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How to Create Premium Coaching Packages (EP #91)

Mar 20, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to create premium coaching packages and what that looks like in your coaching business.

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Key takeaways for Premium Coaching Packages:

[01:17] Mindset is everything 

[02:00] Rome wasn’t built in a day, your business won’t be either 

[04:55] Knowing your own energy and mental capacity

[06:33] How to create consistent recurring revenue for yourself while doing what's best for your clients

[08:56] The customer knows what they want 

[11:40] Don’t forget the little things, it's all in the details

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How Much Should I Charge For Coaching?

Feb 14, 2019

Setting the price for your coaching packages and programs has always been a bit of a problem. 

There is this notion in the online space that you must over deliver. For many people that looks like severely under charging or charging ridiculous amounts of money that is impossible for your clients to pay. Neither of which are very appealing options.

We’re going to navigate the troubles of both undercharging and over delivering and figure out how much should I charge for coaching.


The Two Biggest Problems In Pricing

When we talk about undercharging you can’t ignore over delivering. They are part of the same conversation. In order to undercharge you have to over deliver, if you’re over delivering then you are undercharging as you can’t undercharge without over delivering.

I’ve seen people charge 100k dollars for a coaching program. Personally I've never bought a 100k coaching program so i can't tell you if that was worth it or not. However I know...

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How To Price Coaching Packages So That Everyone Wins (EP 85)

Feb 14, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about the dangers of both overcharging and under delivering, and the real things we need to keep in mind when figuring out how to price coaching packages.


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Key takeaways for how to price coaching packages:

[02:19] Two sides of the same destructive coin - Undercharging and over delivering a short story

[03:30] Why Undercharging doesn't actually help your clients at all and the issues it brings up

[06:00] The not so obvious drawbacks that happen when you undercharge for your service

[07:57] The price of your program was never the problem, use this to sell it out!

[09:28] You don’t need certification, degrees, or 

[12:02] The real dangers that happen when you consistently over delivering for your clients


 A Lot of mental work needs to be done to get past the blocks that make us undercharge and over deliver for our services. Let us help you get past...

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others And Launch Your Group Program

Feb 13, 2019

You're a coach. You're running a personal brand. You are trying to get this work out into the world. There's a part of you that's like, “Yes, this is so great. I'm gonna make such an impact. It's gonna be amazing.” And then there's another part of you that's silently like what if it doesn't help people? But this person over there is doing it right and you get re-targeted on all the ads, you know what I mean? Now, I want to show you how to stop comparing yourself to others and launch your group program. Are you in? Then read on.

Even when you're like, yeah, but so and so has a program on it. And their program is bigger. And they have, like, 1000 members. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that or whatever your brain is telling you. It’s still not enough reason for you to give in. And so just because someone's program is bigger than yours does not mean it's better.

It just means there's more people who bought. What does that really mean? It means their marketing...

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Psychological Sales Tricks Used In Superbowl Commercials and How You Can Use Them In Your Own Business (EP #84: REBROADCAST)

Feb 06, 2019

In this episode, Mariana talks about the Superbowl commercials from 2019 and the psychological sales tricks they use to get inside your head. 


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Key takeaways for psychological sales tricks:

[01:54] How marketing works

[03:02] What Google can show us about dopamine 

[08:38] Mercedes tapping into a fundamental human need

[13:03] Storytelling with Verizon

[21:46] Washington Post knows what they’re really doing

[25:52] Mistakes were made with Amazon and Alexa

[29:44] T-Mobile knows exactly 

[34:19] A lesson in NLP with Sketchers


I help my clients grow and scale their businesses in a sustainable way by implementing a group coaching format. If you’re ready to stop trading dollars for hours and are ready to start leveraging your time then a group program is the way go. If you think we’d be a good fit then please apply for a consultation here.



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How To Use The Same Psychological Triggers in Marketing That The Biggest Companies Are Using For Superbowl Commercials

Feb 06, 2019

Did you know?

We always absorb and consume marketing all the time! A lot of what happens in marketing is psychological.

If you aren't well versed in how the psychology of things work, then you aren't even aware of what's going on and what’s happening behind the scenes. 

Especially these commercials because they all have thousands and thousands of dollars that each company is paying for to create and air a one minute long commercial. They’re very well planned out and have a lot of psychological effects layered in there in a very methodical way.

I want to show you what some of the psychological triggers in marketing they're using and show you how you can use them in your own marketing.


The Psychology Selling Techniques


The Google translate Commercial

They showed the google phone and the lady asks google to translate something for her

Basically it showed some heartwarming scenes with some beautiful music about people of different cultures interacting with...

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How to Increase Your Results Without More Work

Feb 03, 2019

Imagine revving up your car engine and believing that alone will automatically translate to you getting to your destination just because the engine is doing more work and burning more gas. But as funny as that is, that is exactly what burnt out coaches do when they believe that more work will instantly lead to more results in their business.

However, they usually end up frustrated when their experience is on the contrary. This article is about how to increase your results without more work, but by changing how you show up in your business.

This strategy can increase your production by 100-500% with no additional input. However, your mindset plays a very important role in your overall business success and how you show up in your business.


How Align Your Mindset for Business Success

Your business success depends on how you can manage your brain. That is why we always include complimentary access to Mindset Mastery in all our programs. The aim is to teach you how to align your...

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EP 83: The Service Mindset With Farnoosh Brock

Jan 24, 2019

Have you ever felt like the way sales are currently done is not aligned with how you want to show up?

Maybe doing sales the traditional way leaves you wanting to take a shower.

There is a better way! In this episode of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur, Farnoosh Brock the author of The Serving Mindset talks about how to move away from selling and into service. This is a perfect episode for you if you want to do sales differently from a place of love and connection!


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Key Takeaways:

  • Why selling from a place of service matters
  • How to sell from a place of love and compassion
  • What words to use when you turn down clients from a place of compassion and how to get to the point where you CAN turn down clients
  • Plus so much more! 


This episode is brought to you by: The BREAK The Feast & Famine Cycle Bootcamp

Grab a copy of The Book The Service Mindset by Farnoosh Brock


Other Resources For You: 

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Five Beliefs That Allowed Me to Scale My 1:1 Practice (EP 78)

Nov 26, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about 5 mindset shifts that will help you with your business scalability. 

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Key takeaways for Business Scalability:

[04:15] Create more time for everything you want to do in your life

[08:40] The reason group programs are the best programs

[15:40] You can have more of an impact if you have this one ingredient

[20:15] What you need to do to make sure everybody wins - business, clients and all.

[24:34] Online businesses don’t work, run one of these instead!

Ready to take back your time and start spending more of it with your family? Tired of the feast and famine cycle? Ready to start your own group program?  Let us help! Apply for a consultation here.


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The 5 Keys to Scaling A Business

Nov 25, 2018

The mind is a powerful thing. It can either work for you and against you.

If you're finding yourself in inaction or not taking full advantage of the resources available to you then I encourage examining your thoughts and beliefs.

What are your thoughts?
What are your beliefs?
Who do you believe you are?

Remember to be kind to yourself while asking yourself these questions.

You have full control over both these things. Even if you might not think you do. And these beliefs are crucial for you to scale your business.

Today I want to share with you the 5 beliefs that are key to scaling a business.

How To Build A Successful Coaching Business

Time is a funny thing. We seem to have time for some things and not for others. The first belief you need to change in order to be successful is...

1. I have more than enough time for everything that I want to do.

This is always true. Right now it may feel like you don't have any other options. But let me ask you a question.

Is it important to pick up...

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