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Upscaling to consistent 5-figure months with Sara Loureiro (EP 143)

May 14, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Sara Loureiro about how she surpassed her corporate salary and hit consistent five-figure months in her first year of business. Not only that, but she did this while expecting a baby.

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Key Takeaways from Sara Loureiro:

  •  Sarah had done 5K months and fully booked out but wanted to take her business to the next level
  • The surprising thing that it takes coaches to get to the next level 
  • What surprised Sara the most about working with Mariana in The Impact Formula
  • The nuances when hiring help for yourself and what happens when you use the power of team
  • How sarah makes launching look like a walk in the park compared to most
  • How she got 800 new community members in just one month
  • How she doubled her rates as a coach while making it easier to book clients

Connect with Sara Loureiro:


Ready to ditch Frankenstein business and build a profitable, sustainable...

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How to Implement a High Ticket Coaching Funnel in Your Coaching Business

May 14, 2020

Think about something that you have joined either for free or for $5 or $10 and your level of commitment to that thing. How does your commitment change as that thing becomes harder and harder? So think about something that you wanted to do and you wanted to make a change in your life and it's difficult for you. You know that it requires effort. It requires work from you. The harder it is, the more money you would have to invest into it so that you can actually do what's required. That’s why the high ticket coaching funnel is important for your clients to get the result you want for them. This is because when you've paid $10,000 versus if you paid $10 your commitment level will change. And it's only because we're human. It's not because you've done something wrong. It's not a lack of motivation or lack of drive. It’s just that you have less skin in the game.

So that's the same thing that happens with our ideal clients. And so the difference between consuming a free video,...

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6 Myths that burnt out coaches believe (EP 142)

May 13, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about common beliefs and misconceptions that are causing coaches to burn out in their business and how to fix them so you can become a thriving impactful CEO.

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Key Takeaways for 6 Myths that burnt out coaches believe:

[04:00] You can Learn too much and it doesn’t help as much as you think

[12:49] The price for success isn’t an arm and a leg.  It’s not even close

[17:24] Many struggling coaches thing THIS is more noble but its actually not

[22:28] Marketing trends and fads are fleeting. This is what you should be focusing on instead

[26:21] Why the ‘right’ time never comes in your business

[34:36] Imposter syndrome and what you can do about it

[39:51] 5 Differentiators that seperate those that thrive and those that struggle

[44:27] 6 switches you can flip that will move people through the customer success journey


Ready to beat the burnout,...

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How this multiple 6-figure business owner took the weight off her shoulders with Cheryl Hatch (EP 141)

May 08, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Cheryl Hatch about her experience working with us in The Profitable Impact Formula Group Coaching program. Find out how she went from being stuck in Maintenance mode and spinning plates to actually getting back to growing her business and spending more time with her family

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Key Takeaways from Cheryl Hatch:

  •  How Cheryl went from doing nothing but spinning in place to making meaningful strides in her business
  • The real difference between Mariana’s program and other’s doesn’t even come from Mariana herself
  • Accountability, the unsung hero of success
  • How to learn from everyone in a group program, and not just the coach
  • The importance of mindset and why you need to work on it now
  • Hiring help, even if you can’t afford to
  • Making the hard choice between family and growth in your business

 Connect with Cheryl Hatch:

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From thinking she would never hire anyone to running a team that she can trust with Heather Doran (EP 140)

May 07, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Heather Doran about the mindset shifts she needed to take to go from thinking she would never hire anyone to running a team that she can trust.

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Key Takeaways from Heather Doran:

  • The soul crushing realization after climbing to the top of the corporate ladder
  • Doing everything that she needed to do and it just wasn’t working
  • Her Rebel personality and the unique challenges it brought her
  • Taking her business to a totally different place and being happy about it
  • How she finally got over herself and started hiring people to help her out in her business
  • Why it’s never about the money
  • Alcoholics Anonymous - Canva Style
  • How people keep themselves stuck in business with their own habits
  • Growing along side your business and why that’s important
  • The irony about how people live their lives and run their business

Connect with Heather Doran:

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The Proven Formula for Building a High Ticket Coaching Funnel (EP. 139)

May 05, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about building a high ticket coaching funnel, even if you think that you aren’t worthy enough to charge higher rates. This high ticket coaching funnel is going to be a key part of your formula for building an impactful coaching business.

