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The Importance of Entrepreneurial Teams - How to Cut Back on Your Hours with a Team You Can Trust

Jan 18, 2021

Maybe you are already running a team. You are keeping track of every day on everything they do. It might be still on you to make it all work. So then you are busy making sure that your team is doing every step according to plan.

But, has it ever crossed your mind how much of an impact it has on your coaching business when you consider the importance of an entrepreneurial team?

Underestimating the value of a solid team is what burnt out coaches don't seem to notice.

Would you still be able to have to create this tasty dinner your kids want every day if you have to work for your countless launches?

Imagine not knowing how important a thriving team is. It would be like saying: You don't know how your body works and what you need to eat to be healthy.

Is it more important to know how to create a team that you can trust? Or is it more to stay busy micromanaging your team the whole time?

Thriving impactful CEOs painstakingly know what a great team can bring to the table. For their...

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How to Build a Successful Entrepreneurial Team That Reduces Your Working Hours (EP #210: REBROADCAST)

Jan 18, 2021

Can you answer me this when it comes to successful entrepreneurial teams:


Have you ever seen a thriving coach micromanaging her team, because she can't really trust it? Has it ever crossed your mind to grow your team like you would grow a tree?


In this episode, Mariana talks about the right mindset and management needed for a successful team. All that, so you can cut back on your working hours and pay yourself back what you want.


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Key Takeaways for Successful Entrepreneurial Teams:

[01:30] Have you ever looked at mindset from this light for your successful entrepreneurial team? 

[04:17] This is how you build out the profit producing role clearly

[04:48] Why managing your team effectively is important and how to do it

[06:36] Have you thought about what huge expectations mean for the people you hire?

[07:15] This is why you want to have your mindset part down

[08:48] This is what...

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How These Solid Business Principles in Entrepreneurship will Help You Scale Your Business

Jan 11, 2021

If you are reading this, you are probably a hard working person. You may have left your 9-5 job. Or you have sold some or lots of one-on-one sessions already.

You are not a rookie to the online business side of things. So imagine if you only thought efficiency was the only business principle in entrepreneurship.

Think about how the world would have looked like if you tried to make your sales calls as quick as possible. This and other things, so you can have as many leads as possible going through them.

You might be thinking: " How is this going to work out? How do I know if I can get close leads in the first place?" And you are right.

That's why you want to ask yourself if you are still effective or not nowadays.

Burnt out coaches get into a position where the sales are coming in for their coaching sessions. But then they settle there. They try to make their calls and content creation systems as efficiently as possible.

It could cost them thousands of dollars if they don't do...

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How to Create Small Business Sustainability and The Common Problems People Are Facing to Get There (EP #209)

Jan 11, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about what you need to do in order to replace your one-on-one program with a group program and what you need to do to create small business sustainability. 


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Key takeaways for Small Business Sustainability:

[00:51] These things are keeping people from reaching their goals

[04:06] 2 Things you need to stop doing in order to sell more

[08:04] Biggest and most important change you can make

[10:58] The importance of adapting 

[13:37] It’s easier to make a sale if you do this

[15:35] What you need to have in order to have consistency in your business

[16:41] It’s always rough the first time, but the first time isn’t what’s important

[22:55] The experts curse and what you can do about it

[30:18] The difference between a course and a group program


Introducing a group program is the perfect way to scale up your business in a very...

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How To Run A Group Coaching Program that Easily Scales Your Coaching Business

Jan 04, 2021

Maybe you wondered how to run a group coaching program in your online coaching practice. Perhaps you created one already. If you were lucky, it brought you in just enough sales to break even.

"That's it," you probably thought. " I'm not doing any kind of group coaching anymore. What do they bring except for too much stress? My one-on-ones are working out just fine."

Burnt out coaches don't see what key advantages group coaching can offer them. Now they go back to serving one-on-one clients and think they can do that for the rest of their lives.

They don't realize though, what kind of costs this can have for their business and life. They might miss out on their children's birthdays the next weekend because their one-on-one clients need them

All that and more because they are stuck in their room trying to do ten one-on-one sessions, back to back to back with no breaks in between.

When you don't think group coaching will be any good for your business, imagine where your business will...

