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How this Coach Made the Mindset Shift to Step into the Role of a Thriving Impactful CEO with Cassie Conroy (EP 185)

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Cassie Conroy about her experience in our Message Clarity program and how she was able to make a shift in her mindset and step into the role of a CEO. 


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Key takeaways for Case Study with Cassie Conroy:

[06:00] How the personalization she received in our program made all the difference for her. 

[10:00] How she successfully stepped into the CEO role and was able to hire a staff.

[13:00] How the shift in her belief as a result of our Mindset Mastery Program helped her exceed her financial goal for the year.

[17:00] How our Message Clarity Program helped her develop a sense of focus in her business.

[19:00] How she learned to turn down clients who aren't a good fit for her to work with.


Connect with Cassie Conroy:


Are ready to make the income and...

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How a Repeatable Sales System Will Generate Multiple Passive Income Streams

Oct 07, 2020

Have you ever been there yourself trying to build up your passive income stream? Doing launches but getting no results whatsoever? Often thinking:” I don’t know why my launch was bad.”? Maybe it felt rough, didn’t it? Perhaps you also thought that investing into those launches without a proven ROI is scary. 

Imagine, if you kept trying to learn how to drive a car yourself, without someone correcting your mistakes. Burnt out coaches, at this point, will either start to give up or they’ll take an honest look at what can be fixed.

I fully believe in transparency in my coaching business. That’s why I’m just as open to discussing my failures as well as my success. And that includes some of the mistakes that I made on my path to launching a six-figure group program.


The Difference Between Launching and Announcing a Launch

Burnt out coaches make the mistake where they just make people aware of their launch on their platforms and expect...

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The Secret to Changing Your Mindset Around Your Sales Pitch Presentation

Oct 07, 2020

If you feel like you're undercharging, what is the biggest issue that’s coming up for you?

I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, but often people think that if they charge more, less people will buy.  And so let's talk about changing that mindset for a few seconds so that you can level up your sales pitch presentation.


Read the following slowly - It is possible to market in a way that helps others. That will deliver a transformation for people so that you feel good about marketing and sales instead of feeling like a sleazy car salesman.

If you read on, you’ll walk away with a mindset shift that will be useful for you for the rest of your life...if you choose to take it on.


Are You Comfortable Making Cold Calls?

This topic is really important to me because I often see people undercharging for their services, thinking they can't make the money that they want to make, or they’re afraid to do sales calls and have that conversation about...

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Lessons Learned from Launching a 6 Figure Group Program (EP 184)

Oct 07, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about the lessons learned from launching a 6 figure group program. 


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Key takeaways for Lessons Learned from Launching a 6 Figure Group Program:

[01:00] There's a huge difference between launching and having a forum.

[02:30] How many launches it took to get to six figures 

[04:15] The critical keys for your business success moving forward

[04:45] Powerful techniques we teach in our programs: Go from selling one-on-one on sales calls and feeling burnt out to making six figures in one day

[15:00] Why are our thoughts important?


It’s totally possible to launch a six figure program and have consistent recurring revenue while only working 3 days a week? That’s what we do! Become a Thriving Impactful CEO and Apply for a free consultation here.


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How this Coach Embraced Sales and Skyrocketed her Business with Elke Feuer (EP 183)

Oct 02, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Elke Feuer about her experience with our Impact Formula Program and how she moved from not wanting to sell to loving being on sales calls.


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Key takeaways for How this coach embraced sales and skyrocketed her business with Elke Feuer:

[02:00] How she had the light bulb moment  as she immediately  discovered what she had  been doing wrong in her business as soon as she joined the program.

[04:00] How she overcame her fear around launching and was able to develop the processes and procedures for doing it effectively.

[05:00] How our Mindset Mastery program helped her move from not liking sales to always wanting to be on sales call.

[09:00] How that the level of genuine care and support she got from us in our program is second to none.

[12:00] How she has been able to put processes and systems in place that has enabled her to hire people in her company.


