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Pre Launch Campaign Ideas: 4 Secrets to Get People Eagerly Waiting For Your Next Launch (EP #62)

Aug 06, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about pre launch campaign ideas and steps that you can take before your launch to give you the best possible launch. 


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Key takeaways for Pre Launch Campaign Ideas:

[01:30] You gotta take it slow, one step at a time

[03:17] How to have people ready and waiting for your program doors to open

[07:13] My personal challenge to you

[09:32] What you need to do with your content leading up to your launch

[12:02] Are you training your audience to ignore you?

[15:48] Be everywhere, or as close as you can be

[18:40] What you want vs what you actually have


A successful launch requires a proven strategy. We have that strategy and we have helped successful coaches launch with that strategy time and time again. If this is something you want to implement in your business, we invite you to. Apply for a consultation here.


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The Secret Behind Creating a Group Coaching Format That No One Can Resist!

Jul 02, 2018

In the information age there are hundreds of thousands of coaching programs online. Standing out and being unique is a good way to start separating yourself from the rest. It is imperative that when creating your group coaching format that it is absolutely irresistible or it simply won’t sell.

Your offer is the biggest reason why people buy because it explains to them what they’re going to get when they join your program.


How To Create A Group Coaching Program

I was on a podcast once and the host asked me a few questions. “What do you think are the key aspects of someone selling? What are the few most important things for something to sell?”

My answer is that there is only one thing that matters, your offer!

The reason for that is your offer is the culmination of everything.  It is where you and what you’re offering meets your people.  It is where the solution that you’re providing meets with your people.

That is everything!

If we...

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Group Coaching Framework (EP #57)

Jul 02, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about what you need to consider when creating your group coaching framework. Find out how to make your program stand out and become something that cannot be missed.


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Key takeaways for Group Coaching Framework:

[04:22] The only thing that matters when you want to sell your program

[05:20] Go from regular program offer to absolutely irresistible with these tips

[07:53] Nail your messaging so they know exactly what your offering

[10:01] If your anxious about what you’re offering, This will help

[11:26] You’re both a lawyer and a scientist in your business, find out how to utilize that to the fullest


Ready to take your program to the next level? We’ve helped hundreds of clients create high end programs that their clients could not help but enroll into. Could you be next?  Apply for a consultation here.



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How to Manage Time Wisely as the CEO of Your Coaching Company

Jun 13, 2018

Work less and earn more.

This is the dream. To have more time to spend with our families. The entire reason we start our own businesses in the first place.However all too often we get stuck trading dollars for hours and become a slave to our own businesses. This doesn’t have to be the case.If you know how to manage time wisely, you're able to work less and earn more.

When we talk about working less and earning more you need to look at how are my time and earnings being divided between the three types of income.

Know Your Types of Income So You Can Learn How to Leverage Income

I call it the Thrive business model. It’s a 3 prong business model, think of it like a tripod.  Each leg is a source of income for your business.

  1. One on one coaching

This is your dollars for hours type of income. You’re trading your time for money.  This is an important part of your business and you don't need to completely remove it.

However if you want to work less you will need...

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How to Create Multiple Streams of Income with the Thrive Business Model (EP 54)

Jun 11, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about the multiple streams of income you can create in your business with the Thrive Business model.

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Key takeaways for How to Create Multiple Streams of Income with the Thrive Business Model:

[00:46] The three types of income, explained 

[03:15] Story about explaining challenge launches 5 times

[06:11] They types of questions you need to be asking yourself when building your program

[08:25] How to avoid building a Frankenstein Business 

[10:48] The power of your thoughts, and why group programs are actually not any less efficient

[11:57] The hidden benefits of group programs and how it benefits your clients

 Do you want to add another source of income to your business? Are you ready to stop trading dollars for hours? Start your own group program in just 5 days! Register here for a FREE group coaching experience and create your own group program

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How to Grow Your Social Media Followers Even When You Don’t Feel Like It (EP #53: REBROADCAST)

Jun 04, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to grow your social media followers. 