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Is Group Coaching Right for Your Coaching Business? Here’s How to Find Out (EP #208: REBROADCAST)

Jan 04, 2021

Have you ever wondered if group coaching is the right thing to do for your business? Maybe you thought it wouldn't be a good fit. 

Maybe you tried it out yourself. But then you didn't know why things didn't go the way you wanted.

In this previously aired episode, Mariana is sharing some of her past experiences with group coaching so that you have the information you need to make a decision.


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Key Takeaways for Is Group Coaching Right for Your Coaching Business:

[00:32] Is group coaching for you or not? - Things to consider before starting off

[02:01] Understanding the struggles will help you answer the question

[03:53] The amazing secrets behind charging premium-ish prices for your group coaching

[05:09] How these 2 tweaks will make your group programs guaranteed better.

[08:02] "If I don't do one-on-ones, can I still do group coaching?" - Here is the answer

[09:04] How to make the best out of...

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The Impact of Investing in Yourself: Qualities of Successful Investing for Coaches (EP #207: REBROADCAST)

Dec 30, 2020

Have you ever wondered what the best qualities of successful investing in yourself are? “Mindset”, you might say? Are you feeling bored, because you hear that everywhere you go?

What if I told you that there is more to mindset than you thought before?

"Was this coaching program the right choice?... My friends are telling me to stop my coaching career… What do I do with my client now? She is just not the right fit..."

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to tackle these questions and more. That will get you to work with the right mindset in your business.


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Key Takeaways  for Qualities of Successful Investing:


[01:06] How to deal with that didn't go the way you wanted

[03:05] The secret way of finding a solution instead of throwing money at it

[05:04] This is how commitment is one of the qualities of successful investing

[07:03] The amazing secrets about...

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How Are You Doing in Your Business Right Now? The Motivation for Business to Keep You Going No Matter What

Dec 23, 2020

One of my clients started having consistent money coming into business. She was getting the point where she feels comfortable with her bank account and being able to do things with her life.

There was temptation to stop doing marketing and sales marketing. Even though she was doing well, she was starting to lose the motivation for business.

Are you ready to get to that next level but you stalled out?

No motivation and don't know what to do next?

The solution to this is to expand to the next level. With expansion we can have this slightly uncomfortable feeling even though it is helpful to us and something we want to do.


What Happens When You Say “I Feel Stuck Financially”


When we’re about to move to the next level of our business we tend to have thoughts that are contradictory to where we’re going.

We might have misconceptions about what it means  if we have more money. What are we making that mean about ourselves? About the type of person...

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Stuck in a Financial Rut? Get Over that Plateau with These 3 Easy Tips (EP #204: REBROADCAST)

Dec 23, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about 3 tips you can use if you're finding yourself stuck in a financial rut and not motivated to keep going further in your business.


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Key takeaways for Getting Stuck in a Financial Rut:

[01:30] Preprogramming and why you need to get rid of it

[04:12] What are you gaining by staying where you are?

[05:23] Get out of your own head and into those that are where you want to be

[07:13] How to get see what you can’t in your own business

[09:59] Discomfort is the currency of our dreams


Are you in a financial rut? Getting stuck has a lot to do with your mindset. We’ve helped many of our clients get themselves out and continue to achieve their goals. Let us help. Apply for a consultation here.



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The Coach's Secret to Growing Your Audience with These Easy Facebook Algorithm Hacks (EP #203: REBROADCAST)

Dec 21, 2020

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you had Facebook algorithm hacks to make your life easier? Have you ever wondered how you can painlessly engage in posts? Or maybe you want to make your Facebook campaigns work?


In this episode, Mariana will give you answers to these questions and more, so you can use them to create your scalable sales systems.

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Key Takeaways  for Facebook Algorithm Hacks:

[00:12] How to post links the right way on Facebook

[02:35] How to get more viewers on your content with these Facebook algorithm hacks

[05:19] The powerful conversion secret about having genuine conversations

[08:54] This one Facebook algorithm hack to make the algorithm work for you  

[11:39] The coach's secret to making things fun and engaging for your followers  

[12:33] This is why Facebook isn't the only platform for your business


Do you want to become a master...

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