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Upscaling Your Business with these Mindset Tactics

Feb 08, 2021

You may know that you need to work on your mindset if you struggle to keep up with success. Achieving something and blocking yourself right after that is what actually holds you back from moving forward. Another example is you thinking that you will lose your customers if you raise your prices because your services aren't good enough.

All these thoughts are normal things that are mostly going on in our heads. And if these things are going on in your head, then it's time to really get serious about the work mindset to really be aware of how you can change the patterns that you're used to doing. 

It is true that you can't undo all those patterns overnight but you can recognize them and start breaking through them and start upscaling your business. 

Consistency is a key while working on your mindset. Experiment with this for the next 90 days. It might be out of your comfort zone and it might be bringing you to question yourself or give up during the challenge.

But the truth...

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Mindset Tricks you should Consider while Upleveling your Business (EP #213: REBROADCAST)

Feb 08, 2021

You may know that you need a mindset if you struggle to keep up with the success. Achieving something and blocking yourself right after that is what actually holds you back from moving forward. Another example is you thinking that you will lose your customers if you raise your prices because your services aren't good enough.

But, don’t worry there are few mindset tactics that will help you to show up in your business.

In this episode, Mariana talks about mindset tactics you should try out if you are struggling with pricing and upleveling your business.


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Key takeaways for Upleveling Your Business:

[01:15] How do you now that you need a mindset work

[04:00] How mindset can help you in upleveling your business?

[07:45] How to establish confidence in your business

[09:00] Why are affirmations important for your mindset?

[10:45] The new amazing way to do EFT Tapping

[16:15] How writing down your...

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These are the Hidden Steps to Achieving Goals For Consistent Launches That You Need to Know

Feb 01, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the steps to achieving goals are inside your coaching business? You spent dozens of hours trying to refine your processes. Even after the countless launches that you worked your butt off for? 

All that, so you can finish creating your launches quicker and have more time with your kids. You thought this was a very good idea. But did it bring in any clients into your programs?

Burnt out coaches think they need to make everything as smooth as possible first. They don't look if their things are working as intended in the first place.

This ironically can cost them more time and money, which they wanted to avoid! Now they are still sitting there in front of their PCs. And their children keep asking if they can play some board games with their mommy.

It looks like they want to be Usain-Bolt-like-sprinters first before they know how to walk upright as babies.

But this is a problem successful coaches avoid at all costs. It's because they know they can't skip...

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The Most Impactful Coaches Use This Easy Profitability Equation To Trade Less Dollars For Hours (EP #212: REBROADCAST)

Feb 01, 2021

Don’t worry. There is no hard math involved with the Profitability Equation. But burnt out coaches miss out on these important steps while trying to scale their business up.


In this episode, Mariana will teach you a step by step framework. It includes things about mindset to being aware of where you are with your business.


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Key Takeaway for Profitability Equation:

[01:45] How having a clear vision sets up your Profitability Equation for success  

[02:42] This is why you need to what business revenue and home take pay is for you

[03:15] Do you know where your business is at? it will make your Profitability equation work even better  

[07:36] How to eliminate a harmful mindset with this secret step  

[09:03] The amazing secrets behind the thriving CEO framework  

[12:09] The hidden truth behind managing your brain the right way 


The most impactful coaches...

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Who Else Wants to Know How Content Marketing Drives Sales So You Can Sell Your Group Programs?

Jan 25, 2021

What would happen if a successful coach didn't know how content marketing drives sales? Picture how she doesn't know where her 1000s of visitors from Pinterest end up. Would you think that she could fill her group programs?

Burnt out coaches don't see the value in a good content strategy. Instead, they try to focus on their sales calls and keep trading dollars for hours with their one-on-one-sessions.

Imagine if you successfully launched your group program that helps mothers take good care of their disabled children. The whole program is filled up and your clients are ready to go! 

Or are they? They all came from your messaging that said: "This program is for you if you have a disabled child and you want to be the best mom out there ever!"

After a while, some mothers start to lose interest in your program. Some become less active. Some drop out. Why?

Because you tailored your program to mental disabilities and not physical ones.

But a mother who saw your content with her...

