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How to Build a Waitlist for Your Coaching Program (EP #104: REBROADCAST)

Jun 25, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about having a waiting list for your program. Why you must have one and how to go about implementing it so that your clients feel like they are getting value even on the waiting list. 


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Key takeaways for How To Build A Waitlist:

[00:51] The two sides of pricing your program and what really needs to happen so that you can sell it 

[02:54] How a single sheet of paper can alter the course of your business

[04:55] Where to go when you don't know what to do

[05:43] Avoid this one mistake I made and create a strong pipeline for yourself

[07:51] Multiple ways to go about building your waiting list


Before you build your waitlist you need to first have your program full and have people waiting to buy from you. We’ve helped many people reach this stage in the past, let us help you next.  Apply for a consultation here.


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How to Scale Your Coaching Business With Passive Income

Jun 19, 2019

Let's consider your reason for starting an online coaching business. More money, more time, and less work. However, all too often we get stuck trading dollars for hours and the business that was meant to be our dream career has become a nightmare job. As service-based online entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through the work that you do long term, this doesn't have to be the case. If you know how to create a passive income, you'll be able to have that consistent recurring revenue coming in even when you decide to take a few days off.

When we talk about working less and earning more you need to look at how your time and earnings are being divided between the three types of income.


How to Create Cash Flow and Leverage Your Income

If you want to learn how to create cash flow, you need to know the types of income.

For this we teach what I call the Thrive Business Model. It’s like a tripod. Each leg is a source of income for your business.


Your High End One on...

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The Definition Of A Great Coach Is Not What You Might Think It

Jun 19, 2019

What is the definition of a great coach?

Most coaches give you a framework that you can use to get to where you want to. Most coaches offer accountability as well. Most coaches are going to do everything in their power to make sure you reach your goals.

Great coaches are able to help their clients without compromising their own time and energy. They’re not concerned with doing things the right or the wrong way. They know that worrying about that doesn’t serve anyone.


Why Is Planning Important For Coaches


How to think about things in terms of whether you want to do things that are “right”.  You don’t want to make any mistakes or do anything “wrong”. You want to do the best things, do the things you're supposed to. I know this struggle a lot, I'm just like you.

I grew up working to get good grades, both my parents were professors. I was told to get good grades, do things right, get an A and anything less was unacceptable. It...

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It’s Not Always About the Best Practices in Coaching and Mentoring (EP #103)

Jun 19, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about why you shouldn't be worrying about getting things right when you build your business and some of the best practices in coaching and mentoring that you can use for yourself. 


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Key takeaways for Best Practices In Coaching and Mentoring:

[03:41] The Harsh Reality of Being an Entrepreneur And The Difficult Transition One Must Make 

[04:46] Do This If You Want Your Business To Stand The Test Of Time

[09:08] Entrepreneurship Is Not A Piece Of Clothing, There Is No One Size Fits All

[11:06] Why Right Is Not Actually Right And What To Do If You’re 

[12:19] The Subtle Art Of Journaling And Dumping Out Your Brain


Changing your habits and your mindset so that you aren’t constantly worried about doing something right is not something that you can do overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort. We’ve helped hundreds of people...

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Stop Finding the Wrong Solutions to Your Problems and Actually Start to Solve Them with These Problem Solving Techniques

May 28, 2019

Problem solving is not only a valuable skill to have as a business owner but for life in general. It's important that we know how to solve problems and different problem solving techniques. However even knowing all this there is still one thing we must remember.

One of the most important things for you to understand as a business owner is that you will always have problems. This is a good thing though because this means you and your business is alive.

Some people come to me and say “Once I make X amount of money then I won't have any more problems.”

I have been a consultant for a multi million dollar company and they still have problems. The difference is they are better at problem solving and don't make drama about it. They can move through things very quickly without making it mean something else completely unrelated.

The reality is you will always have problems.

The problems you have now will be different from the problems you have when you make more money. No matter...

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Problem Solving Process - Stop Solving Your Problems with the Wrong Solutions and Creating More Trouble For Yourself (EP #100)

May 28, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about her problem solving process and the things you need to be able to do of so you can solve any problem in your business .


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Key takeaways for Problem Solving Process:

[00:45] There's always going to be problems, and that's a good thing.

[02:12] How to tell the difference between any problem that comes up

[04:35] Math Vs Emotion

[10:40] The 2 things you need in order to solve any problem in your business

[13:29] Experiment, Experiment, Experiment


Are you having trouble solving the problems in your business? Having this skill to solve any problem is invaluable. Whether you have issues with your mindset or your business knowledge, we can help you work on that. Apply for a consultation here.


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Should You Put Out an Online Coaching course or Run a Coaching Program?

May 03, 2019

In the online coaching space there's two main ways to serve your clients. You can either put together a course and have them work their way through it by themselves at their own pace, or you can work them and offer guidance while they are on their journey. More specifically I’m going to be comparing putting out an online coaching course vs running a group program. Most view group programs as a course that is delivered with self study videos, a few coaching calls, and lasts about the span of 6 - 8 weeks.  What most don't know is that group programs can be so much more than that. Group program can be very high end programs

There are two types of group programs. High end programs, and Low end programs.  When I say low end I mean lower investment and a shorter time frame.  Group programs can be very high end.  

We have people in our program that spend $20,000.

How I Came to the Decision to do Group Coaching

In the past I had put together courses and found...

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Do I run a group program or a course? (Ep. 99)

May 02, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about what it's like to run a group program vs putting out a course.  Find out how she fell in love with group programs and why she now champions the model and teaches it within The Profitable Impact Formula

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Key takeaways for Do I run a group program or a course?:

[04:33] The absurd amount of people that never make it through an online course

[05:41] The real questions you need to be asking yourself when creating an online program or course

[09:43] The secret way you're going to be making more money with a group program vs an online course.

[11:57] The untold truth of the birth of the impact formula and how it went from its infancy to where it is today

[15:05] Providing lifetime access to your program is a mistake and this is why

Ready to take your business to the next level?  Do you want to reach a level that you only dreamed of before? Join us in our upcoming coaching...

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How to Fill Your Group Program with High End Clientele

Apr 10, 2019

A high-end group coaching program can really build the sustainable, recurring revenue model that you as a coach or consultant is looking for. Imagine making multiple six-figures, while only working three days a week. This is all attainable when we work towards high-end programs. And so in this post I want to share with you How to Fill Your Group Program with High End Clientele.

Group programs allow you to replace that one-on-one income by serving 10 or more clients at the same time. And when you're selling this higher end program, you're then creating not only the financial freedom, but also time freedom. 

This is an amazing opportunity for those of you that have a whole lot of life going on. Yes, I'm talking to you Mothers and Fathers. 

If you’re not sure if your group program is ready to be filled with High End Clients? Take our quick 6 question Stages of Business Assessment here.

Let’s get down to how we're going to make this happen.


Creating an...

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Build a Six Figure Coaching Business Without a Giant Audience

Apr 05, 2019

Having more people in your group program isn't always best. Most people think that you can’t have a six figure coaching business without having an audience to match. I want you to know that this is wrong. You can break through the magical six figures with a smaller group. Having a white glove service can be very lucrative for you. By using this method it becomes very possible to hit six figures.  A white glove service also provides a service that makes the biggest impact for clients. You can help clients more if you don't have to service 200 people at the same time. High end coaching will yield better results. Now that you have clients with bigger, better results that creates a positive cycle for yourself.

Get The Most Out of Your Clients With High End Group Coaching

Ask yourself, what would make the difference for you in your life?  Let's say you’re trying to lose weight.  Imagine buying one of two courses.  One course being $1000 a month and another...

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