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What Criteria to Consider When Hiring and Growing Your Team with Sara Loureiro

Feb 03, 2022

Building a team that is going to support you and your business can feel like climbing a mountain. As the CEO of your business, it is very important that you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to ensure that you are hiring the right team member for the role at the right time.


In this week’s friend chat episode, I had a lovely chat with Certified Business Coach, Sara Loureiro, about our own experiences with hiring and growing our team and also some advice for interviewing and qualifying candidates for certain roles in your business.


Key Takeaways from What Criteria to Consider When Hiring and Growing Your Team:

[02:45] Some criteria to know when to hire people in your business

[05:07] Hiring people can help holding you accountable for your own responsibilities as a business owner

[08:21] Why it is necessary to shift yourself around the responsibilities within your business as the CEO

[10:16] Some situations where hiring at the wrong time may be...

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Embracing Imperfections and Getting Out of the Messy Middle with Allison Fab

Jan 27, 2022

At one point or another in our lives, we’ve been in the messy middle. It is when you think and feel that nothing is going right in your life and you feel insecure and can’t put your best foot forward. If you are currently in this situation where you feel like you are at your lowest, just remember that there is no other way but up. 


Today, I am with Allison Fab, life & business coach and consultant, to discuss our fair shares of imperfections and messy middles and some ways that can help you overcome them and continue showing up for yourself and your business.


Key Takeaways from Embracing Imperfections and Getting Out of the Messy Middle:

[02:40] Examples or common things people think are imperfect or not good enough

[04:20] The fine line between apologizing from a good place and a negative place

[06:47] How you can start recommitting instead of continuing feeling the guilt and shame

[09:47] Some ways that can help you embrace your imperfections and...

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Using Sales Systems to Create Repeat Revenue in Your Business with Obehi Alofoje

Jan 20, 2022

No sales system ever is pristine and perfect. My dear friend and client, Obehi Alofoje of Aurora Wellness, has joined me today to chat about the different ways you can get your own sales system up and running and create repeat revenue for your business.


Key Takeaways from Using Sales Systems to Create Repeat Revenue in Your Business:

[02:31] Different ways you can create repeat revenue for your business

[09:27] How to create a super simple sales system

[12:01] The most common mistake of the online marketing space

[17:05] What is a sales management system

[17:50] Ways of keeping track of your sales

[20:53] No system is ever perfect

[25:21] How to create a sales system that’s fit for your business


Watch the Full Interview Here:



Connect with Obehi Alofoje:




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The Effects of Digital Marketing on Sales with Kara James

Jan 13, 2022

A lot of things have changed in the digital marketing space in the last year. One moment, ads are in, and the next, it’s all about organic strategies. 


I have met with the incredible Kara James of Pursue and Thrive Business Coaching to get updates on the newest most effective trends and effects of digital marketing on sales.


Key Takeaways from The Effects of Digital Marketing on Sales:

[02:06] Why building connections are more effective than hard sell strategy today

[03:41] Networking groups as a way to make sales

[06:00] How Kara grew her Facebook group with a good lead magnet

[10:32] Secret to high-level sales strategy

[17:15] Using an evergreen content bank in your business

[20:02] How LinkedIn works for Kara for selling


Watch the Full Interview Here:


Connect with Kara James:

Pursue & Thrive website

Strategic Advisor Board website


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How to Handle Sales Objections and Rejections with Carol Ben-Davies

Jan 06, 2022

Sales is not for everyone. Even just hearing the word sales can trigger anxiety and stress to some people. However, if you choose to be in the entrepreneurial world, sales is non-negotiable regardless if you see yourself as a salesperson or not. 


My dear friend and client, Carol Ben-Davies, Dean of College Bound Determination, has joined me in sharing with you our real experience in handling objections, dealing with rejection in sales and moving through that as entrepreneurs.


