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Striking gold: 3 Clear cut strategies for success in a coaching business (IDE EP. 136)

Apr 29, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about three clear cut strategies for success in a coaching business. These three things could very well be the make or break in your coaching business - do you have them in place?

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Key Takeaways for Striking gold: 3 Clear cut strategies for success in a coaching business:

[02:46] How to make sales on a consistent basis

[04:10] Many online business models are not set up to make sales daily or weekly

[05:08] Struggling coaches are attracting freebie hunters who are not ready to buy and how to avoid this

[06:23] How to effectively get clients from social media

[10:06] Why you need to have a customer success journey and how to set one up

[10:53] How to convert clients on a larger scale without having to be on the phone all day

[12:35] Success is both this and strategy. You need both to succeed.

[17:02] How to set up a sales system on social media

[19:21] Creating intentional content...

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From Overwhelmed to Capable with Allison Fab (IDE EP. 135)

Apr 27, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Allison about how she went from overwhelmed to capable and confident in her coaching business. Through working with Mariana, Allison has increased her overall business income by over 50%. She has gained clarity and simplified her business so that it is serving her without stress by bringing in a consistent flow of income from clients.

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How Allison went from Overwhelmed and Struggling to Confident and Capable:

  • Before working with Mariana, Allison was burning herself out
  • She needed help but the fear of hiring someone was overwhelming to her
  • Mariana made coaching seem simple and doable
  • Having been in other coaching programs and groups, Allison was delighted with the generosity that Mariana provides.
  • The way that Mariana has shown up for her clients, is a really good example of how Allison can show up for her clients.
  • Bringing the business building and the mindset is what sets Mariana apart.
  • Mariana also brings...
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How to Embrace Mindset to Find Your Identity and Confidence as a Coach with Ingrid Owens

Apr 25, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Ingrid Owens about her experience in the Profitable Impact Formula. With experience already in the online business world, Ingrid was looking to make a career shift. Her background is in marketing and she knew that she could leverage that. But, in order to do that she needed to embrace the mindset to find her identity and confidence as a coach.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Even with a background in marketing, Ingrid had not yet embraced her identity as a coach, in this episode she shared how she turned this around and what results were possible.
  • The a-ha moment that ingrid had around her mindset that changed everything
  • How to catapult your results EVEN if you can’t afford a high end 1:1 program
  • Where to get everything you need to grow and scale your business to multiple 6-figures

 Connect with Ingrid Owens:


Are you ready to embrace your identity as a thriving, impactful...

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Upscaling your coaching practice to scale beyond 6-figures (IDE EP. 133)

Apr 21, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to upscale your business so that you can attract dream clients into your coaching practice who want to pay premium rates for your services. 

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Key takeaways for Upscaling your coaching practice to scale beyound 6-figures:

[03:03] This one mistake that struggling coaches are making is costing them to lose too much money.

[09:33] From Shabby to Chic, what is upscaling really?

[14:21] What you need to start scaling your business, $100K is just the foundation.

[20:00] Learn How To Confidently Charge Up To 60k For Your Offer.

[22:26] Scaling fast doesn’t mean working faster.

[24:40] How to lose the clients that won’t do the work and how to get the clients that are going to make it all worth it.

[30:41] Your Specialty Is Not So Special, how to make upscaling work in any niche.

[32:07] If you can’t find your high-paying ideal clients, this is how...

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How to crystalize what you want in your life & business with Linda Babulic (Episode 132)

Apr 15, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks to Linda Babulic about how to crystalize what you want in your life and business. Now that the majority of the world is in quarantine, it’s a perfect time to get clear on what you want.

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Key takeaways for how to crystalize what you want:


  • How to make the most out of the current state of world affairs.


  • How to bring back joy into your life.


  • Powerful strategies to help you to get closer with those you truly care about right now.


Plus so much more!


Connect with Linda Babulic:


Want support in growing a profitable impactful coaching business? Apply for a consultation here.


