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3 Streams of Income You Need to Have in Your Business So You Can Increase Your Earning Potential and Serve More People

Aug 06, 2019

Here’s the thing…

Relying on a single source of income is tough. Think about that like holding down a 9-5 day job. You make a set amount of money and that’s it. You’re not even guaranteed that money working 9-5 as a business owner. If we’re entrepreneurs there’s very little reason for us to rely on a single income source.

One of the perks of being a business owner is that we have the opportunity to create multiple sources of income for ourselves, all within our own business. There are 3 types of income that you can bring in. With the Thrive business model I recommend you have all 3. 

We’ll go over why you want to implement all three of them, what they are and some common mistakes I see in the online space.


Why Is Recurring Revenue Important?


First of all, the 3 tiered Thrive Business model allows you to capitalize on the different levels of service that you can provide your client.

As a service provider with the effort...

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This is Why Your Passive Income Product Isn’t Selling and Why You Need to Have Multiple Streams of Income to Your Business (EP #110:REBROADCAST)

Aug 06, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to create multiple streams of income for your business and why it benefits both you and your customers. She mentions her experience with passive income and the most common mistake people make when trying to implement them.


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Key takeaways for Multiple Streams of Income:

[05:06] How to get the freedom from your business that you really want

[06:35] A common problem when introducing multiple revenue streams 

[08:10] How you can help everyone with more revenue streams

[08:49] The three tiers of income you need to have in your business

[11:38] What you can do to start implementing the thrive business model


I’ve helped my clients create multiple streams of revenue for their business. Introducing a group program can be huge for your business and your time. I believe it’s a great way to scale up in a sustainable way. If you’re ready to...

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EP 108: How To Grow Your Audience Even If You Don't Consider Yourself One Of The "Cool Kids"

Jul 25, 2019

Growing up, I didn't consider myself to be one of the 'Cool Kids' and building an online business in an industry where there are way cooler people out there really affected how I showed up.

That is why, over the course of the years, I have been doing some work on rewriting some of these stories I have been telling myself for many, many years now. This is actually a part of the curriculum we are going through right now with one of my programs called Mindset Mastery.

Now if you are like me who doesn't feel like you fit in or doesn't feel "Cool" or are not that Social Media Savvy, I wanted to let you know that you do not have to let this hold you back from getting out there and making the impact you were meant to make in this world.

In this week's episode, I talked about the biggest shifts I made to get out of my own way and grow a following of over 21K people and helping clients all over the world to build businesses that create consistent recurring revenue.

Main takeaways:


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How Can I Make 30k Fast? The Income Generating Activities You Need to Be Doing and The Mindset Needed to Make it Happen

Jul 16, 2019

We just created 84k in the last 4 weeks in our business and this will be a rundown of what we're doing to make that happen. That's where this idea came from.

Many think that this feat is impossible for them and I want you to know that it’s not. Mathematically it’s very doable for any that’s been in business.

I’m going to show you how to make 30k fast, in about 10 weeks with only 3 hours of time a week in your business.


Income Generating Ideas


Challenge launching is a strategy where you go from selling one on one to one to many. This is great if you have an audience or are trying to grow one.  If you're trying to get multiple people into your program at one time.

One of the biggest problems from people who do these launches is they don’t make money in between launches and that’s why i'm bringing you this strategy right now.

We need to use sales activities to compliment your launches.

This is something you can do for a group...

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Give Me 3 Hours of Your Week and I’ll Show You How to Make 30k Fast in Your Business and The Mindset You Need to Pull it Off (EP #107)

Jul 16, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about the mindset you need to have if you want to know  how to make 30k fast in your business. The simple math behind it and why it's really not as far fetched as you might think.


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Key takeaways for How to Make 30k Fast:

[02:19] Why you can't rely on launching alone

[03:52] How to make money in between launches

[05:00] Get comfortable being uncomfortable

[07:02] Introduction to Marketer Math

[10:45] Welcome to the wonderful world of outbound sales

[12:30] The biggest problem everyone has with their social media following

[13:56] the sales cycle and why you need to know where your clients are at


Mindset is so important and it's vital to the success of your business. We have helped many people get out of their own way and that six figure mark. Let us help you next. Apply for a consultation here.


