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How this coach embraced mindset for her life and business with Vanderly Arnold( EP 177)

Sep 14, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Vanderly Arnold about her experience in going through our Message Clarity Program and how it has revolutionized her business and positively impacted her personally.

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Key takeaways for How this Coach Embraced Mindset for Her Life and Business with Vanderly Arnold:

[01:34] How the program made her understand what it means to be an entrepreneur or a CEO.

[03:53] How she figured out who her niche is.

[05:55] How the program provided her with not only the motivation and inspiration but also tools and systems for implementing what she learned.

[11:23] How the program made her think bigger and made her see the importance of high ticket offers.

[12:32] The surprising level of personal relationship and the library of resources she got in the program. 

[14:55] How she was able to get 4 ideal clients by implementing what she learned in the program. 

[17:25] How going through the...

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How to Sell High Ticket Coaching Packages

Sep 09, 2020

If you are a coach who strives to provide a deep, transformative impact to your clients but still feel exhausted because you’re trading every minute of your day for money, then you have landed on the right page.  The coaching industry is one of the most profitable in the world, yet when we do the numbers, many coaches are not actually making the money that they want, or even losing money because they are trying to match their prices with the average prices of the industry.  One of the things that is really important for a coaching company that's trying to scale and grow, is to make sure your prices are appropriate for your market. This is why I’m so excited to share my tips on how to sell high-ticket coaching.

By being that high-ticket leader in your niche, you can:

  • Attract high-quality clients into your coaching business
  • Enjoy working with less people
  • Have more time to focus on your clients
  • Provide better results!

Finding Your High-Ticket Coaching Niche


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How to Create a Signature Coaching Package for Your Coaching Company

Sep 09, 2020

You’re doing 1:1 coaching but you're burning out. 

You’ve tried scaling with courses or groups programs but they haven't created that consistent revenue for you to finally drop down on your 1:1 practice and reduce your working hours while increasing your revenue. It’s The Coaching Dream. But how do you get there when it feels like you’re stuck in the coaching nightmare? If that's not bad enough, hiring contractors have cost you more than what you made on your launches and you’re basically back at square one. 

I want to help you fix some of these problems so that you can have a 3-day work week while making six figures a year. 

How? You ask. 

By helping you create a Signature Coaching program!

You can run a thriving, impactful company and not be burnt out. You can have a coaching company and be a great mom. 

The key to getting there is to structure your business to work for you. 

But to achieve this you’re going to have...

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How to Retain and Transform Your Clients with Virtual Coaching Sessions (EP 176)

Sep 08, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks all about how to successfully run virtual coaching sessions for client retention and transformation.

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Key takeaways for How to Retain and Transform Your Clients with Virtual Coaching Sessions:

[01:08] What coaches DON’T focus enough on

[02:57] How to structure calls to create client retention as well as transformation for your clients

[03:56] The first thing to look at if you want to uplevel client calls

[06:27] The common patterns we see in group programs  

[08:17] Steps and actions for the end of a coaching call and after

[09:13] Do you go on Call or video chat?

[11:37] How to go beyond the virtual coaching environment 

[13:04] 5 Types of group programs 

[19:06] What determines how your group program fills up and what your revenues are

Want to know exactly what to do to REALLY Uplevel your services and grow a group program in your business to create more...

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How this coach embraced messaging to refine her vision with Tabitha Liburd (EP 175)

Sep 07, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Tabitha Liburd about  her experience in Message Clarity and how that has impacted her business. 

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Key Takeaways for How this coach embraced messaging to refine her vision:

[02:13] How she overcame her struggles with content creation.

[07:21] How the coaching model made it easy for her to connect with other participants and also receive support from them.

[09:50]  How she was able to connect more to her ideal client avatar.

[12:09] How the program boosted her confidence level.

[16:13] How the program drastically reduced her anxiety and empowered her to go out and start earning. 

[18:30] Why you should not talk yourself out of this program once you know that you need it.

[20:33] How the program helped her understand how to talk to her customers at the different stages of their customer success journey.

