group program isn't always best. Most people think that you can’t have a six figure coaching business without having an audience to match. I want you to know that this is wrong. You can break through the magical six figures with a smaller group. Having a white glove service can be very lucrative for you. By using this method it becomes very possible to hit six figures.  A white glove service also provides a service that makes the biggest impact for clients. You can help clients more if you don't have to service 200 people at the same time. High end coaching will yield better results. Now that you have clients with bigger, better results that creates a positive cycle for yourself.

Get The Most Out of Your Clients With High End Group Coaching

Ask yourself, what would make the difference for you in your life?  Let's say you’re trying to lose weight.  Imagine buying one of two courses.  One course being $1000 a month and another...

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How to Hit Six Figures in Your Coaching Business: Even if You Have a Small Audience (Ep #93)

Apr 04, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about how you can build a six figure business even if you don’t have the largest audience on the internet. The trap that is membership sites and the benefits of going high end.

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Key Takeaways for How to Hit 6 Figures in Your Coaching Business: Even if You Have a Small Audience

[01:06] How having your clients paying you more is a benefit to them

[02:48] The problem with membership sites and why you shouldn’t invest into one

[04:12] Go above and beyond without the burnout

[06:43] How one person started having $20k months with less than 50 leads

[07:29] Why you can’t always rely on Facebook ads to sell your course

Do you want to hit 6 figures but only have a small audience? You can do that with a High end group program!  Don't know how to and need some help? Come join us for a FREE 5 day Fill your Group Coaching Experience!  Be ready to fill your group...

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How to Create Coaching Packages that People Will Want to Buy

Mar 22, 2019


This is 90% of the issue when it comes to a lot of things in our life. But right now its causing coaches to struggle when then are coming up with a package. What they’re doing is putting themselves in a pressure cooker situation. It’s frying their brain. Thoughts like ‘It has to be perfect’ and ‘What if it doesn't work’ run through their minds constantly.

Managing your brain is a huge element of success and mismanagement can prevent people from achieving what they want. When you can manage your mind, you start holding yourself accountable and change the way you think of certain things.

Here are a few things I want you to keep in mind when you think about how to create coaching packages. 

How to Package Consulting Services: Some Things to Keep in Mind

Come from a Constructive place when creating your package. This means coming from an Abundance mindset and trusting yourself. Believe that this program you're creating is exactly what...

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How to Create Premium Coaching Packages (EP #91)

Mar 20, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to create premium coaching packages and what that looks like in your coaching business.

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Key takeaways for Premium Coaching Packages:

[01:17] Mindset is everything 

[02:00] Rome wasn’t built in a day, your business won’t be either 

[04:55] Knowing your own energy and mental capacity

[06:33] How to create consistent recurring revenue for yourself while doing what's best for your clients

[08:56] The customer knows what they want 

[11:40] Don’t forget the little things, it's all in the details

If you're thinking about starting your own group program then I invite you to come join our upcoming FREE 5 day Fill Your Group Coaching Program Experience. I will show you how to create and fill your group program in just 5 days!  Past participants have left with up to 60 leads. Click Here to Register for the FREE Fill Your Group Program Coaching...

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others And Launch Your Group Program

Feb 13, 2019

You're a coach. You're running a personal brand. You are trying to get this work out into the world. There's a part of you that's like, “Yes, this is so great. I'm gonna make such an impact. It's gonna be amazing.” And then there's another part of you that's silently like what if it doesn't help people? But this person over there is doing it right and you get re-targeted on all the ads, you know what I mean? Now, I want to show you how to stop comparing yourself to others and launch your group program. Are you in? Then read on.

Even when you're like, yeah, but so and so has a program on it. And their program is bigger. And they have, like, 1000 members. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that or whatever your brain is telling you. It’s still not enough reason for you to give in. And so just because someone's program is bigger than yours does not mean it's better.

It just means there's more people who bought. What does that really mean? It means their marketing...

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EP 83: The Service Mindset With Farnoosh Brock

Jan 24, 2019

Have you ever felt like the way sales are currently done is not aligned with how you want to show up?

Maybe doing sales the traditional way leaves you wanting to take a shower.

There is a better way! In this episode of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur, Farnoosh Brock the author of The Serving Mindset talks about how to move away from selling and into service. This is a perfect episode for you if you want to do sales differently from a place of love and connection!


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Key Takeaways:

  • Why selling from a place of service matters
  • How to sell from a place of love and compassion
  • What words to use when you turn down clients from a place of compassion and how to get to the point where you CAN turn down clients
  • Plus so much more! 


This episode is brought to you by: The BREAK The Feast & Famine Cycle Bootcamp

Grab a copy of The Book The Service Mindset by Farnoosh Brock


Other Resources For You: 

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