Key Takeaways from How to Handle Sales Objections and Rejections:

[01:58] What 2022 looks like for Carol business and mindset-wise

[04:36] What is means for clients if they choose not to work with Carol 

[07:56] Selling is helping

[12:02] Why the term selling has a negative connotation to it

[19:43] Facing objections in sales


Watch the Full Interview Here:


Connect with Carol Ben-Davies:




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What is the Importance of Market Research to an Entrepreneur with Kori Tomelden

Dec 30, 2021

The number one reason why businesses fail is because of the lack of need and demand of the product or service. Around 40% to 50% of businesses fail because of this particular reason. If there is no need for what you’re offering, then you are not going to sell it. This problem can be solved by doing market research.


Market research is not a one-time thing only. This is why we try to incorporate this in our teachings inside the Impact Formula and encourage people to do this at least once every six month.  If you are about to launch a new product or a course and don’t do the market research first, then it is like spending your time trying to execute on an idea that has nothing to grab its teeth onto and wasting your creative energy.


Key Takeaways from Importance of Market Research to an Entrepreneur:

[02:54] How the angle at which you do market research is going to determine your results

[05:12] Some examples of market research

[08:46] What is the scope...

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How to Create and Sell Courses with Nicolya Williams

Dec 23, 2021

The process of creating your course is a tedious one and requires you to devote a lot of your energy and effort. So, how do you go about starting to create one, and more importantly, finishing it? What is an effective way of selling your courses?


In this virtual coffee chat session, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Nicolya Williams who shared with us how she has successfully created multiple courses and also making profit out of them.


Key Takeaways from How to Create and Sell Courses:

[01:54] Process of creating your course online

[04:12] Some beliefs that will help to stick with your commitment to finish creating your course

[11:36] How to sell multiple courses and other offers online

[12:43] Reframing your mindset towards selling

[14:16] Micro niches and how it works for Nicolya and her business

[18:24] Vertical vs. horizontal organization


Watch the Full Interview Here:


Connect with Dr. Nicolya Williams:





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How to Develop The Discipline of Writing a Book and The Creative Process with Elke Feuer

Dec 16, 2021

Authors and creative people in general run into so many of the same struggles and challenges where they have mindset issues, blocks, or the face undying question of “is this good enough?” with their art. 


The creative process is such a messy process and is not always linear. A lot of writers get stuck in the process of thinking that everything must go according to plan and that everything must be perfect or that they have to be fully ready before they start writing. The truth is, you don’t. You just have to start doing it anyway because this process is such a huge learning curve of everything -- from writing, editing, or publishing, and so the sooner you start, the better.


This week for my virtual coffee chat, I did a deep dive about writing and the creative process with fiction book coach and CEO of Caywriters, Elke Feuer.


The Creative Process: Process of Writing a Book

The creative process actually starts with you actually thinking about...

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The Things They Didn’t Tell You About Failure in Entrepreneurship with Penny Jones

Dec 09, 2021

Do you think that there’s such a thing as failure in business? Not for my dear friend and previous client, Penny Jones of PK Business Consulting, and I totally agree. I’ve had such a lovely coffee chat with her about failure in entrepreneurship and how you can get back up if you ever find yourself failing. 


How to Avoid Failure in Entrepreneurial Business


There are no failures in business. All these mess ups are supposed to happen and are moving  you towards the direction that you are either divinely guided to do or to a higher version of yourself. It is here as a gift to you if you are willing to receive that gift.


Entrepreneurs practice and strengthen their resilience muscle whenever they are faced with failure in business. Just like any muscle in our body, this will need to be exercised and developed for it to eventually get stronger. 


Reconditioning your mind in the journey of entrepreneurial failure is also essential in...

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Creating Measurable Financial Goals For You and Your Business with Heather Doran

Dec 02, 2021

Can’t believe it’s already December! Some of you must be setting your 2022 goals already by this time. I have seen a lot of people become overwhelmed and stressed about setting their financial goals, frequently asking themselves, “Am I doing this right?”, “Will this work for me?”, or even, “What if I don’t achieve this?”.


I had a very insightful conversation with Heather Doran, a business finance and money mindset coach, about how to set measurable financial goals in your business while removing the negative feelings towards it.


Short Term vs Long Term Financial Goals


Heather explains whether a person chooses to create either short or long term financial goals is linked to how normally their brains think and the patterns they’ve learned throughout their lives.  Some are comfortable with big dreams and looking at the whole picture while others are more comfortable with very specific and detailed...

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