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How to hire an effective virtual team for your coaching business (IDE Episode 131)

Apr 08, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to hire an effective virtual team for your coaching business. She credits this to being the secret to breaking free from feeling like you are tied down in your business and like people in a J-O-B have more freedom than you do. Click the play button below to tune in.

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Key Takeaways for How to hire an effective virtual team for your coaching business:


[2:45] The beliefs that keep most struggling coaches stuck when it comes to hiring and growing a team.


[4:22] The aspect of building a sustainable coaching company that you cannot ignore if you want to build a sustainable business.


[4:48] How to choose your next hire. It’s not what you think and this tip alone will save you thousands.


[6:07] How we screen candidates to make sure we are getting the best team members and put them into the right roles in the business.


[9:25] What to do before your team member...

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The Signature Program Blueprint: Your North Star Program (IDE Episode 130)

Mar 30, 2020

In this episode Mariana talks about using a Signature Program Blueprint that she calls the North Star Program. This is the key to taking one program and turning into a 6-figure profit machine.  Which builds the foundation for your coaching business. 

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Key Takeaways For Your North Star Program:

[01:06] If you think you are an entrepreneur that has too many ideas, you must listen to this.

[05:27] This is the thing that successful coaches know about packaging a signature program.

[07:06] What to consider to deliver your signature program

[08:29] The birth of the Impact Formula.  How I came up with my own personal Signature Program Blueprint.

[10:50] Why I don’t recommend a “Course” as your North Star Program.

[11:34] What really matters and the most important thing to keep in mind when you come up with your Signature Program Blueprint.

[15:00] A house is only able to be lived in if it has a furnace. ...

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7 & 8 Figure Messaging For Your Coaching Business In 2020 With Danielle Cevallos (IDE Episode 129)

Mar 29, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about with Danielle Cevallos about how to create 7 & 8 figure messaging for your coaching business in 2020. Given the state of current affairs globally we must be able to adapt our messaging to meet our client’s needs and continue to grow and scale our businesses. This conversation will help you to do just that!

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Key takeaways for 7 & 8 Figure Messaging in 2020:

  • How to set yourself apart as you continue to grow and scale your coaching company in a crowded marketplace. 
  • The three things you must do right now (during the current pandemic) to keep your audience engaged and buying your services. 
  • The counter-intuitive and extremely effective strategy you might be overlooking.


Danielle Cevallos is the owner of Firebrand Communication Strategies where she helps 7 + 8 figure CEOs build iconic brands.


You can connect with her further on her podcast Firebrand Radio.


This episode is...

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Frankenstein Business (IDE Episode 128)

Mar 24, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about the importance of understanding the foundational business principles that are based on evidence-based business practices and how you can use these to propel you forward no matter what's going on. 

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 Key Takeaways For Frankenstein Business:

[02:28] Why struggling coaches stay stuck for years even though they have taken all the courses and even applied them!

[03:29] What will make businesses truly sustainable, no matter what is going on in the economy.

[03:31] How one of our clients was able to go into a completely different industry and grow her audience and book clients quickly and easily.

[05:50] Why we don’t teach tactics and what we teach instead.

[07:02] The four ways to grow an audience and what understanding this teaches us about growing a profitable sustainable business.

[09:16] How to build a business that stands the test of time and anything going on in the economy.

Ready to...

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Stages of Business

Mar 17, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about different stages of business and how it affects your business.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:48] What is it that may be holding you back in your business?

[3:10] Who you help what problems they have and what solutions you will offer now?

[14:43] Where your customer success journey is led out?

[15:43] how do we start to automate, all of this, and how do we get you out of that process as much as possible?

[16:18] Do you want to add more offerings? Or do you want to do a different business?

[17:00] When are you going to be hiring permanent positions for those tricky areas of your business

Share with me what your plans are for being more intentional and aligned with your purpose on Instagram. 

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