Connect with Tabitha Liburd:


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How to Upsell, Downsell, Cross sell in Your Coaching Business

Sep 01, 2020

Imagine making revenue on the back end of your coaching program and fostering relationships with customers who keep coming back for more without having to wait for your next launch to fill the bank.  Coaches often put all their energy into the success and profit’s of a single launch and miss out on the opportunity for long term sustainable growth that can be achieved by implementing strategies like upsell, downsell, and cross sell in their coaching business. So in this blog I want to share how you can capitalize on the thousands of dollars literally in front of your face right now and make money even after the doors close for your coaching program.

So let's get into it.

But first, what is an upsell? 

An upsell is simply another offer that you pitch to the people after they bought from you. It's typically a little higher in price.

Let's say somebody joins your group program, the upsell could be a VIP day with you or a done for you service. 

A fun thing about...

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The signature coaching program that makes 6-figures working 3 days a week (EP 174)

Sep 01, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about the signature coaching program that makes 6-figures working 3 days a week. Even if you have kids at home and think you don’t have time to do all the things.

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Key takeaways for The Signature Coaching Program that makes 6-figures working 3 days a week:

[01:04] How to finally cut back on those work hours

[02:05] You can run a thriving, impactful company and not be burnt out.

[03:50] What are the beliefs that are driving you?

[04:12] The decision that I made to get to a six figure program

[05:06] Questions to ask yourself when creating a program 

[06:55] The program we recommend to scale your business with

[10:40] The only thing you need to start filling your program.

[12:03] My personal framework for the profitable impact formula is...

Ready to scale and cut your work week in half with a perfect signature program for your business? Register and save your seat for the...

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CASE STUDY - How this coach embraced the systems and made back her investment in one month with Shana Hartman (EP 173)

Aug 31, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Shana Harman about her experience and progress in working with our Profitable Impact Formula Program- including how she made back her investment in just a matter of days. 

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Key Takeaways for How this coach embraced the systems and made back her investment in one month:

[02:54] How she started having consistent and repetitive success in her coaching business. 

[03:41] The change and shift she made that closed the conversation gap.

[06:45] How she instantly got access to the information and materials she needed and began implementation without spending a ton of time onboarding. 

[07:48] How she recouped her initial investment in a matter of days.

[12:54] How working on her mindset around upselling helped her get 2 continuing clients that paid her $3,000 and $8,000 respectively within 2 months.

[17:42] The seemingly insignificant things that made the highest impact on...

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3 Ways to Know Your Coaching Packages Prices Are Right For Your Market (EP 172)

Aug 26, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about the three ways that you can determine if your coaching package prices are right for your market. 

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Key Takeaways for How to Determine The Right Your Coaching Packages Prices for Your Niche Market:

[01:28] How you might actually be losing money on coaching packages.

[04:34] How we help our clients to have three day work weeks

[05:13] Making sure you're hitting the online marketing

[05:37] The beauty of selling high-end.

[06:23] The three things to make sure your pricing appropriately

[08:42] The art of high-ticket selling. 

[09:37] Many of our clients have been able to double or triple their rate, by doing this one thing

[11:51] How to do fewer phone calls, have a higher conversion rate and make more money.

[12:38] If you're getting the right people on calls but they're not closing, you should do this.

[13:15] What to do if you've exhausted the marketing and the sales...

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How to Write Your Suave Unique Selling Proposition

Aug 25, 2020

Your brand messaging is important because if you use the right words to talk about your offer you’ll be able to double your rate without price resistance and make it nearly impossible to sell a $1 item. The point of having a Suave Unique Selling Proposition is the difference between the thing in the dollar store that you’re not picking up vs the thing you are willing to pay $200 for.  How you talk about your item (product or service) and how you present it is everything. 

So let's talk about some of the things that are going to allow you to have a message, a stance, and a suave unique selling proposition that will convert for you. 

Business Fundamentals

I see a lot of coaches focusing on tactical things like which platform they are going to be on, brand colors, and having the perfect brand photos when instead the focus needs to be on the messaging. 

How are you going to talk about what you do? 

Messaging is one of the fundamental pieces...

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