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Key Takeaways for The Proven Formula for Building a High Ticket Coaching Funnel

[00:33] Struggling coaches and burned out coaches think reducing their rates is the way to get more clients but this strategy backfires. 

[02:09] Why coaches miss out on the opportunity to create value by transforming a person’s life.

[02:42] Discounting services causes coaches to miss out on this important skill.

[04:23] Impactful coaches know that high ticket offersing allow their clients to get better results and that high ticket through a group format is the best way to do this because you’re able to uncap your income.

[05:01] To sell a...

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How this traveling mom managed to go from one to 8 clients in one month with Elizaveta Boals (EP 138)

Apr 30, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Elisaveta Boals about her experience in the Profitable Impact Formula. Elizaveta went from struggling to find clients to finding clients with ease while traveling with her family.

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Key Takeaways from Elizaveta Boals:

  •  Going from the struggle of find clients to getting clients with ease while traveling with her family
  • What surprised and delighted Elizaveta about our group
  • How she fought the urge to reject everything you learn and and just hide 
  • Getting out of your own way so you can be successful
  • Why you should never accept anything at face value and what you should be doing instead
  • The real difference between wishing for ANY client to choosing the type of client to work with
  • How she was able to bring in 8 new clients within 1 month
  • Being the kind of role model that her daughter could look up to setting a good example for her

Connect with Elizaveta Boals:

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How this therapist helped people all over the world and doubled her rates with Obehi Alofoje (EP 137)

Apr 29, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Obehi Alofoje about how she not only started to reach an international audience, but also how she doubled her rates. A certified therapist, Obehi is now also a contributing writer for Psychology Today. 

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Key Takeaways from Obehi Alofoje:

  •  Went from hosting webinars no one showed up to, to writing for Psychology Today
  • Obehi joined the Profitable Impact Formula with business partner at the same time
  • Realizing the true value of having weekly calls to attend and the accountability that it provides
  • Gaining the understanding of KPIs and why they are so important when building your business
  • Using the Profitable Impact Formula as a reference, like a dictionary rather than a course.
  • Failure isn’t what you think it is and how to get yourself to think about it in a helpful way
  • What you need to know if you want to Double your coaching rates 
  • Why the size of your...
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Striking gold: 3 Clear cut strategies for success in a coaching business (IDE EP. 136)

Apr 29, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about three clear cut strategies for success in a coaching business. These three things could very well be the make or break in your coaching business - do you have them in place?

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Key Takeaways for Striking gold: 3 Clear cut strategies for success in a coaching business:

[02:46] How to make sales on a consistent basis

[04:10] Many online business models are not set up to make sales daily or weekly

[05:08] Struggling coaches are attracting freebie hunters who are not ready to buy and how to avoid this

[06:23] How to effectively get clients from social media

[10:06] Why you need to have a customer success journey and how to set one up

[10:53] How to convert clients on a larger scale without having to be on the phone all day

[12:35] Success is both this and strategy. You need both to succeed.

[17:02] How to set up a sales system on social media

[19:21] Creating intentional content...

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From Overwhelmed to Capable with Allison Fab (IDE EP. 135)

Apr 27, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Allison about how she went from overwhelmed to capable and confident in her coaching business. Through working with Mariana, Allison has increased her overall business income by over 50%. She has gained clarity and simplified her business so that it is serving her without stress by bringing in a consistent flow of income from clients.

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How Allison went from Overwhelmed and Struggling to Confident and Capable:

  • Before working with Mariana, Allison was burning herself out
  • She needed help but the fear of hiring someone was overwhelming to her
  • Mariana made coaching seem simple and doable
  • Having been in other coaching programs and groups, Allison was delighted with the generosity that Mariana provides.
  • The way that Mariana has shown up for her clients, is a really good example of how Allison can show up for her clients.
  • Bringing the business building and the mindset is what sets Mariana apart.
  • Mariana also brings...
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