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How to Use a Beta Launch Plan For Your Group Program

Oct 19, 2018

Presell your group program before you completely build it out.

I know that this sounds counter intuitive and completely crazy. You're going to feel unprepared. All the “What if…” questions come up and you're not sure about anything. That’s perfectly normal and okay.

If you are coaching someone one on one, are you going to have everything planned out before you start coaching them? Probably not.

Why would you put the pressure on yourself to do that in a group setting?

I've seen many people try to create all the content for their group program before they go out and sell it only to find out that the idea doesn’t sell. 

Nothing has been validated and now they lost all the time they spent creating a program that doesn't sell. To avoid this you should create a beta launch plan.

Creating a group program can be intimidating, but I’ve done it plenty of times before. So I created the FREE resource that I call Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. I...

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Validate Your Idea First and Learn How to Launch a Group Coaching Program while Creating it Along the Way (EP #71)

Oct 10, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about the dos and don’ts of what you need to do to validate your program and how to launch a group coaching program. 


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Key takeaways for How to Launch a Group Coaching Program:

[01:05] Do this before you create your entire program

[03:36] The worse case scenario for your launch

[05:06] The art of doing a beta launch

[06:27] Don’t don’t everything for a beta, but you do need this

[08:04] Making the time to create it as you go


Ready to create a program that you know is going to sell? We have helped clients not only create their programs and have it validated but also scale up their business to 6 and 7 figures. Let us do the same for you! Apply for a consultation here.


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Going Above and Beyond with Effective Coaching Techniques

Sep 21, 2018

Coaching is not an easy job

However there are somethings that you can do to make it not only easier for yourself but make it so that your clients have a the best possible results

Effective coaching techniques are important but there’s so much more to it than that in order to see long lasting success.

Get Clear On Your Coaching Strategy

Before anything else there is one thing you need to have in place in order to succeed

  1. Have Clarity About What Transformation Your Program Offers

Once upon a time before the current reincarnation of the business. I didn’t put much emphasis on the sales side. I just wanted to do the service. 

Since rebranding to the Impact Driven Entrepreneur, I have come to the realization that we need to sell and market in order to help more people. Once you make this mindset shift you’ll feel good about promoting your program.

Be clear about the transformation your program provides but even more so be confident in that transformation...

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5 Key Elements of a Successful Group Program (Ep #68)

Sep 17, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about the five key elements of a successful group program. As well as leadership traits and how you can keep bettering yourself as a coach.

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 Key takeaways for leadership traits needed for a successful group program:

[01:15] The insane amount of students that dropout of online courses and what you can do to avoid that from happening

[02:12] Clarity and how to confidently go to market with it

[05:41] You need this to stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from your “competition” 

[07:03] The edge group programs have over online courses

[08:37] Is coach training really needed to be a coach?

[15:05] How to set up your clients up for long term success

Ready to stop trading dollars for hours? The Profitable Impact Formula is ready to take you there. Schedule your complimentary consultation after you go through the steps outlined in the Ultimate Group...

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How to Start Defining Your Ideal Client And 3 Ways to Attract Them and Only Them

Aug 15, 2018

Not everyone is going to be right for your program.

And that's okay. We don’t need to get everyone to join our program. We only want our ideal clients, the ones who are going to work well with us.

How do I make sure that the people who join my group are all aligned? 

How do I make sure they aren’t people who are going to drain me?

What is my intention for the group?

Today I’ll share some strategies to make sure that the people who come into your group are the clients you want to work with. You want to make sure they are aligned with what you want and as well as if they’re someone who the  people in the group would benefit from.

But before all that let us go onto defining your ideal client.

Define What Is An Ideal Client For You

  • What is that you want? 
  • What is it that you actually want this group to be like?
  • Who is the person that would be perfect for the group?

You need to be aligned yourself, you have to identify what it is that you want...