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EP 107: How to Make $30K in 3 Hours a Week This Summer

Jul 16, 2019

Summer's here! It is that time of the year again where most of us are strapped for time and our productivity levels spiral down. I understand that many of you are really strapped for time as your kids are home for the summer or you are just really wanting to enjoy - like who doesn't, right? It happens to me too. Just last week, my kids were home between the holidays like from the 4th of July until they started camp this week and around these times, my productivity was low.

When this happens to you, you have to have a very clear plan and focus on the income-producing activities of your business.

And so, this week on the podcast, I did a special summer episode for you where I broke down the exact strategy that my team and I used to make $84K in just 30 days. I also discussed the step-by-step process on how I would actually go about this so that it would be doable for you to get to $30K this summer by working 3 hours a week.

Main takeaways:

[03:13] Retroactively looking at the numbers...

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How To Give Yourself Peace of Mind After Leaving The Career You Went to School For

Jul 09, 2019

A lot of emotions come up when you think about leaving the career you went to school for.

Most of the clients I work with have bachelors or masters degrees. These people are highly educated. Maybe they climbed up the corporate ladder and became a professional in the upper echelon of a company.

Many of you are high achievers and worked on this goal for a long time. Leaving that environment is causing some shame, guilt and pain for you. And that’s completely unnecessary.

Try to think differently about the situation. 

Move forward and step into the role that you were meant to have 

Anytime you’re looking at the past, and thinking about what should have been you’re not moving to where you want to go. Steeping in those feelings can actually have you moving backwards.

Let go of the pressure cooker that is the thoughts causing these painful emotions. Anxiety, shame, guilt, are all unnecessary and only serve to weigh you down. 


Dealing With Your Mind

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Feeling Guilty About Leaving Your Career and Degree Behind? Learn How To Make Peace With It And Move Forward (EP #106: REBROADCAST)

Jul 09, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about the feelings that come from not working in the career that you went to school for and how  to deal with them.


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Key takeaways for Not Working in the Career You Went to School For:

[03:58] Everything happens exactly as it should

[05:19] What most people think success is, but it really isn't

[08:00] Consider how you’re looking at this

[09:36] Introducing the Intrapreneur

[12:50] Let's talk about the elephant in the room

[19:03] The past is in the past

[20:14] Dealing with your friends and family

[24:11] What if you’re being recruited?


Your thoughts and mindset are so essential for your success in business. Growing your business while you’re constantly feeling guilty is next to impossible. I’ve helped many clients get over this hurdle and can do the same for you. If you're having problems with your mindset then please apply for a...

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EP 106: How to Make Peace with Not Working in the Career You Went to School for

Jul 09, 2019

This episode is for you if you are an entrepreneur who is no longer working in the career you went to school for. We cover...

  • How to view your entrepreneurial venture in a way that serves you
  • How to think about any student debt that you may have in a way that serves your long term goals
  • How to handle recruiters or job opportunities that may come your way 

Plus so much more!

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Join the community of impact-driven experts who are creating impactful businesses just like you: ImpactDrivenEntrepreneur.com/community

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Tips to Fill Your Program Completely So You Need an Online Waitlist

Jun 25, 2019

There’s always something you can do to set yourself up for a better tomorrow. 

Building a waitlist is one of those things. It might not seem like a big deal at first glance but it’s critical to creating a consistent recurring revenue for you and your business. 

A woman who has been in business a long time has done everything under the sun to sell her program. But she couldn't not get completely sold out of her program.

I want to share with you this story so you know who to get sold out, build a waiting list and why we need to have an online waitlist. 


Product Launch Tactics So You Can Fill Your Program


First of all, her pricing was not aligned.

This happens very often. More often than you might think.

If you're finding that it's hard to sell your program, a lot of the time it's because your pricing is not aligned. You subconsciously don't want to sell it because it's either that it's too high and you're afraid you're not going to be able to...

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