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Key Takeaways for How to Grow your Social Media Followers:

[02:13] What do they want right NOW?

[04:08] Make the decisions you don't want to make

[05:14] How to find out exactly where your clients are coming from

[08:53] 0 to 30k followers in a year and a half

[11:54] How to shift your mindset and choose your thoughts 

[14:34] How I plan out my content for the next 3 months

[16:07] How to fix that gap in your schedule that happens more often than not


Growing a social media following is going to take some time and effort. This isn’t something that’s going to happen over night. I’ve seen it with all the clients I’ve worked with. If you think we’d be a good fit together then please apply for a consultation here.


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The Mindset Shift You Need to Make in Order to Stop Getting in Your Own Way and Increase the Income and Impact of Your Business

Apr 23, 2018

Imagine the world's best supercomputer…

Imagine it working against you. Everything it’s doing is with the sole purpose of sabotaging you and your business. What would you be able to do in this case?

Now imagine it working for you. Everything it’s doing is for the sole purpose of seeing you succeed in your business. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The good news is that the supercomputer is your brain and your mindset. The bad news is that most people have it working against them. Today I want to show a few tricks to have a mindset shift that will have it working for you instead of against you.

If your mind was indeed a supercomputer then you’d have no issue running a group program. Fortunately you don’t actually need to have one to get a group program going. All you need to get yourself started is my Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. A FREE resource that has everything you need to know when creating and launching your own group program.



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Are You Holding Yourself Back? Learn How To Shift Your Mindset So You Can Increase Your Income and Impact (EP #49: REBROADCAST_

Apr 23, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about mental blocks and 3 shifts you need to make in order to take your business to the next level.


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 Key takeaway for shift your mindset:

[01:44] Failure doesn’t mean what you think it means

[04:37] Business doing $100k aren’t doing this and it’s a problem

[06:37] Get over sales with this one mental shift

[08:09] Everything coming full circle 


Mindset is critical to your success in business. Our minds can be our biggest obstacle when it comes to reaching our goals.  How I’m able to help my clients reach 5 figure business is by assisting them past these mental blocks. If you need further help with your mindset then I invite you to apply for a consultation here.


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How to Maximize Profit: 5 Tools You Can Use to Create Consistency in Your Income

Apr 16, 2018

Income is important. Money is Important. Revenue is important. 

As much as we want to help people with the services we provide, pretending money isn’t important is only going to cause us more problems in the long run. As business owners we need to know how to maximize profit. I want to show you how with 5 tools using a very specific example.

I want to talk about Megan. Megan is a Website designer and struggling to have the time to service her existing clients. It takes her about 1 week to service each client going straight at it from beginning to end. 

Right now she is earning about $3000 to $4000 a month but her goal is to get to $7000 a month. Her income is consistent but not consistent enough to bring in a VA to help.

As she's going and moving people through the sales process, what happens is some people are hot and cold. They’ll be excited at first and say that they want to do this, they're ready to get their website designed. Then all of a sudden they'll...

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Ditch the Overwhelming Workload with These 5 Secrets and Make More Money While You’re at It! (EP #47: REBROADCAST)

Apr 16, 2018

In this episode, Mariana talks about a specific client she was helping, Megan. She talks about how she can get past having an overwhelming workload and reach her new monthly income goals.


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Key Takeaways for Overwhelming Workload:

[02:46] Meet Megan

[04:50] Pricing and how to get over the fear of raising it

[08:47] How to stop having clients abandon you mid way through the sales process

[11:30] Hit the ground running when you get new clients using this system

[13:10] How to bring it some help for you business, even if you can't afford it

[16:20] Everything they told you about passive income is wrong


Done being stopped by an overwhelming workload? We’ve helped many clients scale their business and reach their income goals without sacrificing all their time to their business. Will you be next? Apply for a consultation here.


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