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Work with Only Your Favorite Clients From Now On By Attracting the Perfect Customer (EP #63)

Aug 13, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about attracting the perfect customer to your business. What you need to so you get the right people for your programs and stop getting those that don’t fit 

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Key takeaways for Attracting The Perfect Customer:

[01:40] The first thing you need to do in order to get your perfect customer

[03:56] Essential skill you need to develop for attracting the right kind of customers

[06:36] If you really want to make sure you have the right customers then do this!

[11:03] The sales funnel and you, what you need to do to make it easier for them to buy

[14:05] A word of warning when you filter

[17:03] Quality vs Quantity in your coaching business

Are you tired of attracting the wrong people? Are you ready to start getting clients that are ready to do the work? Would you like all your clients to be your dream clients? We can help. Apply for a consultation here.

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Set Yourself Up For Success with These Pre launch Marketing Checklist So You Can Have a Bigger and Better Launch

Aug 06, 2018

If you’ve ever done a launch then you know how stressful it can be.

Ask yourself how can I get ahead of the launch enough so that I can do this pre-planning and create the runway at all? Because If you're not already creating a launch runway then this is going to be huge for you.

However, you need to do it at your own pace. You gotta walk before you can run. If you don't have a funnel that has ever worked for you then that's your #1 goal.

After you get that down then we can start to optimize it, by adding a runway and more intricacies.

My goal here is to create something of a pre launch marketing checklist for you.

Creating a launch runway is about how you’re going to nurture them and how you’re going to get them ready for your launch. This way when the launch comes up then it’s a no-brainer for them to opt in. Instead of their eyes glazing over and not opting in and not joining your launch funnel.


The Biggest Goal With Your Pre Launch Strategy


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Pre Launch Campaign Ideas: 4 Secrets to Get People Eagerly Waiting For Your Next Launch (EP #62)

Aug 06, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about pre launch campaign ideas and steps that you can take before your launch to give you the best possible launch. 


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Key takeaways for Pre Launch Campaign Ideas:

[01:30] You gotta take it slow, one step at a time

[03:17] How to have people ready and waiting for your program doors to open

[07:13] My personal challenge to you

[09:32] What you need to do with your content leading up to your launch

[12:02] Are you training your audience to ignore you?

[15:48] Be everywhere, or as close as you can be

[18:40] What you want vs what you actually have


A successful launch requires a proven strategy. We have that strategy and we have helped successful coaches launch with that strategy time and time again. If this is something you want to implement in your business, we invite you to. Apply for a consultation here.


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The Secret Behind Creating a Group Coaching Format That No One Can Resist!

Jul 02, 2018

In the information age there are hundreds of thousands of coaching programs online. Standing out and being unique is a good way to start separating yourself from the rest. It is imperative that when creating your group coaching format that it is absolutely irresistible or it simply won’t sell.

Your offer is the biggest reason why people buy because it explains to them what they’re going to get when they join your program.


How To Create A Group Coaching Program

I was on a podcast once and the host asked me a few questions. “What do you think are the key aspects of someone selling? What are the few most important things for something to sell?”

My answer is that there is only one thing that matters, your offer!

The reason for that is your offer is the culmination of everything.  It is where you and what you’re offering meets your people.  It is where the solution that you’re providing meets with your people.

That is everything!

If we...

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Group Coaching Framework (EP #57)

Jul 02, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about what you need to consider when creating your group coaching framework. Find out how to make your program stand out and become something that cannot be missed.


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Key takeaways for Group Coaching Framework:

[04:22] The only thing that matters when you want to sell your program

[05:20] Go from regular program offer to absolutely irresistible with these tips

[07:53] Nail your messaging so they know exactly what your offering

[10:01] If your anxious about what you’re offering, This will help

[11:26] You’re both a lawyer and a scientist in your business, find out how to utilize that to the fullest


Ready to take your program to the next level? We’ve helped hundreds of clients create high end programs that their clients could not help but enroll into. Could you be next?  Apply for a consultation here.



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