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What Does Copywriting Mean? The Neuroscience Behind Your Words (EP #218: REBROADCAST)

Mar 15, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about what does copywriting mean and how to write good copy that not only brings you more ideal clients but converts them as well.


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Key takeaways for What Does Copywriting Mean:

[01:15] What is the core message?

[02:00] Should your core message be only about demographics?

[06:00] This is Achilles heel to everyone!

[09:15] Nail down your core message with this trick!

[11:45] A piece of help to create your unique message

[14:45] Create and own your path!


Want more? If you are still wondering whether you are on the right track to finally share your message with the right people, apply for a consultation here and start working on identifying and creating your core message that will bring you more ideal clients.


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You don’t Have to be One of the Cool Kids to Run a Successful Online Business, Do this Instead

Mar 12, 2021

Through the process of my divorce, one of my friends who is a lawyer said to me “Good rises to the top”. 

That has stuck with me through the thick and thin of the entire turbulent divorce process. 

I don’t have to throw mud I just have to step into the goodness.

This morning Kori did a behind the scenes post in the Coaching For Impact Community and that quote stuck out to me as I shot my behind the scenes desk picture. 

That quote could not be more true in online business as well. 

As someone who was never one of the cool kids. 

More of the book nerd that always did what the teacher said…

I can’t help but think about how THIS is what has allowed my business to thrive over the years. 

I decided early on in my business that I didn’t need to try to be “One of the cool kids” and that I could still grow my audience even if I wasn’t. 

I decided that I didn’t need to win a popularity contest in...

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Not Sure What Else to Have your VA Do for you?

Mar 11, 2021

Yesterday after the kid’s virtual school there were cut little pieces of paper all over the floor.

My 5 year old daughter enthusiastically says “Mommy I want to help”. 

Of course I was thrilled because #1 by the time the other kid needed something for school who knows if I had time to finish sweeping and #2 yay less work for me!

I use the broom to make a nice little pile and of course she comes over and starts walking on the pile, moving the dirt all around and making a bigger mess. 

This is exactly what happens when business owners try to delegate and hire. 

They want the help. 

Their VA wants to help them. 

So what is the problem? 

The job was not clear to the VA. 

The VA may or may not even be a fit for the job you actually need done.

And most importantly in a business, there is no clear path to make that team member profitable in their role. 

Which means the business owner ends up having to sell more to cover that...

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4 Easy Hacks You Can Use Today to Create Valuable Content For Your Business (EP #217: REBROADCAST)

Mar 08, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to create a good marketing strategy so you create valuable content for your clients.


Creating content can be hard, especially if you are struggling to execute the plan or create a good strategy.  But you can save time and energy with a content checklist and good plan that will help you to stay focused and earn more with your content marketing.


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Key Takeaways for Valuable Content:

[01:15] Why having a plan is important for your content marketing strategy?

[03:15] Why should you batch things while working on your strategy?

[06:00] Finding your own creative flow

[08:00] What to do if your actual plan is not working?

[12:15] How to stick to your plan?

[03:15] Why should you batch things while working on your strategy?


If you begin with the end in mind so that you can benefit from your efforts in content creation, you are on a good track to...

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Courses and coaching are failing to make an impact...this is why.

Mar 01, 2021

In this blog post, I will cover why courses and coaching are failing to make a true impact and transformation for clients. I understand this is an unpopular opinion but it is time for true change to happen in this industry.

This weekend, my 5 & 6 year old were playing with my phone making videos in the bathroom and they dropped it in the sink full of water.

At first they tried to hide it from me.

Finally they asked the question “Is your phone waterproof mommy?”

And although I have the iPhone that is supposed to be waterproof clearly the audio was not working after submersion.

They got the whole lecture about what it looks like to take care of our things.

Then I put it in a bag full of rice and a few hours later the phone was working fine again.

This morning, we were talking at breakfast and I asked them what did they learn about taking care of things?

Their answer...when you break something you put it in rice and it can be fixed

That was not...