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The Difference Between Marketing Activities and Sales Activities in Coaching

Sep 30, 2020

At face value, this concept might sound simple. However, I often see struggling coaches leaning more into one or the other without having a full understanding of how they work together. What I want to do is really help you understand The Difference Between Marketing Activities and Sales Activities in Coaching and why the marrying of these two is absolutely critical for you to grow financially. This is especially important as you are scaling your business to become part of the 3 day work week movement while making multiple six figures in revenue.

So here's what I mean by this:

If you're not doing both, you’ll have missing links in your business and you're leaving money on the table. One does not replace the other. 

If you want to book clients this week, next week, and week after week, you want to have your marketing and sales systems dialed in.

Your marketing activity is: your message, what you say, how you say it, where you're posting and what you're doing to attract new...

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How to Get a Coaching Client This Week (EP 182)

Sep 30, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to get a client this week and some of the common mistakes coaches make. If you want to fill your programs, make a bigger difference, increase your income and decrease your work hours, this podcast is right up your alley. 


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Key takeaways for How to Get a Client This Week:

[01:00] The difference between marketing activities and sales activities. 

[03:00] If you don't know what you're selling, how can you sell?

[06:00] The common mistakes of selling a program

[09:00] What you need for your customer success journey.

[12:00] The step-by-step framework for sales and marketing success


If you want to succeed as a coach, make the impact you desire and really step into your role of the impactful, thriving CEO while working 3 days a week, join our 3 Day CEO Coach Schedule Workshop here.


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How This Coach Embraced the Community to Grow Her Business with Carol Ben-Davies (EP. 181)

Sep 28, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Carol Ben-Davies about her experience and the transformation she got while working with us at  Impact-driven Entrepreneur.


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Key takeaways for this episode:

[03:00] How the support she got from other members in the group helped her  learning and growth.

[04:16] How our message clarity program made a huge difference and empowered her to take the next step in her coaching business.

[05:00] How you can literally find whatever help you need to make multiple six figures in your business in our program.

[07:01] How she was amazed by the way she was welcomed when she joined our community.

[08:00] How seeing the impact other coaches in the community were making really motivated her.

[09:06] How our community gave her the privilege of enjoying the benefits of being with like minded individuals.

[14:10] How the authenticity in our program made it stand...

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How to Scale Your Coaching Business with the Profitable Impact Formula

Sep 23, 2020

Warning! If you're not ready to scale your coaching business to multiple 6-figures while working 3 days a week...Stop reading now. For those still reading, We hear you. This quarantine thing has gone on for far too long. And I don't mean that from a health perspective. I think it's what had to be done, we're in the middle of a fucking global pandemic. That is the situation that we're in. But I know many of you are tired. You're unsure if you can build your business in this time and you're losing motivation. You're exhausted from taking care of the kids and everything around the home. 


You may be wondering, can I really add this to my plate? 


And if that's you, I want to share with you how to scale your coaching business with the Profitable Impact Formula so that you can go into 2021 with your most successful launch ever, start scaling sustainably and have more time for life and kids.


Yes, it’s all possible.

 That being said, the doors to...

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What the Profitable Impact Formula Can Do For Your Business (EP. 180)

Sep 23, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about What the Profitable Impact Formula Can Do For Your Business. How does adding six figures with a group program while working 3 days a week sound to you?  


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Key takeaways for What the Profitable Impact Formula Can Do For Your Business:

[01:00] An opportunity for you to work on your sales mindset, your relationship with sales and your work relationship with selling.

[04:00] Why I am obsessed with adding 6 figures with a group program easy and effortlessly, they just seamlessly come into your life so that you can just work three days a week

[15:00] How would you feel if you could charge $20,000 for your services?

[19:00] The strategy that I have used to simplify everything. A four item daily to-do list so that you only have to focus on those four things.

If you’re ready to join a mastermind group of high caliber women in the industry and...

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