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3 Shocking Mistakes Why Businesses Fail for Coaches That are Fixable

Nov 16, 2020

Have you ever wondered why businesses fail inside the coaching industry? If you are a mom, have a job and also try to build a six figure business, you know how hard it can be. 

You don't want to spend time with your loved ones and give them the best care possible. But you also want to achieve your own coaching goals. "How is that even possible", you probably thought once. 

Burnt out coaches get tired from gurus that tell them to just work harder or longer hours. They tend to go into their business days and then do exactly that though. Or they might go back to their current corporate careers because it seems impossible to build a sustainable coaching business. 

But have you also thought about how things can look like ten years down the road with your thriving coaching business? Take a step back and compare that to where you are right now? 

Is it more important for you to keep doing what you have been doing or pursue your passion for coaching? What could you win...

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How to Eliminate the 3 Biggest Problems Faced by SMEs (EP #193)

Nov 16, 2020

You might have dealt with problems faced by Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). You were just trying to create endless content. Even if you managed to do it, your income didn’t go up. Gurus told you that being on all platforms is the way to grow your business, but then it didn’t work out for you again. Thriving coaches have been there at some point. Some had to deal with other problems to get to where they are now. In this episode, Mariana talks about these types of problems, so you can avoid those traps inside your coaching business.


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Key takeaways for Problems Faced by SMEs:

[06:01] Do you have the courage to use statistics to solve the problems faced by SMEs?

[08:45] What statistics are for and how to use them to your advantage

[09:41] What if I told you that you could make more money than 5 years ago with coaching online now?

[12:46] Among the problems faced by SMEs, this one...

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How To Stop Holding Yourself Back, Start Overcoming Procrastination, Indecisiveness and Perfectionism Today

Nov 11, 2020

Procrastination, indecisiveness and perfectionism are three things that can stop you cold in your tracks as a business owner.

While all different in their own way, they all stop you from getting the important work done in your business. They act like gatekeepers to a higher level of success. In order to reach that level we need to get past these three.

Today I want to share some tips for overcoming procrastination, indecisiveness and perfectionism.


Indecision and How to Stop Being Indecisive

Do I start with one on one program, group program, or maybe a course?

Have you ever been spinning in indecision? Your energy is dispersed between all of this indecision and you’re not making an actual decision.

Not making a decision is a decision.

When you don't make a decision you think it's safe, but in actuality you're wasting time by not making a decision. When you don't make a decision you don't get to reap the benefits of having made that decision.

The brain stem is part of...

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Strategies For Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, And Indecisiveness So You Can Get Out Of Your Own Way And Succeed (BONUS episode)

Nov 11, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about strategies for overcoming procrastination, perfectionism, and indecisiveness.  Learn how to finally make that decision you’ve been thinking about. Learn how to stop putting work off and get ahead of the game. Learn how to beat your brain and gain control of your thoughts.


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Key Takeaways for Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Indecisiveness: 

[00:50] Indecision - Making no choice is still a choice

[04:57] How get over it and finally make a choice

[07:04] Get past your procrastination and get ahead of the game

[11:15] The underlying issue that’s really causes us to hold ourselves back

[15:00] Your brain is against you. Don’t believe it.

[19:08] How I learned to love failure and why you should too


Getting over these three hurdles will propel you so far forward in your business. These aren’t...

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Sales 101 - The 5 Top Reasons Customers Buy

Nov 09, 2020

We’ve all been there. Your program is not selling. 

Maybe you’re struggling to get the sales on something specific in their business. Maybe you have a program you want to sell but they don't know what you need to do to get it to sell or why it's not selling.

Let me show you the 5 steps I go through when troubleshooting why the program isn’t selling as well as the top reasons customers buy.


Help! No One Is Buying My Products


Before we can think of solving the problem of why we aren’t able to sell our programs, we need to do some prework.

You need to have done your research. You’re messaging needs to be clear. Are you creating a solution to a problem? If you are, then are you communicating that clearly in your messaging?

I want you to realize that sometimes there's many factors that go into why a program isn’t selling.