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The 3 Steps Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Get a 3 Day Work Week (EP #216: REBROADCAST)

Mar 01, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about lessons learned about launching a group program and how these lessons can help you to get a 3 day work week.


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Key takeaways for 3 Day Work Week:

[01:45] Most entrepreneurs make this mistake while launching

[03:15] What happens if you are not balancing your work 

[04:45] Launching vs. Announcing: What is the difference

[05:45] Why is having a signature program so important?

[07:15] Adjusting messaging to different launches

[10:00] The importance of having the right expectations

[12:45] Adjusting the expectations to your goals


Still struggling? I was there too! But I structured my launches so they can be replicated again and aligned them so they match my goals and ideal client. If you also want an appropriate launch so you can work 3 Days a week, apply for a consultation here.


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Everything You Need To Know To Increase Sales By Understanding How to Increase Conversion Rate

Feb 22, 2021

You are creating content and getting visible but you are still struggling to find a way to make money?

This may come in various forms but it usually means that you don’t know how to increase conversion in sales because you are not asking for the sale. If you are asking yourself where to start, the first thing you should know is that making change is not enough.

The change has limited ability to help others if you don't sell anything. You can move people to a certain point for free, but only after they invest, they will get results.

Many of my own clients were following me for weeks, some of them for a year, and they were watching my free content and they didn't get those results until they purchased my program.

This means that the depth of impact that we can have comes from the sale. Because when your followers invest, they have skin in the game, they're going to do the things that are scary and necessary to actually increase results. 

The difference between you getting...

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Are You 1 of Out of Every 3 Entrepreneurs Who Knows What an Inbound Conversion Rate Is? (EP #215: REBROADCAST)

Feb 22, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to increase conversion in sales through strategies to increase profitability. The first thing that you should do is to ask for a sale from your clients. You should be clear about what you are offering and to who. 

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Key takeaways for Inbound sales conversion rate:

[00:45] Creating but not converting? Here is why!

[05:30] How to switch from freebies to paid clients? 

[09:00] Building your email list vs. getting people on the phone

[15:45] Why is knowing your why important for conversion?

[22:00] Why is mindset important for conversions?


Ready to finally start converting and build a profitable business model with various and sustainable sources of income? Focus on building your business model so you can have a one to one sales, group programs and passive sources of income. Lastly, work on your mindset so you can make an offer to your clients. Good...

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How to Go From Struggling to Thriving with These Routines of Successful Leaders

Feb 15, 2021

Did you ever feel like you are working nine to five without actually working nine to five? Are you doing coaching calls until 11 o'clock at night multiple times a week? You might be thrilled because of the money but you have a strange feeling of emptiness at the same time?

That is exactly how I felt last year before I oversold my coaching practice and got 10 more hours per week to spend with my children.  

So, I actually started with some tips that helped me to overcome the struggle and save 10 hours a week while still growing my business.


Start with these CEO productivity tips

One of the things that I have set up and that you should have are systems and processes just like a standard way of doing things. In corporate, it might have been called standard operating procedures and it is important to  have them set up so you don't start from zero and recreate the wheel every single time.

Whether it is opt – image on Canva, for example, if you don't have a...

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From A to Z: Everything About CEO Responsibilities You Should Know (EP #214: REBROADCAST)

Feb 15, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about CEO responsibilities and routines of successful leaders that will help you to overcome the struggle of trading hours for dollars and save 10 hours a week while still growing your business. 


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Key takeaways for CEO Responsibilities:

[00:15] Thinking you are the only one struggling with your responsibilities? Better think twice

[02:00] How setting up clear systems and processes can help you

[05:30] Will doing everything by yourself make you a successful CEO?

[12:00] Reviewing is the mother of learning

[13:00] Earning while not working? Yes to systems for getting paid


If you are ready to start with your own CEO responsibilities strategy, apply for a consultation here. We will help you with your productivity schedule to set up a system that will work for you!



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