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How to Create Content That Converts and Scales Your Coaching Business Up (EP #211: REBROADCAST)

Jan 25, 2021

"Why does it look like I don't know how to create content that converts... Even if I put out lots of it, it doesn't bring me the sales I want for my group programs..."


What if I told you that sometimes less, but good content can be better?


In this episode, Mariana talks about quality content creation that will generate sales for your programs and how to create it.


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Key Takeaways About How to Create Content That Converts:

[00:34] Do you know where your visitors are going?

[02:13] This is why you want to have the end in mind of your content

[03:48] The amazing secrets behind knowing your client

[05:00] How your copy plays an important role

[05:51] How to write emotional copy that will hook your reader right in

[07:54] What conversions can look like with content that converts


Creating content that converts can be a scary thought. But that's ok. Been there, done that, too! If you...

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The Importance of Entrepreneurial Teams - How to Cut Back on Your Hours with a Team You Can Trust

Jan 18, 2021

Maybe you are already running a team. You are keeping track of every day on everything they do. It might be still on you to make it all work. So then you are busy making sure that your team is doing every step according to plan.

But, has it ever crossed your mind how much of an impact it has on your coaching business when you consider the importance of an entrepreneurial team?

Underestimating the value of a solid team is what burnt out coaches don't seem to notice.

Would you still be able to have to create this tasty dinner your kids want every day if you have to work for your countless launches?

Imagine not knowing how important a thriving team is. It would be like saying: You don't know how your body works and what you need to eat to be healthy.

Is it more important to know how to create a team that you can trust? Or is it more to stay busy micromanaging your team the whole time?

Thriving impactful CEOs painstakingly know what a great team can bring to the table. For their...

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How to Build a Successful Entrepreneurial Team That Reduces Your Working Hours (EP #210: REBROADCAST)

Jan 18, 2021

Can you answer me this when it comes to successful entrepreneurial teams:


Have you ever seen a thriving coach micromanaging her team, because she can't really trust it? Has it ever crossed your mind to grow your team like you would grow a tree?


In this episode, Mariana talks about the right mindset and management needed for a successful team. All that, so you can cut back on your working hours and pay yourself back what you want.


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Key Takeaways for Successful Entrepreneurial Teams:

[01:30] Have you ever looked at mindset from this light for your successful entrepreneurial team? 

[04:17] This is how you build out the profit producing role clearly

[04:48] Why managing your team effectively is important and how to do it

[06:36] Have you thought about what huge expectations mean for the people you hire?

[07:15] This is why you want to have your mindset part down

[08:48] This is what...

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How These Solid Business Principles in Entrepreneurship will Help You Scale Your Business

Jan 11, 2021

If you are reading this, you are probably a hard working person. You may have left your 9-5 job. Or you have sold some or lots of one-on-one sessions already.

You are not a rookie to the online business side of things. So imagine if you only thought efficiency was the only business principle in entrepreneurship.

Think about how the world would have looked like if you tried to make your sales calls as quick as possible. This and other things, so you can have as many leads as possible going through them.

You might be thinking: " How is this going to work out? How do I know if I can get close leads in the first place?" And you are right.

That's why you want to ask yourself if you are still effective or not nowadays.

Burnt out coaches get into a position where the sales are coming in for their coaching sessions. But then they settle there. They try to make their calls and content creation systems as efficiently as possible.

It could cost them thousands of dollars if they don't do...

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How to Create Small Business Sustainability and The Common Problems People Are Facing to Get There (EP #209)

Jan 11, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about what you need to do in order to replace your one-on-one program with a group program and what you need to do to create small business sustainability. 


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Key takeaways for Small Business Sustainability:

[00:51] These things are keeping people from reaching their goals

[04:06] 2 Things you need to stop doing in order to sell more

[08:04] Biggest and most important change you can make

[10:58] The importance of adapting 

[13:37] It’s easier to make a sale if you do this

[15:35] What you need to have in order to have consistency in your business

[16:41] It’s always rough the first time, but the first time isn’t what’s important

[22:55] The experts curse and what you can do about it

[30:18] The difference between a course and a group program


Introducing a group program is the perfect way to scale up your business in a very...

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