I created a checklist based on my experience of launching a group program. I call it the Ultimate Group Coaching...

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5 Selling Strategy Examples That Could Turn Your Business Around (EP #192: Rebroadcast)

Nov 09, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about what you can do to help you sell your program when you’re struggling. She provides 5 tips you can implement right now to get more sales as well as selling strategy examples.


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Key Takeaways for Selling Strategy Examples:

[01:08] The ground work that needs to be set so you can sell confidently 

[02:22] Do you want to sell your service? Easy question, tough to answer

[04:44] Pricing 101 and why pricing lower isn’t going to help you get sales

[06:08] The easiest way get rid of the doubt in the back of your mind that's holding you back

[08:02] You think that you're doing enough of this, but you're not

[10:49] On average you need to this 5 -7 times before you can close a sale


Most of these tips can be used relatively easily and done by yourself.  However some things require a bit more of a guiding hand. We’ve helped many clients get...

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The Secret to Changing Your Mindset Around Your Sales Pitch Presentation

Nov 04, 2020

If you feel like you're undercharging, what is the biggest issue that’s coming up for you?

I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, but often people think that if they charge more, less people will buy.  And so let's talk about changing that mindset for a few seconds so that you can level up your sales pitch presentation. 

Read the following slowly - It is possible to market in a way that helps others. That will deliver a transformation for people so that you feel good about marketing and sales instead of feeling like a sleazy car salesman.

If you read on, you’ll walk away with a mindset shift that will be useful for you for the rest of your life...if you choose to take it on.


Are You Comfortable Making Cold Calls?

This topic is really important to me because I often see people undercharging for their services, thinking they can't make the money that they want to make, or they’re afraid to do sales calls and have that conversation about...

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3 Things You Need To Consider When Setting Your Coaching Packages Prices (EP #191: REBROADCAST)

Nov 04, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about coaching packages prices and what you need to do so you can charge a rate that benefits not only yourself but your clients as well.


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Key Takeaways for Coaching Package Prices:

[00:59] Why what your worried about doesn't matter when it comes to pricing, and what you really need to work on instead

[05:06] How everyone loses when you undercharge for your services

[10:03] The epidemic sweeping coaches across the globe

[11:27] If you can’t do it for yourself, or your clients, try doing it for this!

[20:35] Why it’s okay if you have less people buying from you


Being able to raise your prices as a coach is a lot of mental work. Mental work that doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve helped dozens of coaches fix their mindset so they can raise their prices with confidence and sell out their programs. Let us help you next. Apply for a consultation...

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How To Be Productive And Create Long Term Success In Your Business

Nov 02, 2020

In the current state of the world productivity is becoming more and more important for many people. With the advent of working from home it's become crucial to manage our time wisely, especially when it comes to our work days.

Today go through some tips that I use and show you how to be productive so you can get more done with your day.


Inside The Productivity Mindset 

 What is the most useful thought I can have regarding productivity?

It's not that I don't have any time. 

If you think you have no time you're going to continue to create “I don't have anytime”. You’ll create more stress and the frantic feeling that comes with not having any time. These are not the thoughts that are going to be in alignment with what you’re creating.

What is the thought that is going to support your goal of being more productive and being able to scale your business?

One that has worked very well for me is “Structure gives me freedom”. Having...

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Why Productivity Isn't What You Think and How to Get More Done in Less Time (EP #190: REBROADCAST)

Nov 02, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about productivity. She offers 6 tips that you can use to increase your own productivity to get more done during your day and what the productivity definition really is. 


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Key takeaways for Productivity Definition:

[01:10] You are what you eat, you are what you think

[08:12] Promises must be kept, including the ones you make to yourself

[10:16] Use this one principle to get more work done with less effort!

[15:49] Top level activities and you, the things only you can do

[19:43] Making the decision between family and your business

[25:52] Productivity does not mean always working

[27:06] I learned opportunity cost the hard way and lost $65k dollars


Mindset is a large part of your productivity. If you think you can’t do it then you won’t. Mindset is not something you can change overnight, but we can help with that. We’ve helped so many...

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